Bathroom furniture: Features of the choice of sink with a cabinet - how not to be mistaken? (190+ Photos)


When I started repairs in my small apartment, the question arose - how is it advantageous to use the useful space in the bathroom?

This cabinet will create a high level of comfort.

All my adult life, I used the sink-tulip. It is unlikely that there will be at least one person who does not know what she looks like: a regular sink resting on a leg. It does not look bulky, combines with many styles and performs its main role in the bathroom.

One more plus of a tulip - a leg hides all communications. For storage of various household and bath accessories near the sink you have to install a cabinet or a wall cabinet. The area of ​​occupied space at the same time is doubled.

Sink tulip in the interior

I found a profitable replacement for sale - a sink with a pedestal, where the latter replaces the tulip stem and serves as a separate piece of furniture for storing everything needed. I think this is one of the best purchases for my bathroom.

Knowing the basic steps of manufacturing a product, you can protect your budget from unnecessary expenses. Return to the menu

Thumbnails selection rules

When I touched the issue of buying closely, it turned out that the assortment of washbasins was huge. The difference between different models is not only in the external data, but also in the internal content, materials from which they are made, the type of installation. I decided to understand the basic intricacies of manufacturing the structure in order to be able to choose the best option without outside help.

The range of such shells is huge

For such an advantage as multi-functionality, stands stand. You can buy it ready-made or order it according to individual parameters - then you can design the filling yourself inside. For cabinets under the sink fit:

  • different types of shelves, including with height adjustment;
  • drawers;
  • built-in laundry baskets.

The larger the size of the nightstand, the more will you can give fantasy - this is logical. The sizes in most firms are standard: 50, 60 and 80 cm. A smaller version will hide communications and is suitable for storing household chemicals, 60 cm can hold even a small basket, and the third size has enough margin for mounting everything together.

The advantage of such pedestals - multifunctional

The very large cabinet has a serious disadvantage: not all types of installation are suitable for it. Rather, all are possible, but one of them is unsafe. I will tell you about all the methods in more detail.

The cabinet with the maximum dimensions, due to the potentially large weight under full load, can only be installed on a reliable support, on the floor.

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Installation Types

Bathroom cabinets, depending on the type of installation, are found in two basic versions:

  • floor standing;
  • suspended.

The buyer can not always choose the way. Certain furniture and plumbing parameters require a specific installation method. Consultants in stores should warn about such features in advance in order to save the client from unplanned waste and damaged nerves in the future.

Furniture for a bathroom with dimensions of 80 cm and more is usually not considered as a suspended option. If the load is too high, the strongest fasteners can not cope and break, causing damage to the cladding on the walls and the floor. A wall of plasterboard can not stand even a standard cabinet, 50 cm wide.

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Floor models

Sink with a pedestal is a classic, a kind of traditional version. Simple design eliminates installation with "zamorochki" and does not require special knowledge. Most buyers who are alien to non-standard styles and fashionable innovations, opt for such models.

In classic style

Floor stands under the sink can still be divided into three subspecies:

With a socle. It is a structure, at the base of which there is not the slightest gap between the floor and the bottom of the bollard. Furniture of course will be sustainable, but only if the floor is perfectly level. Frequent accumulation of water on the floor will cause the destruction of the basement, and the inability to carry out a thorough cleaning will inevitably lead to the formation of mold.Before buying cabinets with cap ask about the possibility of replacing it in case of damage.

Traditional option

On a pedestal. The base of the furniture is formed by the continuation of the side walls, less often also the back. In contrast to the basement support, it will be difficult to clean under the pedestal stand, but it is possible. The key negative factor is the gradual destruction of the furniture walls due to the ingress of water to the floor. On the legs. Most often, the legs are made of chrome-plated metal, which is not afraid of moisture, and they are also equipped with special screws to adjust the height. They do not impede access to the floor under the structure. Of all the floor options, I would definitely choose this one. Return to the menu

Suspended mounting type

Suspended pedestals with a sink do not touch the floor and are mounted on the wall. Optimal for high-tech design, minimalism, avant-garde, modern and the like. Under the cabinet, the formation of fungus or mold is excluded, since nothing prevents the high-quality cleaning of moisture and debris.

