Beautiful do it yourself curtains on the grommet: A tribute to fashion or a handy design detail? 175+ (Photos) new products for living room, bedroom, kitchen


How beautiful and functional will look like curtains, largely depends on the method of fastening. Modern interior design has a choice: from options with a special curtain tape to curtains on the grommet with their own hands.


About grommets and not only ...

The main requirements for fastening curtains are:

  • free movement of cloths along the baguette;
  • practicality;
  • possibility of washing without additional disassembly;
  • harmonious blend with the overall style of the room.

Curtains on the grommet in the interior of the house

The crown grommets meet all of the above - special devices designed to be mounted on holes in the fabric and limiting its fraying.

The industry offers options of various materials, painted in a wide range of colors, having various shapes and sizes.

The main characteristics are presented in the table:

Eyelet viewBenefitsdisadvantages
MetalDoes not limit curtains in weight and thickness of fabric. Have a long service life. Relatively light. It is possible to engrave. Combines well with many colors of fabric.Not suitable for every style of room design. Not every metal can withstand washing in a washing machine. It is possible blackening and scratches.
PlasticLight. Convenient. It is well erased in the typewriter. It has a large range of colors. Favorably reflects sunlight. Cheap.Does not have chic. Prone to breakage during prolonged use. not practical. Under prolonged exposure to sunlight can change its shape.
WoodenEco-friendly. Natural origin harmonizes with wooden baguettes. Well suited to luxurious heavy curtains and flowing tulle.Does not maintain washing in the washing machine. Able to dry up, causing cracking and losing color. Dear. It has a limited lifespan.

To choose such a method of fastening curtains means to make the room more comfortable. With the help of such an attachment, you can correct some defects, for example, “stretch out” it in height. This happens as a result of the location of the grommets on the curtain at some distance from the top edge.

There are variations of different materials.

The situation is similar with vertical edges.. Having ensured a smooth bending of the edges inwards (for this it is necessary to make an even number of holes), we visually expand the window or doorway equipped with a cloth.

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Fasten by yourself

The work on equipping curtains with eyelets can be divided into several stages, the so-called step-by-step instruction:

  • preparation and careful measurements of the curtain itself (or a pair of curtains);
  • alignment of the upper edge (in case of its extrusion during the previous operation). To do this, the fabric must be spread out on a flat surface parallel to the wall of the room;
  • smoothing this edge (if the fabric does not tolerate too hot iron, you can do it through a white cotton fabric);
  • gluing a special grommet (it will allow you to create the necessary support for further folds);
  • bends of the upper edge of the free edge and side indents;
  • cross bending of the fabric with tape;
  • ironing the entire surface of the tape;
  • definition of the locations of cringles. The total width of the curtain minus the side distances to the first and last element is divided by the number of supposed grommets minus one;
  • drawing on the fabric of their attachment points;
  • cutting holes with the center in the designated place, with a diameter of 1 cm smaller than the diameter of the ring;
  • eyelet fastening. To do this, parse it into two halves. Insert the base into the prepared hole, cover and fasten the second part;
  • putting the curtains on the support and the distribution of folds on their own. The diameter of the baguette is decisive when choosing eyelets, since the curtain will look harmonious if its fastening elements do not contrast with the cornice.

Curtains for the bedroom - easy and unobtrusive

When performing operations with an iron (smoothing, gluing), do not forget to take into account the properties of the selected fabric so that it does not burn and does not cause deformation of the structural threads. Return to the menu

Pros and cons of picking

The so-called minuses in the curtains on the grommets relate to the difficulties in the preparatory stage. So, it is necessary:

  • carefully take measurements;
  • correctly calculate the distance from the edge to the first hole, incl. from above, from sides;
  • keep the intervals;
  • impose parts, circle their perimeter, cut the inner holes;
  • secure eyelets using eyelets.

These curtains are easy to use.

But when the work is completed, the merits of such an individual window decoration will be appreciated.

In addition, it is profitable, because factory sets of curtains with eyelets in the trade or tailored in the studio, will be much more expensive.

Making the window on our own, we will be able to realize the flight of our imagination as much as possible, pick up the component parts to taste, and supplement them accordingly with the overall design of the room.

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Eyelet Curtains in the Interior

Such curtains can be used in many rooms. And the most interesting thing is that they look beautiful everywhere, but in different ways. Consider in detail all the nuances of their use.

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On the kitchen

The size of modern kitchens is so different that it is impossible to give an unambiguous recommendation on the choice of the most appropriate style. Large windows in them involve the use of multilayer curtains and curtains. For their fastening it is better to use the grommets.

