How beautiful to hang tulle in the kitchen? Short or Long? 145+ Photos of new products in the field of interior textiles


Having chosen tulle on kitchen on a photo, it is possible to update quickly and economically an interior of the room, it is favorable and fashionable to change space.


  • Why do I need tulle in the kitchen?
  • Functions and basic requirements
  • Types of fabrics
  • Color selection
  • Creative design ideas
  • Mounting method
  • Selection by interior style
  • Accommodation options
  • Curtain styles
  • Photo printing for kitchen curtains
  • Why do I need tulle in the kitchen?

    Light tulle in bright kitchen design

    All of us, sooner or later, are confronted with the ennobling of the kitchen. Before me, as well as before most of you, the relevant question also arose: is it really worth it to hang curtains or tulle in the kitchen? After all, the option of Roman blinds or blinds, or even better - blinds will be much more practical.

    The kitchen is a place to cook, so any cloth will become a suitable object for dust accumulation, various food odors, stains, soot, other resulting cooking effects.But still, for you I have a strong argument in favor of tulle - this is the creation of comfort in the room.

    Light curtains create a feeling of comfort.

    Many of us live in high-rise buildings, where a room with small dimensions serves as a kitchen, a dining room, and sometimes even a living room. If you have to take guests in the kitchen, it is imperative that the room was a pleasure to be and tenants, and looked into the light.

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    What is it like?

    Tulle is a thin light fabric of a transparent type, smooth or with patterns, which can be of several types. Who else is not familiar with the main feature of the curtains, I will tell. This unusual fabric opens up a good overview on the one hand, blocks visibility on the other.

    Tulle for panoramic windows in the kitchen

    She appeared according to legend in the XV century. The bride of the French king had to sew a dress with a veil that would hide her face from the people around her, but did not limit her appearance. A lot of weavers tried to fulfill such an order, but only masters from the city of Tulle managed to cope with the task.

    It was decided to leave the material the name of the city. People liked the new material so much that they began to use it not only for making wedding dresses, but also for creating casual clothes, hats, and after that, to improve the interiors.

    Kitchen interior with short curtains in Provence style

    Inspired by this legend, you and I can hang out tulle in the kitchen and imagine that we are in French Provence. But first I’ll better tell you about the main functions of such curtains.

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    Functions and basic requirements

    Curtains can hide the defects of the window frame

    The choice in favor of tulle for the kitchen is usually determined by such basic functions of curtains:

    • Adjusting the light - the lighting in the room should be enough. The fabric should not block it completely, it is important to leave some coolness in the room.
    • Visual elimination of defects in window openings or frames - if there are design flaws, distortions, cracks, cracks or other defects, then we hide all this with curtains.
    • Addition of design - without a curtain the room looks somehow uninhabited and bare. If you hang the curtains, then immediately becomes so homely cozy. Sometimes this is the one whose element is not enough to create a full-fledged kitchen interior design.

    Kitchen tulle with floral motifs

    I recall that the reception "like-buy" with tulle for the kitchen is not the most appropriate. This is because the curtains for the kitchen put forward a number of requirements:


    • material must be strong, durable;
    • if the curtains are placed near an open flame, you should not choose synthetic material;
    • the fabric should be easy to wash off from any possible dirt;
    • the matter should be the optimal length for the window zone, it is necessary to consider the height of the ceilings, the style of the room, the location of objects or other features;
    • the curtain design should not interfere with the opening of windows if necessary.

    Tulle fastening for easy access to the window

    BoardDo not buy curtains of dubious materials, it is important that the material could bear the influence of the sun's rays without burning out. Return to the menu

    Basic properties

    In fact, tulle is a versatile, lightweight, translucent material used to hang windows. Universal, I called it for a reason. It can organically fit not only into the interior of the kitchen, but also into the design of any other rooms in the apartment.