Suspended product type

Hanging type - a frequent choice of designers in the setting of small spaces. The absence of the base of the cabinet visually increases the space. Due to the specifics of the installation, bulky furniture cannot be installed on the wall, because for a large bathroom, preference is given to outdoor furniture.

The strength and quality of the chosen fixtures determines the service life of the furniture in the future. If at repairing the bathroom it is planned to plaster the walls with plastic or plasterboard, you should take care to install the fasteners in the main wall in advance.

BoardWith this type of installation should choose the cabinets, no larger than 60 cm, with a small and compact sink.

Under the cabinet is excluded the formation of fungus or mold

If, contrary to the recommendations, a larger cabinet is purchased, then the installation should be entrusted to a proven specialist. It is important to consider the reliability of the chosen fastener to eliminate the risk of structural collapse. Otherwise, you can not only damage the furniture and surface cladding, but also disrupt the plumbing communications.

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Materials for production

The cost of pedestals mainly is the material used in the manufacture of all parts. But in our case, not everything that is expensive means better.

The furniture in the bathroom is constantly exposed to water and steam - the selected material should be as resistant to moisture as possible.

Often used the method of combining different options in one product. It allows you to simulate the structure of raw materials of natural origin and improve the quality of an inexpensive material. The production of bathroom furniture is often based on the method described.

BoardCheap materials are the forerunner of furniture replacement for 4-5 years. If To purchase a really high-quality product, you should not put a low price in priority. Return to the menu

Chipboard and MDF

The most common and affordable materials of all. Possess sufficiently good performance properties, but subject to the presence of a protective coating. Both are made on the basis of compressed wood waste, therefore, in their pure form they are afraid of moisture.

To protect against the effects of external factors, the surface of MDF and chipboard cover:

  • varnish;
  • acrylic;
  • film;
  • plastic.

Depending on the type of coverage, you may need to update it in a year or more. MDF is more expensive due to better quality and high security.

On a noteTo save on the purchase and improve the quality of the finished product, you can make the frame of chipboard, and the outer lining of MDF. Thus, it will be possible to reduce costs by 20-25% in comparison with the cabinet, made entirely from MDF. Return to menu


Another relatively cheap material, which is often taken as the basis for the manufacture of furniture. The curbstone with a sink from plastic panels has quite tolerable operational properties:

  • constant contact with water is completely harmless;
  • the occurrence of fungus or mold is excluded;
  • material is easy to process;
  • subject to mechanical damage - the main drawback.

Plastic option

Continuous use of the cabinet over time will lead to the formation of small scratches on the surface. From the strong impact of the panel can be significantly deformed. The failed parts cannot be repaired, and the probability of replacement may be disputed.

Despite the shortcomings, plastic cabinets in the bathroom always remain in demand. Thanks to modern technology, facade can be made:

  • straight;
  • bent.

Pictures and patterns are easily applied to the surface, the color palette is unlimited.

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The most expensive cabinets with shells are made of natural wood. They truly look luxurious, which underlines the status of the owner of the property. Direct contact of wood with water is fraught with consequences; this must be taken into account when purchasing.

Wood model

So that the tree does not deform over time due to the constant impact of moisture and temperature, the furniture surface is necessarily covered:

  • oils;
  • varnishes;
  • waxing

After a certain period of time, the coating layer must be updated. Optimally, a good ventilation system is installed in the bathroom.

For the manufacture of cabinets in the bathroom, I advise you to choose one of the types of wood.

The most expensive cabinets with shells are made of natural wood.

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Metal and glass

In my opinion, these are the two materials that are least often used in the interior of the bathroom. If we talk about metal, then no matter how thick the protective coating layer is, it is impossible to stop the development of corrosion on the metal. Only stainless steel is not subject to this process, but it looks very unusual.

Option using metal

Forged metal elements may appear in the most daring design decisions. They can not serve as the basis for the whole structure, but in combination with the same tree you will definitely get a smart result.

Glass varieties are as rare as metal. Immediately comes the thought of the fragility of the material, however, for the manufacture of such pieces of furniture used special tempered glass of high strength. All traumatic edges must be rounded.

I want to note that the glass is absolutely not afraid of either moisture or high temperature. The only catch is to take care of such a surface carefully. After all, even the drips from the water will be clearly visible.

Glass is a rare and unusual material for a similar product.