Stylish option in gray and white tone

They allow:

  • open the window;
  • freely regulate the flow of sunlight (by simple creation of folds);
  • quickly and simply remove the curtains to replace or wash them.
Blinds or roller blinds are suitable for kitchens of small sizes. Their purpose is to protect the kitchen from bright sunlight.

If the issue with the blinds is resolved, the interior of the room can be decorated with light silk, cambric curtains or organza curtains. They can be hung with eyelets, but care should be taken not to give this method excessive visual gravity and disharmony.

In combination with roman blinds

Those who want to give the kitchen originality and specificity, can use curly grommets in the form of fruits, elements of dishes, vegetables, forms of kitchen attributes. This innovation will emphasize your love for your own home and the desire to create home-like comfort in the kitchen, complement the inconspicuous window with a touch of originality.

What to be careful with?

The kitchen is a room in an apartment where curtains are most often not used to the full height of the wall, and their original forms and designs are selected. The use of eyelets is not limited to such moments, however, how much composition they fit into the set depends on our taste and preferences.

Classic style dining area

Topical today for the kitchen are cotton curtains. This is an option when a solid canvas is missing. "Threads" can be made of fabric or typed personally from wooden or plastic trinkets, beads, buttons. Eyelets are unlikely to be suitable for attaching such curtains. They do not involve folds and assemblies, but should have a straightened, even look.

But today's design of the kitchen in the style of country will require grommets made of wood. They will most appropriately reflect national traditions, give softness and folk motifs to curtains.

Another fashionable option is the minimalist style. No manifestations of romantic characteristics or bright contrasting elements. Here fit the grommets made of metal. A sort of cold, strict harmony.

Current today are cotton curtains

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To the bedroom

Window decoration or a balcony in the bedroom requires the presence of softness and peace. For curtains fit:

  • veil;
  • muslin;
  • organza;
  • silk.

However, often, especially on the windows facing the sunny side, you can find heavy taffeta or velor curtains. This is a matter of taste and characteristics of the size of the bedroom, as well as the style chosen for it.

The grommets are an acceptable option both for light, romantic curtains, and for solid curtains falling heavily.

For lightweight fabrics suitable parts made of plastic, having a small size. According to generally accepted rules, the diameter of the grommet must not exceed the diameter of a baguette by more than one and a half times. This will not allow the curtains to sag or stick ugly to the side.

The bedroom requires the presence of softness and peace


Heavy fabrics in the bedroom can be fixed, for example, by making eyelets in the form of hearts or oval holes with a silver edging. Decorative ornaments in the form of beads, a placer of brilliant pebbles, soft frills or a fringe (for a romantic style) will fall to the place.

Often, saving space and money, light and heavy curtains in the bedroom are located on the grommet at the same time, on the same baguette, laid in parallel folds. This option is inconvenient, since it provides for the simultaneous closing or opening of a window.

Bright element for your bedroom

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For living room

A set of curtains in the hall on the grommet - a justified option. The first and main condition for his choice is the appropriate overall style of the room.

The hall in which the family most often gathers should have the most universal option and the type of their attachment corresponding to it.

The curtains here are rather a decorative role, since the room should always be well lit and free. They are often arranged in the form of folds along the lateral faces of the perimeter of the window, if not included in the general ensemble of the lambrequin.

A set of curtains in the hall on the grommet - a justified option

With the help of eyelets in the hall, you can:

  • underline the luxury or wealth of decoration (using bronze, gold or copper parts);
  • to complement the minimalist style or high-tech steel-colored curtains on a chrome-plated cornice with silver grommets;
  • create a bright accent with curtains and holes for attaching a contrasting shade (in harmony or carrying disharmony with the main colors of the fabric);
  • using the grommets of geometric shapes (triangles, rhombuses, squares), harmoniously complement the wallpaper made in this direction.

The holes in the curtains can be additionally decorated with ribbons, threads, various kinds of ornaments, smoothly falling from the ceiling along the curtains.

Product in pastel, not striking tone

The selection of the size of the grommets for the hall depends on the role assigned to them. So, if the curtains are bright, catchy and quite expressive, they should not fix attention. Fastening details can be taken small, convenient for their use.

In the case when using a baguette and fixtures creates a special emphasis, the grommets are selected large and textured. Most of all for such a case fit wooden parts. In addition to their visual properties, they carry a biological charge of vitality and are ecologically most beneficial.

Holes can be additionally decorated with ribbons

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It turns out there are really a lot of them. Everyone has details worth knowing before using.

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Curtains with tulle

A hall with a light style of romance, furnished with light furniture, arranged with preservation of free space, will be deservedly decorated with tulle on eyelets. It can be dark or light, have a monochrome print of the picture or be full of its own colors. One thing is certain: its fastening will keep up with the style of such curtains. The support laid at the upper base of the cringing tape will help to preserve the accuracy of the form and the original volume. And the holes made at distances of 15-20 cm, will not allow the fabric to stretch and sag.