    Selected tulle will decorate any room

    But it is worth returning to the advantages of such material. As far as I know, tulle has long been at the peak of popularity. Keeping confident positions helps him to constantly update models, the release of stylish new products. Although tulle curtains do not completely protect against sunlight penetration, they are very comfortable and practical, and also have several virtues:

    • material must be strong, durable;
    • if the curtains are placed near an open flame, you should not choose synthetic material;
    • the fabric should be easy to wash off from any possible dirt;
    • the matter should be the optimal length for the window zone, it is necessary to consider the height of the ceilings, the style of the room, the location of objects or other features;
    • the curtain design should not interfere with the opening of windows if necessary.

    Small kitchen design in peach tones

    Tulle can be combined with any other types of curtains. For each style of kitchen interior, you can also choose your own suitable curtains of various shapes and colors. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Types of fabrics

    The main types of fabrics for sewing cloth are:

    • organza;
    • veil;
    • grid;
    • kisja.

    I will tell you a little about each species.

    The combination of different materials curtains: tulle and silk curtains


    Organza is the most common material that is made from polyester. Its fibers are strong enough, and the material itself is light, transparent, it creates a feeling of airiness, weightlessness. Orgaz made of viscose and silk, but this variety is quite expensive. Like most other tissues, organza has its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it is badly breathable.

    Organza tulle in the kitchen

    But she has more advantages:

    • do not serve as a place of accumulation of dust;
    • it is easy to wash, dries quickly;
    • does not crumple;
    • has high wear resistance and light transmission function.


    Light and thin veil

    The veil is another light, thin, translucent material that is used to decorate windows. The veil can be made of cotton, silk, wool, but durability and durability is better than polyester products.

    It is more soft from organza. This property is useful if you need soft folds drape. The advantages and disadvantages of this fabric coincide with the features of the previous one, but additional care will not be needed here.


    The grid is a peculiar type, having a perforated structure. The sun's rays perfectly pass through this material. There is a huge amount of colors.

    Tulle-net for the kitchen

    The grid can be combined with drapes or other types, used as a separate element for decorating windows. But there is a drawback - the mesh will become an excellent dust collector in the kitchen. People with allergies should not choose this kind of food for their cuisine.


    Kisey - unduly the least common form. It is a curtain, consisting of numerous shiny threads. This material can be made from synthetics, cotton, silk, flax. Threads turn out air, do not create feeling of overloading of space. Very often used for zoning rooms.

    Light and translucent curtains


    There is also such a variety as muslin - this is a dense synthetic fabric for the kitchen, a very convenient solution.

    Long beige muslin curtains with tulle

    BoardDesigners always advise to give preference to natural materials when decorating the interior, are no exception, and curtains for windows. But in the case of the kitchen, it is better to choose synthetic materials, since natural fabrics do not withstand frequent washing, they have operational difficulties. Return to the menu

    Choosing the optimal length

    Conditionally the length of all the curtains for the kitchen can be divided into two categories:

    • long;
    • short

    I want to figure out with you exactly when short curtains will be appropriate, and when long.

    Design of the kitchen window with a balcony door

    Short tulle is ideal for pet owners. After all, cats, dogs love to play with everything that happens to be on their way, including your curtain. The short version will be useful if the dining table or kitchen table top is located by the window. In this case, the shortened curtains will conveniently be moved or pushed at any time.

    Short tulle in the kitchen

    Long tulle is suitable for those who have large kitchen dimensions, there is free space around the window. If the kitchen has a balcony, then the option with short curtains will not be appropriate here. In addition, with a large draft, long tulle will not take off the air like a short variety.

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    If you still do not understand, then I will explain to you clearly. Beauty is most often in simplicity. It is not necessary to buy designer curtains for fabulous money to decorate the kitchen interior.

    Selection of interior items in the same style

    It is enough to buy a simple exquisite variety and show some creativity. For example, make beautiful folds on the curtains.

