Stretch ceiling in the bathroom (125+ Photos Pros and cons) The best solution or fashion?


Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom? It excites everyone who starts repairing this room. After all, I want to do not only beautifully, but also qualitatively, and most importantly, durable.


  • Bathroom features and ceiling requirements
  • Types of tension cloths and their features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What ceiling to install in the bathroom?
  • Rack or stretch?
  • Constructive varieties
  • Lamp selection
  • What kind of lighting is not suitable?
  • How to properly arrange?
  • Bathroom features and ceiling requirements

    This room is not the main thing in an apartment or house. However, to him, as well as to other rooms, requirements. The bathroom is made of quality materials that are easy to clean and practical. And this is not by chance, since strong and stable loads on all finishing materials are carried out here - sudden changes in temperature and humidity, the ingress of detergents on the surfaces damage them.

    How it should be in this room:

    1High reliability. Selecting the material, you need to consider that a sudden jet of escaped soul can go to the ceiling. If it is made of non-moisture resistant materials, it will definitely remain traces or it will become completely useless.High strength. A bathroom is a room where there is always a huge amount of water, and no one is immune from the flood, which neighbors will arrange from the top because of a broken pipe or a washing machine breakdown. So, high-quality ceiling is able to adequately cope with such problems.

    Tensioner has high strength

    3Easy to clean. The material should not absorb pollution, leave traces of steam, water, soap means, in addition, its cleaning should not take more than 15-20 minutes.4Aesthetic component. The ceiling should be perfectly combined with the interior of this room and the entire housing.

    For this room use different materials for decoration. But not all of them have the necessary indicators that are important for this room. The most qualitative, meeting all necessary requirements, the stretch ceiling is.

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    Types of tension cloths and their features

    Stretch there are several types. And a person who first encounters a choice can easily get confused. To help sort out, I propose to consider in detail each option. Currently, there are only two types of tensioning canvases.

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    They are made with a maximum width of 2 meters. All ceilings of greater width have a weld. But it is almost invisible. Installation is carried out by the equipment - a gun that heats the canvas to a temperature of 60-70 ° C0. The film is stretched due to the effects of high temperature and is attached to a pre-mounted frame.

    Immediately after installation, it sags a little, but after cooling it becomes taut. The variety of textures - you can choose glossy, matte, to the canvas with the effect of "metallic" or "starry sky." The palette of PVC models is much wider than the fabric, in addition, the paint falls better and brighter. The cost of models is slightly lower than the fabric.

    Film option

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    Cloths have a maximum width of 5 meters. Installation is carried out in a "cold way". There are several advantages to this material: it is possible to impart any color due to the application of an appropriate polymer to the fabric; these canvases also have the highest indicator of moisture resistance due to the use of a lacquer coating. In addition, this canvas "breathes", which is especially important for the bathroom. However, fabric webs are much harder to clean. The cost is slightly higher than the analog.

    Fabric option

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    Advantages and disadvantages

    Stretch have many of its features, which determine the scope of their use. The main advantages include:

    • variety of colors and textures. You can choose glossy, matte with metallic luster of the canvas, as well as products that depict drawings, such as the starry sky, bright sun, clouds. Light-colored tension sheets visually change the space, increasing the volume of the room;
    • environmental friendliness and safety. They do not emit any harmful substances regardless of the time of operation. The canvas is able to hold a significant load. This indicator is very important for the bathroom. Even if neighbors flood you from above, the PVC film is able to withstand a load of 100 kg per 1 m2. Fabrics are also strong, but they can leak;

    Environmentally friendly

    • durability and practicality. Cloths do not absorb moisture, they do not form stains from moisture. To make them clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. Fungi and mold are not formed on the surfaces due to the high humidity in this room;
    • simplicity of installation and profitability. Tension cloths are quickly assembled, you can use the room where they are installed that day. The features include: reusable. If repairs are necessary in the bathroom, the cloth can be removed, the necessary work can be done, and then re-mounted.

    Mounted fast enough

    Despite the significant advantages, stretch canvases have their drawbacks:

    • relatively high cost. This disadvantage is not fundamental, since the service life and durability fully justify the relatively high price;
    • installation can be carried out exclusively by professionals using equipment, depending on the type. This moment affects the total cost, which is not very good;

    Installation can only be done by a professional.