The result is a neat light framing of the window, allowing at any time to let a stream of fresh air.

Plastic parts are the most commonly recommended option for tulle by designers. However, the final decision is still made after a visual assessment of possible combinations. The details of fine gold-plated metal with embossing on tulle made, for example, of acetate fiber, are quite acceptable. Return to menu

Children's curtains

Children's room - the concentration of energy and constant movement. Curtains should be securely fastened to the eaves and be practical. They often need to be washed, moved along the eaves, open the window for airing.

Eyelets - the original version of their attachment.

The strength and reliability of framing window opening contribute to:

  • holes made at a distance from the edge and reinforced with annular or other shaped parts;
  • availability of a dense base in the place of their location.

With this approach, you can not worry that the child, hooking the edge of the curtains, can completely remove it from the baguette.

It is impossible not to say about such a positive moment of the curtains, thus fixed in the nursery, as the creation with their help of a special plot atmosphere.

So, the room in which the boy is hosting, it is fashionable to give the appearance of a ship's cabin or deck. This method of attachment is a natural frame for marine accessories: ropes, sails, anchors and others. According to the designers, the ship equipment and served as a model for hanging curtains on strong rings. A girl who prefers a gentle and kind atmosphere for her room will be happy to see elements of a special design on the windows. Cringing decorations in the form of flowers or hearts will make a window opening an indispensable part of the overall room style.

Pink room for a little princess

In addition, such openings in the curtain will help you to comfortably hang your favorite birds, dragonflies, butterflies suspended. In their natural form, they will soar in height, elevating the mood of all those present.

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About short curtains

The classic approach to the design of curtains with eyelets suggests a strict even long canvas, with gently laid folds and perfectly regular shape.

However, the design of living rooms is not limited to the flight of fancy.

Classic approach with short curtains

Today, the following models can be hung on eyelets:

  • Short with a smooth bottom edge.
  • The average length of the sides and short in the center.
  • Long in the middle and short on the sides.
  • Decorated with fringe, frill, folds.
  • Included in a common lambrequin or located on a separate baguette.

The short product is perfect for the kitchen

The presence of soft folds in the style required. And this, in turn, leads to the necessity of having an extra web width. A short curtain having a window width should not be attempted to hang on the grommets.

The second important point is the ability of the grommets to move easily along the eaves. If the assembly of short curtains is planned down the sides, most likely they will not be kept in this position, but will disperse on the sides of the entire canvas.

Short curtains are often placed in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, verandas. Such cunning hostesses do not allow the reduction of free space in the room, facilitate the opening of windows or balcony transom, prevent tissue from burning at the level of heating appliances (radiators).

beautiful floral print

Their advantages:

  • easier to remove to wash;
  • replace depending on the season;
  • elementary move, removing from the heating devices (furnaces);
  • can be lifted if you need to use the sill.

With the hanging of short curtains, you need to be careful in choosing a ceiling cornice. Paying attention to massive models, supplemented with carved tripods, we risk creating an imbalance between the volume of the curtain and its baguette.. Here, one option: reducing the length of the curtain and reducing the volume of the baguette is carried out simultaneously.

Such curtains are placed in kitchens, bathrooms.

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About double curtains

Most of the decisions on the design of window openings with curtains contain two component versions: light air tulle and thick practical heavy curtain. Each component has its own purpose and use cases. Rarely, who is limited only by light weightless curtain.. This happens when a room of very small size or its insolation (penetration of sunlight) is extremely insufficient.

Double models are given preference in living rooms, recreation rooms, windows of high-rise buildings facing the courtyard. In this case, the curtain plays the role of an insulating factor.

Two component version of the curtains

Double curtains, fixed to the windows with eyelets, can be several options:

  • On one cornice consistently dense cloths (more often - on the sides) and thin tulle (mainly - in the center) are located. This method is original and in demand, but acceptable for a large wide window. During the daytime, the sidebands, with the help of folds, gently gather along the side edges of the window and nicely fall down to the floor. The central part (tulle), on the contrary, is maximally open, which contributes to good lighting of the room and does not make the overall aura heavier. In the evening, the inner sides of the side panels are shifted to the center, maximally folding the inner tulle. The window is almost completely closed, acquiring the appearance of an elegantly designed solid wall. The pairwise arrangement of the grommets keeps the fabric immaculate in appearance and lack of sagging, despite the frequent movements of the fabric along the eaves.
  • When making curtains with eyelets, both fabrics (intended for the first and second layers) are folded together, in parallel. At the same time they are connected by the front (second) and the purl (first) sides. To give accuracy to the connection, you can use sewing needles, pins, or flush the top edge with a usual basting seam. Eyelet holes are made at the same time. Such thoroughness in the preparation will allow to avoid the uneven distances between the grommets and the corresponding irregularities in the finished window decoration.