    I will give you several options:

    • Fold-pencil - the most simple and well-known option. It is an equal vertical wave.
    • One-sided folds are obtained by fastening the fabric on one side across the entire width of the curtain.
    • Diverse folds are created on the principle of one-sided, but arranged towards each other.
    • Fold champagne glass - at the top with a small indentation from the attachment at the same distance from each other, volumetric folds are formed and stitched in one place each. It turns out the similarity of the tops of glasses, the bottom should be set in free fall.
    • Horizontal folds, which are formed on the tulle when it is thrown over the eaves and the creation of horizontal semicircular sags in a chaotic manner.
    • Cross festoons - the lower part of the drapes resembles a W-like crease, which is located closer to the lower edge of the fabric. It is created with the help of magnetic clamps, pins.

    Creation of folds with ribbons

    BoardTo create original and unusual folds, it is best to use special ribbons that allow you to tighten the curtain, getting the desired shape of the waves. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Color selection

    The basic rule by which it is worth choosing a curtain color for a kitchen or any other room is its compatibility with other design elements. Sometimes this rule can be neglected.

    Kitchen design in bright colors

    There are quite useful recommendations, based on which you can choose the color of the curtain:

    • For the interior of the kitchen in the style of modernism and postmodernism, you can choose curtains absolutely any color. These styles involve a full flight of fantasy hostess. But with the ornaments you need not to overdo it, it will be enough oblique or wavy lines.
    • Other interior styles mainly favor compatibility of shades of detail and color of the selected tulle.
    • It is better to supplement a pure white curtain with draperies of such shades that are combined with other kitchen items.
    • Most often, the advantage in choosing the color of the curtains is given to light, warm tones, among them are white, coffee, beige, gold, pink, peach. This is the most practical and right decision. Light curtains will always expand the kitchen space and make it lighter.
    • Do not forget about the reception of contrasting colors. As an experiment, you can focus on the window with bright screaming curtains, for example, red, yellow, blue, green. It is important not to overdo it and fit this attribute harmoniously into the interior design.
    • A curtain of cool shades, including blue, gray, blue, mint, will help you to relax, to find peace.
    • In large kitchens, you can hang curtains of dark colors, such as brown, chocolate, pistachio. This option will look advantageous, especially if the curtains are chosen exactly to match the palette of the interior.

    Contrast solution: dark curtains and light tulle

    There is nothing terrible in acquiring not monophonic tulle for the kitchen, but with printed drawings or ornaments.

    You can safely choose:

    • geometric ornaments;
    • various lines;
    • abstractions;
    • floral patterns and color transitions.
    BoardWhen choosing a color curtains need to consider the location of the room. In the kitchen, where there is a lot of sunny color, curtains of cold shades would be appropriate. For a darkened room, the choice should be directed to the curtains of light, warm shades. Return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    Creative design ideas

    Tulle can be combined with curtains in unusual ways, which I will tell you below:

    Stylish color combination

    • The color block technique involves a combination of several shades arranged in lines. Transitions between them can be contrasted. You can purchase a ready-made version, sew or dye your own curtains.
    • Obliquely positioned tulle can cover only one part of the window. You can beat this option as one-sided, and securing two curtain sheets on both sides. This option would be appropriate if there is no need to hide the window from prying eyes or when the room has an exit to the balcony.
    • You can slightly open the window. For this purpose, an asymmetrical arrangement of canvases is used. One part of the tulle should be left hanging freely, and the other should be fixed on the side.
    • On the most ordinary transparent fabric, you can sew ornaments made of thick fabric or whole strips to ensure aesthetic appearance.

    Combining tulle with other curtains is sometimes useful. Such a tandem performs many useful functions:

    Kitchen design in vintage style

    • in the dark when the light is on, the curtain will shine through and show the world what is happening in the kitchen, and the presence of curtains can solve this problem;
    • if there is a reverse situation, namely bright sunlight beating into the room during the day, the curtains will be able to immerse the room in a quiet twilight.