    • Can be easily damaged with a sharp object. However, we are talking about a bathroom where there are none, and it is difficult to get a sharp object. This moment is important only during installation, but if it is carried out by professional workers, you should not worry about it. They use professional tools that minimize the risk of damage, in addition, they are experienced and do not make mistakes;
    • if the area of ​​the room is large, then under certain lighting it is possible to see the joints that pass through PVC products through every 2 meters, and in fabric - 5 meters.

    Comparing all these moments, it becomes clear that they have much more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, the disadvantages are not so significant.

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    What ceiling to install in the bathroom?

    Who is going to do the repair, is always interested in what is better to install a suspended ceiling in the bathroom, because among the many options it is difficult to make a choice.

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    The advantages of glossy stretch canvas

    For a wet room it is better not to find a material than PVC film. It is made of glossy canvas. PVC has a high moisture resistance. The film does not pass and does not absorb moisture. Dirt, despite the mirror surface, does not settle, besides, due to the synthetic material, fungus and mold are not formed.

    PVC has a high moisture resistance.

    Another advantage of the tension is its suspension design. Thanks to this feature, you can hide all defects, irregularities.

    As a rule, bathrooms have a small area, the ceilings in them are low. Of course, the exceptions are private homes. And making repairs using glossy PVC film can visually enlarge the space. Gloss solves this problem, besides if there are difficulties with the choice of color, then take note that the widest range of colors and shades in these canvases.

    Thanks to this material, the reflectivity increases.

    The glossy ceiling has a mirror-like surface, and the reflectance is greatly increased. Two-level constructions look impressive in this room. They visually increase the space of the room, make this room very beautiful. Designers often resort to this method when decorating small rooms. They put the right accents, focusing on functional areas.

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    Matte PVC canvas

    These paintings are of interest to those who like the conservative style. Externally matt stretch ceiling is no different from the traditional: it is elegant, concise. It is suitable for a bathroom made in any style, but more often it is preferred to install it in rooms made in the classical direction.

    Matt option gives conservative interior

    Matt does not reflect anything, there is no play of light - everything is strict and stylish. There is a significant positive aspect - the depth of colors. Such canvases are so beautifully painted in different colors that the effect of the color scheme will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, the relatively low cost will please the thrifty.

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    Black stretch

    The use of dark colors in the interior is a bold decision. However, in some styles this color is the main one - it is an urban style. With the dark also combined modern, avant-garde, minimalism. However, there is a main rule that is worth adhering to - you need to dilute the dark color with lighter shades, up to white.

    Do not forget one important rule - you can use black only if its height is above three meters.

    The use of dark colors in the interior

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    Tips from experts: how to dilute the black color in the bathroom

    These rooms are rarely with the desired height and area, so many, when they make a black tension, can make mistakes, as a result of which the room becomes visually small and gloomy. What you need to know to make a good repair?

    These colors work well with black:

    • silver - it is suitable for finishing the corners of the room. It also looks good in tandem with black, if it is on the walls, but in small quantities;
    • gold - in the bathroom they can paint the surface of the walls or choose a tile with a pattern of this shade. But it is not recommended to use only these two colors in the same room;
    • yellow is a great ally of black. Its brightness neutralizes the darkness of black;
    • Green is an excellent option for creating the perfect tandem. However, bright shades of this color look better.
    You can combine gloss gloss and matte surfaces of the walls. You can do the opposite, such combinations look very impressive.

    You can combine gloss gloss and matte surfaces of walls

    With the classic style you need to be careful. It is important to combine the tones in the correct proportions and not to allow the predominance of only black. If a bathroom is made where the canvas will be black and the walls are white, it is better to dilute this contrast with any beautiful and bright appliqué on the walls.

    To minimize the negative effect, you can use a plinth of light shades. Mirrors will also help dilute the gloom from black. When choosing a stretch is better to pay attention to the glossy canvas. They have a mirror effect and visually give this room a volume. In addition, the gloss will create an interesting optical effect.

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    Rack or stretch?

    You have already become familiar with the features of tension with their advantages and disadvantages. To understand what lath or tension will be better for a bathroom, you need to study the characteristics of another model.

    Imitation wood - looks very comfortable

    So, lath is made of aluminum panels and inserts from the same material. Installation of the structure is carried out with the help of suspensions, which are securely glued to the floor slabs.

    Aluminum or galvanized combs are used as guides. The choice of texture and color is quite large. You can choose the most appropriate shades, colors. In addition, designs can be:

    • glossy;
    • matte;
    • perforated;
    • with imitation of the skin;
    • stone

    To install will have to retreat from the base by 10 cm.