Simultaneous design of two strips with common grommets is used more often when the top layer needs to be picked up on the sides in soft coattails. At the same time, the middle of the window opens gently and in an original way under the slightly transparent veil of inner tulle.

Double curtains fixed on the windows with eyelets

Each component of double curtains is hung on its ceiling cornice with separate eyelets.

This option is most understandable for frequent closure or opening of curtains.

Here we can comprehend an unpleasant nuance. The cringles located at different distances will make folds on curtains of various width. The result - a complete mess in the design of the window opening is guaranteed. Therefore, their location should be clearly comparable in height and width.

The second caution is the following: by using too wide grommets on adjacent canvases, you can get the effect of their mutual extrusion by the second. The result: a cluster of obscure bends and rings at the top, which clearly interfere with each other.

The double curtain is characterized by convenience and practicality.

The solution to this question is the use of a special method of fastening double curtains. This option provides for the location on the grommets of the outer (directed inside the room) and inner (directed towards the window) layers. The second layer is attached to the fishing line, hooks, small rings, clothespins and other ways.

The double curtain is characterized by convenience and practicality. But for the high-quality design of the window it is necessary to think over all the smallest details.

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How to choose the color of eyelets?

The world of design rules has clear recommendations on the beneficial compatibility of colors, their mutual harmony or disharmony, color therapy, and even the effect of colors on human health. To create a healthy microclimate in the room is directly related.

Green summer color curtains

From the standpoint of color harmony, for example, beige, blue or gray eyelets are suitable for brown fabrics (according to the color compatibility table). In practice, you can use the grommets with gold or silver steel shade.

Against the background of brown curtains, rings with artificially blackened or vintage trend that is fashionable today will not seem fancy.

Universal grommets of gray color. They will be harmoniously combined with almost any color curtains. True, some may seem rustic.

Perfect protection from the sun.

It should be noted that light eyelets visually increase the size of the holes, making them more voluminous. Therefore, dark versions of curtains rarely equip such details. They look organically with light, light curtains, especially those having a small multicolored print.

Edging holes for the eaves in bright contrasting colors (yellow, red, green, etc.) is acceptable in cases of shades of curtains, located in the same color scheme. For example, pink eyelets on burgundy-based fabric.

Orange color can cheer up

The second version of such combinations is in the style of avant-garde or boho, where everything is bright, bright, attracting attention. However, the window should not contain too many color contrasts.

The opposite view on the selection of grommets is that the method of attachment is completely invisible.. In this case, an illusion is created that the eaves penetrate the curtain itself, and not specially equipped holes. Such naturalness and simplicity "at hand" to such stylistic design as high-tech, minimalism, bauhaus and others.

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Some believe that the care of the curtains on the grommet is difficult and ungrateful. Lists moments when after washing there were streaks of rust (from metal parts) or the edges of the hole "fell down" due to the instability of fastening.

Living room in pastel colors with bright elements

Definitely the answer to such complaints will be the same: on a high-quality textile product, with properly installed grommets, there will be no difficulty with care.

Some types of metal grommets have removable fasteners. In this case, they can be disassembled and washed in the car. If there is no such possibility, a delicate wash mode and a special synthetic bag will come to the rescue. Hand wash is also suitable after soaking.

Provence style

If, however, during the operation of any part still out of order, it can always be replaced. The hole should not increase its diameter and fray.

BoardIf you are not sure about the high quality of the material from which the parts are made, it is better to remove them before washing. Modern models are easily opened and removed.

These curtains are easy to remove for cleaning.

If the fabric of the curtains is quickly “frayed”, it can be slightly trimmed before washing around the perimeter of the hole. Formation of a film of molten synthetic fiber along the edge will prevent individual threads from spilling out.

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Where else can they be used?

Fashionable today is the method of dividing a living room into zones (this is acceptable for offices, households, doctor’s offices and other structures).

One large room can be used for various purposes. At the same time, it is rational and convenient when workplaces, especially in customer service, are separated by non-stationary partitions, for example, made of curtains on grommets. This method of fastening material allows you to quickly close or open the partition, does not "steal" the space and does not limit the movement of air.

Eyelets are a convenient and practical way of fixing.

The curtains on the grommets, like any piece of furniture, can have their pros and cons. So, one of them cannot be washed or they will quickly fail (for example, made of wood). Others are susceptible to corrosion and can leave ugly traces on the fabric during washing. If you choose the wrong size and shape, you can get an unsightly creation - sagging at the edges of the window leaf or ugly formed in the center of the folds of fabric.