Modern styles in the design of the living room: (180+ Photos) combinations of colors in the interior


Do you want a living room in an unforgettable style and do not know what to stop at? Recommendations will make your choice easy. Driving in the search query "living room interior design style", many want to immediately find the best option. But, in practice, this is unrealistic, and in order to choose the optimal style for your living room, you will have to sort out a significant number of interior designs.


  • Introduction
  • Classic style: key features
  • Minimalism: what to look for?
  • Provence: the secrets of professional designers
  • Loft: defiant and defiant
  • Hi-tech: comfort and nothing extra
  • Modern: the main nuances
  • Scandinavian style: simple and elegant
  • Art Deco for connoisseurs of luxury
  • English style: solidity and nobility
  • Introduction

    I want to bring to your attention a detailed overview of the currently popular design styles, with which you can dramatically change the interior of the living room. Of course, there are conservatives, who from year to year prefer interior design in the same style. But, if you want to fundamentally change the situation of your home, then this article is for you.

    I hope this review will help you choose the right style for your living room interior design.

    Option for interior design living room

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    Classic style: key features

    Just want to note: if you have plans to use the classics for your living room, then you have to spend a lump sum for repairs. This style involves the use of:

    • precious metals;
    • natural stone;
    • expensive woods.

    And just a minute: ideally, everything should be natural.

    In classic style

    Therefore, I will say right away: if you do not have a sufficient amount, then you should not even try. Using cheaper materials, decor and furniture, to achieve a good result will never succeed.

    Classic is an expensive pleasure, therefore, preferring this style, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the grandiose expenses.

    This style looks gorgeous, and it is always at the peak of popularity. In such a living room you will not only be able to meet the guests, but it is also nice to relax, having received a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions.

    This style involves the use of metals, stone, wood

    The characteristic features of living rooms in a classic style include:

    • the presence of the semantic center;
    • space zoning;
    • integrity, completeness and harmony of the living room arrangement;
    • soft color palette, restraint of tones, lack of bright screaming shades;
    • symmetry even in fine detail;
    • expensive furniture and the complete lack of modern technology;
    • the presence of a unique decor, accessories, as well as exquisite textiles.

    I want to focus my and your attention on the fact that the classic living room should have high ceilings. At the same time, the room itself does not have to be large (correctly placed mirrors will help to visually expand it).

    Soft color palette

    Wall decoration can be represented by wallpaper with a vertical pattern, which should be in harmony with the overall situation, wooden panels will also look good. The ceiling must be bright, the stucco, painting and other decor, which can give a feeling of flying, are welcomed.. The floor is a parquet made of expensive wood, a luxurious carpet will add a special elegance and chic (the best look is light).

    Furniture is necessarily expensive, the best option is unique, which is made to order.

    Huge sofas, dressers, elegant chairs - decorated with carvings, gold and even stones. Here in the first place restrained luxury.

    The ceiling must be bright

    BoardLeather furniture will give a graceful grandeur of the living room, emphasize the elegance of decoration.

    I want to dwell on the issue of lack of technology. You ask, and how without it? If you are really nowhere without her, then you need to try to properly hide from prying eyes:

    • niche;
    • shelves;
    • partitions;
    • drawers;
    • lockers.

    All these details will help to hide all unnecessary from prying eyes and enjoy the most necessary benefits of technical progress.

    A must-have element in the classic-style living room is a huge chandelier that will not only provide the desired level of illumination, but also make the room even more chic.

    From the materials in this case use:

    • crystal;
    • gold;
    • silver.

    Leather furniture will emphasize the elegance of decoration

    Not superfluous and candlesticks: the more of them, the better, wall scraps are also welcome, which will make the setting more mysterious.

    In the classic style living rooms use the following colors:

    • White and black;
    • golden;
    • ivory color (known as "ayvori");
    • scarlet and purple;
    • cream;
    • pale pink;
    • light yellow and sandy;
    • olive and light green.

    An essential element of such a living room is a large chandelier.

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    What is the difference between neoclassical and classical?