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    Mounting method

    Among the possible methods of fastening tulle for the kitchen, it is advisable to consider options for hooks, velcro, eyelets, and it is also possible to sew tulle to the hem.

    Option hooks gradually and surely fades into the background. They are almost invisible, but very fragile, most often made of plastic. But the disadvantage of using this method of attachment is that the hooks often fly off or break.

    Tulle hook fastening

    On velcro fasteners, Japanese curtains are most often attached, which consist of several parts and can be moved separately from each other. Such fastening will be imperceptible, the velcro curtains look neat, beautiful, organic. You should not choose such a mount in the house where there are animals or small children, since any sudden or careless movement will accelerate the unstuck of curtains.

    Beige Curtains with Velcro Loops

    Fastening with stitching is a stretching on the tulle cornice with the help of special stitched holes. The larger these holes, the simpler the tulle is in terms of stretching, lifting, sliding.

    Tulle on the drawstring

    I left you with a variant of grommets for a reason. This is the most popular and convenient method of fastening curtains. Eyelets are like rings.

    They have many advantages:

    • made of any material - metal, plastic, wood;
    • come in all sizes;
    • easy to install;
    • added to the style of curtains refinement;
    • make the process of clinging curtains significantly simplified;
    • perfectly hold the fabric, which makes it easy to move the curtain along the eaves;
    • allow you to create symmetrical folds.

    The curtains on the grommets form deep uniform folds.

    It's time to move away from the usual outdated methods of fastening curtains, I recommend you to choose eyelets.

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    Selection by interior style

    The peculiarity of tulle is that these curtains can look equally harmonious both in a classic style and in a modern kitchen design.

    Below we consider which curtains are best for each style:



    Fit light translucent curtains necessarily drapery, but in calm, warm colors. You can choose options with pictures and without.Classic loves natural materials. The natural shades look good, as well as the white, yellow, golden colors of the curtains.



    This style is simplicity and elegance. Ideal will look in the addition of Provence short curtains, will be able to add a zest to the extra tier. The first layer can be light, smooth, and the second more dense. The top layer can be in the form of a lambrequin or ordinary sliding curtains. Under the style of Provence, too, it is better to choose a natural material - cotton or cotton.


    Country, Chebbi Chic

    In these styles you can find similar window decoration with tulle, the difference will be in colors and ornaments. You can collect it in the bizarre forms of Australian curtains in the form of a collected harmonica. Or to add an even monophonic tulle with motley curtains, a short straight lambrequin. You can choose a tulle arch, which is also well fit in the style of Provence. It would be appropriate to complement tulle with various stylistic accessories, for example, bows, lace, hooks, wooden rings.

    A set of curtains for the kitchen in the style of Provence

    BoardWhen decorating tulle with lambrequins, you must take into account the height of the ceiling, since such draping visually reduces the height of the room.4


    This style is characterized by asymmetry, the rejection of smooth lines and the choice in favor of smooth and flexible, muted colors. Look good tobacco shades, a mixture of gray with pearl, blue, lilac, tones of autumn. For modern, you can choose multi-layered options - a combination of two or three materials with an asymmetric arrangement.


    Modern style

    A great option for decorating the window - lace curtains on the grommet. In the design, where there is a rough brickwork or glossy facades, tulle made of thick fabric will look good.


    East style

    It implies the use of complex ornaments and fancy interweaving of threads. Only the right color combination can emphasize the style. Ideal shades for curtains are emerald, burgundy, violet, gold. To create a similarity to the eastern tent, a thick drapery is created, and also tulles are decorated with accessories from beads, with fringe, large tassels, cords. Non-standard grab lifts will also be appropriate.


    Art Deco

    Implies the presence of many folds, pelmets. The main fabric and decoration should be made of the same material, the color of the fabric can be different.

    Art Deco Style in Kitchen Interior

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    Accommodation options

    Consider the possible location of curtains:

    • solid sheet;
    • symmetrical arrangement of cloths;
    • asymmetric combination;
    • combination with lambrequin;
    • combination with curtains;
    • a combination of two types of fabrics or curtains;
    • combination with muslin;
    • the formation of bulk waves from one long canvas by throwing it through the eaves.