BoardIn order to not look through the contents of the cabinet through the glass doors, it is better to pay attention to the model of colored or frosted glass. Return to the menu

Types of sinks

After the choice of the cabinet has become obvious, it's time to go to the selection of the sink. Let it be two different elements, but ultimately you get one whole piece in the interior of the bathroom. Because the sink and nightstand should look harmoniously together.

The main criteria for selecting a sink, regardless of the parameters of its support:

Magnitude. A large sink on a bulky cabinet will look coarse in the interior of a small bath, just like a small sink will be “lost” in a spacious room.

The unity of style. The washbasin should match the overall design of the bathroom.

Ergonomic. It characterizes ease of use - location, height, space for personal care products, etc.

Security. Sinks made of glass because of the fragility of unsafe for young children. Care should be taken when selecting wall-mounted washbasins, which are safer than built-in washbasins.

The standard width of an average sink is from 50 to 65 cm. The maximum is 90 cm. At the same time, there are non-standard models up to 50 cm wide and over 90 cm. If there is a need to install a sink of even greater size, it makes sense to consider the option of installing two washstands.

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Shapes and color of sinks for bathrooms

Technological advances and the variety of materials suitable for processing, allow to make shells of various forms. Quite unusual, far from geometric - this is to the avant-garde artists. I want to draw attention to those that can be found in all specialized stores:

  • rectangular - universal type, suitable for almost any interior;
  • round - must be combined in design with other round objects;
  • square - will be appropriate in a strict style;
  • oval - a non-standard shape that best fits a similar design.

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the sink should not be only white. Even the brightest colors can successfully fit into the overall style with the right selection. Hand-painted on ceramics or glass is becoming increasingly popular, but it is such a pleasure not cheap.

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Installation Methods

Bathroom sinks also vary in type of installation. On this depends not only the cost of plumbing services, but also the overall appearance of the structure as a result. Individual models provide the only possible installation method.

Install the sink on the cabinet in the bathroom in three ways:

  • Fully embed in the surface of the cabinet. Here there are two possible options: the washstand occupies the entire surface area without joints and gaps or in the tabletop the pedestals make a hole the size of a sink and then assemble. When plumbing is partially installed, all joints around the perimeter should be treated with sealant to prevent water from getting inside.
  • Part of the embed in the cabinet, part left outside. The result is a semi-built sink, where one half protrudes beyond the bollard. The method is ideal for bathrooms, the area of ​​which does not allow to place furniture of normal width. And it is even more convenient to perform hygienic procedures, as the legs do not rest on the doors of the pedestal.
  • Install the sink, making a hole in the countertop only for the siphon. Such models are also called overhead. They always look unusual, complementing a stylish design. The top edge of the sink should be no more than 90 cm from the floor, otherwise daily use will cause inconvenience.
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Large table top

If the built-in sink does not occupy the entire surface area of ​​the cabinet, then the installation of other models requires a tabletop. In many models, it is a continuation of the walls of the cabinet, that is, it is made from the same material and has the same structure. To diversify the design and add zest to the finished interior, you can order a tabletop that is different from the main material of the structure.

Table top option for large side table

The size of the tabletop is not limited to the parameters of the cabinet. By request of the client can make a wider or longer surface, which will create additional space for storing personal hygiene items. In addition, under it you can place a laundry basket or install a washing machine.

BoardTake the measurements for making the table top to the specialist of the company where the order will be processed. An error of even 1 cm can cause a complete replacement of the item. Return to the menu ↑


In the bathroom often holds a high level of humidity, there are changes in temperature. Therefore, when selecting a material for a tabletop, it is necessary to take into account all its properties so as not to encounter unpleasant "surprises."

  • Chipboard and MDF. A common relatively inexpensive option, the whole nightstand is often made from similar raw materials. They are mainly covered with a laminated film with a pattern that can imitate natural materials. With constant use of chipboard serves very little, MDF, due to better quality, can be used for several years.
  • Fake diamond. One of the commonly used options for countertops. Not afraid of water, ultraviolet and mechanical damage, durable. It is more expensive than most materials, which always justifies the excellent quality.
  • A natural stone. Looks luxurious in spacious bathrooms and is resistant to most of the annoying factors. The disadvantages are too much weight and the impossibility of restoration in the event of a chipping.
  • Tree. It is expensive, needs a high-quality protective layer from moisture and its constant updating.
  • Glass. Does not deform over time, does not lose transparency, but complicates the cleaning process.
  • Plasterboard, covered with mosaic or tile. A good option, provided the choice of high-quality moisture-resistant grout for joints.
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Solid countertops with sink

A countertop with a solid cast sink is a rare species so far, due to its high cost and complex technology. The problems of deformation, swelling of the material or the formation of mold become alien to those whose budget allows such purchases. The design is a monolithic countertop with a recess in the plane, which serves as a sink.