    If you prefer classics, but at the same time you want to keep up with the times, then the neoclassical style is for you. Comfort and harmony, chic and elegance, charm and practicality are perfectly combined in this style, and that is why you will not find anything better for your living room.

    Neoclassicism is an updated version of the classical style, here a small number of pieces of equipment that must perform a specific function is acceptable. At the same time, the same air conditioner must be disguised so that it fits into the overall interior design of the living room as much as possible.

    Comfort and harmony, chic and elegance combined in this style

    I want to note that neoclassic for the living room is an option for lovers of spacious and light-filled rooms. The design style of which is made in a light (preference is given to white) colors. The main characteristics of the neoclassical style in relation to the living room include the following:

    • The use of exclusively natural materials of high quality is the wood of expensive woods, marble, precious metals.
    • An amazing combination of practicality - each of the available pieces of furniture must perform a function.
    • The abundance of mirrors, lighting devices, as a mandatory element of which is crystal.
    • Expressiveness of classical forms and elements, a combination of straight lines with curved.

    Neoclassicism is an updated version of the classic style.

    Pictures can be used as a bright accent, and there should not be too many of them. Ideally, the canvas should be written in a restrained style. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    Minimalism: what to look for?

    Simple and with taste - in this case we are talking about minimalism. The successful combination of refined elegance, grace and simplicity of design solutions is distinguished by a minimalist style. I love this style because here all the interior details are functional and there is nothing superfluous.

    In the style of minimalism

    The main characteristics of the living room in the style of minimalism include the following:

    • clear zoning of space;
    • proportionality in the application of decor;
    • the use of discreet colors;
    • space and the exclusion of unnecessary elements in the interior;
    • bold experiments with lighting;
    • minimum of furniture and decorative items.

    The successful combination of elegant elegance, grace and simplicity of design solutions

    Preference is given to light shades:

    • white;
    • sandy;
    • beige;
    • ashen;
    • brick.
    But it is permissible to use dark colors to create contrast, one of the best options is a living room in black and white.

    Simple and tasteful - in this case we are talking about minimalism.

    If you want to update the design, then you need to be prepared for the fact that all materials used for finishing should be of better quality. For the walls, in most cases, liquid wallpaper is used, which is then painted, and also embossed plaster is used.

    To cover the floors take, as a rule:

    • parquet;
    • laminate;
    • linoleum.

    Suspended and suspended ceilings look good. I note that the windows in the living room should be large, since the emphasis is on natural light. As for artificial lighting, chandeliers are rarely used in this style, stopping the choice on luminaires built into the ceiling and furniture.

    Preference is better to give light shades

    BoardPlease note that in the living room should be the most necessary furniture, which should perform a specific function (for example, storage of things). But items that serve only to decorate a room are not welcome here. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Provence: the secrets of professional designers

    This style has another name "French country", and if you want to use it, you should take a closer look. with its characteristic features which are attributed:

    • use of artificially aged furniture;
    • the presence of rough surfaces (for example, a characteristic feature of this style are roughly plastered walls);
    • The color scheme includes light and almost airy shades.

    Provence style

    Provence is simple and fresh, but has its own peculiarity: it is an all-consuming feeling of comfort, which is saturated with exquisite romance. I admire the style of country music in its classic version, but if you love all the present, give yourself a piece of France in your living room.

    To cover the walls you can use:

    • wallpaper;
    • wooden panels;
    • decorative plaster.

    In this case, the presence of cracks and all sorts of irregularities is welcomed. For the floor is widely used:

    • decorative tiles;
    • a natural stone;
    • floorboard.

    It is acceptable to put in the middle of the room a chic carpet with a long nap that will make the living room even more comfortable. But from the carpet and linoleum is better to give up - these materials do not fit into this style.

    Provence is simple and fresh

    Sharma gives the use of textiles and various handmade accessories.

    It can be:

    • knitted napkins;
    • embroidered tablecloths;
    • wicker cute rugs.