    Curtains of different fabrics in contrasting colors.

    If you wish, you can come up with more diverse and unusual variations that can be favorably beaten in the design of the kitchen. You can use tulle to decorate the window opening separately or in combination with a variety of curtains, including traditional curtains, roller and vertical blinds.

    Let's now take a closer look at the variety of combinations of tulle with curtains. More original, expressive looks kitchen interior design, where the decoration of windows fit thoroughly.

    Option combination of tulle and roman blinds

    You can combine these types of curtains:

    • Tulle + roman blinds. There are several options for combining with Roman curtains, including playing on contrast, addition, smoothing of corners.
    • Tulle + knit curtain fabric. In a duet with mustache, you can use one cornice, which can easily withstand two light materials. Or place the curtains on different cornices. Such a window will always look festive and stylish, from a design point of view of the fabric. Threads look great near the usual window, as well as near the balcony. Their advantage is that they do not need to constantly push. This style combination is well suited for a classic or oriental style kitchen. With a skillful combination of colors and patterns, you can try to fit them into other styles.
    • Tulle + cotton or calico lambrequins. Add heat, softness, comfort in the interior, you can use this combination.

    Spectacular pelmet - a bright accent in the interior

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    Curtain styles

    Tulle can be called not only a lot of materials used to be placed near the window opening, but also curtains of various styles. For the decoration of the kitchen are appropriate such types:

    • Roman curtains - add nobility and restraint to the interior. The appearance of a smooth canvas stretched over a rigid structure and attached to the window itself looks very modern.
    • Classic Portieres - remain in fashion, regardless of the circumstances, constitute a flat restrained flowing fabric, which is often complemented by dense curtains.
    • Austrian view - a model that is not very common in the vastness of the fatherland, but still very interesting. The bottom of the curtains assembled in folds, which can be adjusted in height. Perfectly just translucent materials look.
    • French curtains - the likeness of the Austrian type, but with folds not only from the bottom, but along the entire length. Their semicircular shape looks very impressive, especially if the fabric is light and weightless.
    • Italian curtains - non-sliding structure, which is mounted directly on the window or rigid eaves. Suitable for long windows or doorways.
    • Type of curtains "cafe" - All the original version for those who like to experiment. Such curtains have a small length and are mounted on the eaves, placed not above the window, but in the middle. Beautiful playful alternative to the classics.
    • Japanese panels - more like a screen than the curtains, but also sometimes considered to be tulle. Uses for Japanese curtains usually lightweight, even transparent fabric, which is stretched on a rigid structure. Sometimes it is decorated with stylistic ornaments of the Japanese style.

    Austrian curtains

    BoardIt is not necessary to choose a certain type of curtains for the appropriate interior style. Modern design favors successful experiments. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Photo printing for kitchen curtains

    Although this option has already appeared quite a long time, but it can still be considered a novelty. I am talking about photo printing on smooth monophonic material. Quality service creates a very realistic picture on tulle, which come alive from the effects of the slightest breeze.

    Tulle with photo printing

    A standard kitchen can be easily revived and transformed with a pertinent style pattern or ornament. For example, you can arrange a real forest thicket with printed trees, a flower field or a sea breeze near a window. The range of images for photo printing is huge. In it, everyone will find the perfect picture for themselves and their style of cuisine.

    Usually the kitchen is the place where there are a lot of different colored objects. It happens that a kitchen set is a pretty bright spot. Therefore, photo curtains are better to choose restrained, without motley and screaming decorations, so as not to cause room overload.

    Harmonious interior with bright accents

    The natural folds created on them will not interfere, but just give the picture on the canvas an additional volume, realism.

    Do not create too deep and voluminous folds, as well as creases, so as not to distort the pattern of tulle.

    Curtains with f