    • high structural strength and durability;
    • Aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion, so this material is the best for the bathroom;
    • no fungus and mold are formed on the structure;
    • care is quite simple, just wipe with a damp cloth;
    • in case of flooding, the structure will not suffer, but it will let all the water into the bathroom;
    • good value.

    High structural strength and durability

    • rack mounting is carried out for a very long time, mostly done by professionals;
    • Rack designs cannot be installed in rooms with low ceilings, since they drop 10 cm down during installation;
    • Due to the external features of the product are not suitable for all styles in the room;
    • when flooded, all the water will enter the room.

    Rack looks pretty good. By combining colors and shades you can make a beautiful surface. In addition, if you choose a design with mirrored stripes, you can visually expand the space in the bathroom. The choice of colors and shades is as wide as that of PVC film.

    Popular white canvases

    It is impossible to say which ceiling is better for this room. Make a choice in favor of a product will help a comparative analysis of these structures:

    • Both materials have good moisture resistance. However, the tension protects the property from flooding.
    • Strength is higher in the rack, but its surface is not ideally smooth, as in the tension.
    • The way of care and frequency are the same. Both designs do not require special attention and for cleaning it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.
    • If the room is poorly ventilated, it is better to use the rack.
    • The choice of luminaires and the method of their installation for rail structures is very large, which cannot be said for stretch structures.
    • For low spaces are better suited PVC fabric.

    Tension cloths have much more advantages, and their appearance is better.

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    Constructive varieties

    All structures are attached to the walls with the help of baguettes. However, the method of installation may be different, depending on the design of the tension.

    • single level. For a bathroom, such construction is most often used. It is easy to install, installation costs will be negligible. In addition, the single-level canvas is easier to care for, it is more reliable;

    For a bathroom, single-level are most often used

    • multilevel is less commonly used in apartments. Most often, this design in the bathroom is used in private homes, where the area of ​​this room is large enough. Different levels can be made in several ways. The first is a plasterboard construction. The second is a profile that allows you to make structures without using additional materials. In arranging such a construction, webs using different textures, colors, patterns;
    • arched shape transforms the bathroom. You can get away from standard geometric shapes and transitions. The canvas smoothly moves from the ceiling to the walls;
    • wave form. Wave crests look interesting in the bathroom. Interesting composition looks in a combination of dark and light colors of glossy canvas;

    Multi-level ceiling is more commonly used in homes.

    • the cone-shaped form can be made in several ways: to make one whole with the main canvas or with the help of profiles a separate structure is made and the ceiling is stretched separately from the main one. Here you can use several shades;
    • the road in the dunes - the shape and appearance of such a ceiling completely resembles a sand dune. By changing the depth and diameter of the waves, you can create interesting effects. Glossy cloths effectively look.
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    Lamp selection

    A bathroom like any other requires proper lighting. However, the tension can not solve this issue quickly and easily. Because not all lamps are suitable for him, in addition, they need to be properly positioned relative to each other. Let's start with the most important thing - the choice of lamps.

    A bathroom like any other requires proper lighting

    Let's start with the fact that the tension is a film of the film, which stretches under the base base at a distance of up to 5 cm. That is, there is a small distance between the PVC film and the plates, which are used for wiring.

    Luminaires are not attached to the film, but to the embedded parts that are in the gap between the plates and the canvas.

    Thus, it turns out that it is possible to carry out the installation of spotlights, chandeliers, LED strips. After all, the mount is absolutely reliable.

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    Spotlights are great

    A lot of controversy causes the installation of spotlights. Many argue that their installation can damage the fabric. Others say that you can mount products, but only a certain shape and size. In fact, spotlights for a stretch ceiling are great, but you need to follow the rules:

    1Select bulbs for spotlights
    • if the lighting devices are designed for halogen light sources, then you need to use lamps no more powerful than 30 W;
    • luminescent and LED lamps are suitable for any power.

    Original lighting solution

    2Selection of the shape of the built-in spotlight
    • The square shape of the luminaire is undesirable, since there are size limitations. Before you buy square recessed fixtures, you need to check with the specialists, what sizes are acceptable for your stretch ceiling. Only those who will be assembling and showrooms where PVC canvases are made can know this information. For example, such platforms are available for square models: 100 * 100 mm, 110 * 110 mm, 150 * 150 mm, 160 * 160 mm, 200 * 200 mm;
    • as for overhead spotlights, there are no restrictions.
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    Lamps - suspensions

    You can use long lamps-suspensions. Models with several suspensions, which are located on one base and lamps with several separate suspensions, are suitable. Such models can be used for lighting because the heating part is far from PVC of cloths. Lamps can choose any power.