Solid tabletops are made from artificial stone, earthenware or porcelain. There are no seams and joints, so water leakage is excluded. The quality of raw materials ensures the durability of the entire structure.

The properties of artificial stone make it possible to give products of any size and shape. Porcelain and faience in its pure form look elegant. Products from noble ceramics do not need extra artificial processing, and the material itself is quite expensive, not to mention the nuances of working with it. Return to the menu

Forms of construction

In specialized stores, I met two types of cabinets with a sink: rectangular and angular. Here, the choice depends no longer on its own whim, but on the nuances of bathroom planning. If the corner of the room remains unused after the placement of other objects, then the choice of the type of furniture becomes obvious.

Corner construction

Rectangular bollards - a classic type of furniture, which is chosen by 90 buyers from 100. Depending on the dimensions of the furniture, there are drawers, shelves, and special compartments inside. The sink is built into the surface, the siphon from it is hidden inside the pedestal.

Corner constructions optimal in the case when you need to use the free angle in the plumbing room. They are more spacious than rectangular ones. Usually have the form of a trapezoid or triangle.

Rectangular cabinets - a classic type of furniture

A separate advantage of angular pedestals is the ability to install a large sink, while there is enough space for storing personal hygiene items. Semi-built sinks in such structures are not installed.

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Bathroom cupboard with two sinks

For spacious bathrooms, where the area allows you to give vent to imagination, the purchase of two sinks with a pedestal will be an excellent solution. In a large family, such an acquisition is particularly justified. But in a small-sized housing, of course, the second sink will be superfluous.

Option for spacious bathrooms

Among the main advantages I want to highlight:

  • saving time at gathering all family members in the morning - two people can simultaneously carry out hygienic procedures;
  • more chances to create a design with a twist;
  • You can arrange a special hygienic mode, for example, one shell to give to the use of children, and the other will remain only for adults;
  • One of the family members can take one sink, and arrange personal items at their convenience - which will not interfere with family and guests.

Ideal for a large family

The range of thumbs with two sinks is completely unlimited. Any shapes, sizes, configurations, colors - whatever the designer and the soul of the customer. The basic rule is to try to match the chosen design of the entire bathroom.

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Choosing a place

Deciding where to install a new nightstand with a sink in the bathroom, it is necessary before buying one. The task is simple, if the new design will be put in place of the old shell. When re-planning the bathroom as a place for the future placement of sanitary communications should be taken care of in advance.

Properly choose a place under the sink

Why it is so important to determine the location of the sink at the beginning of the repair work:

  • A plan of the bathroom, showing all the elements, will help determine the optimal size of the washbasin. Consider all plumbing details and the distance that the door will open to the inside.
  • Outgoing water pipes from the wall can rest against the shelves and drawers of the selected drawer. In order not to cut pieces of material, essentially steal the useful space and spoil the furniture, you should adjust the content inside at the time of the order.
  • I highly recommend to remove the sewer pipe near the water pipes. Otherwise, for pulling the corrugated hose to the siphon at the bottom of the bollard will have to make a hole.

Make a bathroom plan

When all the nuances will be taken into account, you can begin distributing sewer pipes, as well as hot and cold water. Global redevelopment requires highly specialized knowledge, so it’s best to seek professional help.. Preventing a problem is much easier than wasting energy on fixing it.

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Optional accessories

Along with the choice of cabinets and suitable sinks, no less attention should be paid to the selection of accessories. From their quality depends on how comfortable furniture will be in use. The same applies to its durability.

For example, the handles on the doors and drawers perform not only a practical function, but can also become a special designer zest.

No need to give preference to gilded fittings or made of plastic, believe me, it will fail fairly quickly. Optimal purchase pens made of chromed metal.