    Bulbs are at a distance - this is a safer option.

    There are some nuances regarding the installation and its cost. When installing the system, where all the fixtures will be on the same platform, the cost of installation will be relatively low. However, when installing single-lamp suspensions, the price will increase several times.

    Because for each individual construction you need to bring the wiring, cut a certain form of mortgage. Therefore, in terms of economy, it is better to choose multi-bulb designs. From the standpoint of style - of course, the second option is better.

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    Ceiling ceiling modern chandeliers

    Chandeliers of any models and a fort are suitable for a bathroom. The main thing is that they fit into the style of the premises. Buying such lamps you can not limit yourself in anything, in shape, size, height. In addition, when installing such structures have a tight fit with the film surface, because the base is wide.

    Ceiling chandelier

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    What kind of lighting is not suitable?

    Categorical it is forbidden to use halogen lamps with power exceeding 30W.

    This is due to the fact that such light sources will heat up during prolonged use and may damage the surface of the canvas. In addition, lamps with halogen or incandescent lamps should be placed in such a way that the distance between the light source and the canvas was at least 100 mm.

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    How to properly arrange?

    If a white matte texture is used, then such a ceiling is visually no different from the usual one. Therefore, there are no special requirements for the location of lighting devices. However, if the canvas is glossy, you need to take into account the fact that the light source will be reflected on such a surface as in a mirror. As a result, if a luminaire with three light sources is used, it will be twice as large when reflected.

    There are no special requirements for the location of lighting devices.

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    Installation of the web is quite easy. However, it will not be easy to do it yourself, since equipment is needed. In addition, if there are no skills, to do such work quickly and efficiently will not work. Since there are some features in the mounting method that only a specialist knows.

    Assembly sequence

    Before you get started, you need to prepare a tool. Since we have already found out that it is better to install PVC film than a fabric one in the bathroom, a heat gun will be required. In addition, you need:

    • perforator;
    • screwdriver;
    • Bulgarian;
    • drill;
    • spatula;
    • roulette;
    • pencil;
    • hammer;
    • file.

    Beautiful bathroom in dark colors

    Before installation, you need to hold all the electrics.

    Stages of work:

    1 Installation of tension is carried out from a marking. It is produced as follows:
    • it is necessary to install a skew builder to the estimated height of the baguette;
    • then using a pencil to draw a level. Specification - the height of the canvas is chosen by customers, however, the minimum distance between it and the base should be 5 mm.

    The figures break the bathroom into two zones

    2Mounting the baguette. Choose one of the outer corners and measure it with a tape measure. Then on the aluminum profile you need to note all values. And a hacksaw, a baguette mode, but not completely. You need to leave a few mm so that it does not break. It is necessary to draw a shot that if it is an internal angle, one cut is made, if the outside corner is three with a distance of 2 mm. All cut edges are cleaned with a file. It is necessary for the safety of the canvas. Next, a profile is exposed on the laser and mounted using a perforator and dowels and screws. To avoid damaging the canvas, all joints need to be glued with tape. 4. Installing platforms for chandeliers or lamps. Four so-called pawns, which are used in plasterboard structures, should be attached to the plastic platforms. Their length should not exceed the ceiling level. Then you need to drill holes indented to secure the pawn and secure the platform.

    In the style of minimalism

    5Brass tension. This stage begins with the installation of suspensions that are installed at the corners of the room in order to fix the PVC canvas on them:
    • turning the canvas, you need to pay attention to the location of the harpoon - this is a strip glued along the perimeter of the canvas. And it must be bent inward into the room;
    • the room is heated to stretch the film;
    • when the room is heated and the elasticity of the canvas is felt, the product is inserted into the baguette with the help of a spatula. First you need to fix it in the corners, then around the perimeter.

    Bright ceiling can be a highlight of the room

    After these works, it remains to make two elements - to make a hole under the lamp and install a decorative insert around the perimeter of the room.

    To mount the lamp will need:

    • to make a hole, you need plastic rings that need to be glued to the canvas in the place where the platform was previously hung. Then you need to grope with your finger the center of the hole in the platform and glue the ring. But this must be done so that their centers coincide;
    • After the glue dries, you need to cut a hole in the center of the ring. This is done with a construction knife. Then wires for the lamp are brought outside.

    It remains only to install a decorative inset around the perimeter. It is inserted in the same trowel as the canvas. Everything is done gradually and carefully. The only thing you can add is that the corners of the insert are better glued with silicone.