    As for the furniture, then in the living room in the Provencal style will need aged artificially. In favored wicker furnishings and wood products.

    Preference is given to warm pastel colors that can be used in combination with contrasting shades, the use of plant motifs is considered a good option.

    To cover the walls, you can use wallpaper, wood panels or decorative plaster

    Provence is suitable for sensual and romantic natures, who appreciate everything natural, love nature and dream of spending their entire lives away from civilization.

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    Loft: defiant and defiant

    If you are accustomed to keep pace with the times and follow all the fashionable novelties, then the loft-style living room is one of the options. This style includes incompatible, at first glance, elements that look bold, and sometimes even defiant.

    Loft style

    Equipping a loft style living room, you will receive:

    • A huge, unlimited room with high ceilings - this feature should be remembered initially. And if your home has low ceilings, then this design style will not suit you.
    • The combination of various kinds of architectural solutions - here the elements of antiquity are perfectly combined with the latest technical innovations and the most fashionable accessories.

    Includes incompatible, at first glance, elements

    • Light colors - the advantage here is given to white, black and gray shades. Brown, orange and red are used to highlight individual zones or individual accessories (flower pots, lamp shades).
    • Mixed lighting - curtains and curtains, as a rule, are absent.
    • The presence of the stairs leading to the second floor.
    • The use of furniture - the colors of interior items are mostly neutral, it is allowed to use bright details.

    Connect various architectural solutions

    A characteristic feature of the living room in the loft style is the lack of decoration of walls and ceilings.

    Here, as it were, everything reminds of how this room was until the moment when it was renovated.

    The floors are made of wood or concrete, taboo on large carpets. In extreme cases, it can be a small size rug on which you can comfortably sit by the fireplace or TV. The walls, as already noted, remain without any covering: here you can contemplate:

    • rough plaster;
    • brickwork;
    • concrete slab.

    If you want to paint the wall, then in this situation it is recommended to do it without prior alignment.

    A characteristic feature of the living room in the loft style is the lack of decoration of walls and ceilings.

    As for the ceiling in the living room, this style allows you to paint or whiten it, this is the maximum that you can do.

    And it should be visible:

    • plate joints;
    • beams;
    • overlap.

    Furniture is large, if not gigantic, at the same time, the simplicity of its design is welcomed. The obligatory elements of the living room in the loft style are a TV and a sofa, which should make the room even more comfortable.

    Floors must be made of wood or concrete.

    The sofa is perhaps the most striking detail of the living room, which may have a color that contrasts with the decor.. So, if the walls and ceilings are gray, the sofa may be red. There can also be a huge and tall table, its features are a simple form and the presence of a massive table top made of wood.

    A fireplace can help create a cozy atmosphere; it can be located both in the center of the room and in any of its zones.

    Mandatory elements of this style are shelving and shelves, which are characterized by an open design.

    Furniture, choose a large, if not even a giant

    Non-standard accessories are allowed, which can be presented in the form:

    • road signs;
    • huge vases;
    • exquisite photo compositions;
    • graffiti;
    • abstract paintings;
    • posters of newspaper clippings.

    Some decorate the living room using wine barrels, bicycles, motorcycles, car wheels. There are no restrictions for your imagination, and as accessories you can use anything your heart desires.

    Choose non-standard accessories

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    Hi-tech: comfort and nothing extra

    If you prefer comfort, think rationally and do not accept anything extra in interior design, then the living room in the style of high-tech will have to your taste. How, in my opinion, in this style is not enough soulfulness, but there is nothing superfluous that cluttered the space and weighed it.

    Hi-tech style

    Traditionally it is believed that high-tech means the presence of a spacious room. But if your living room is small, then this style will expand it and make it as light and spacious as possible.

    Style features
    • The presence of straight lines in the design, the furniture is simple forms.
    • The use of various kinds of smooth, shiny, mirror surfaces (this includes mirrors).
    • The decor can be made of wood, plastic and glass.
    • The use of furniture of unusual shape (most often used such geometric shapes as a circle and a triangle).
    • Zoning space.

    Does not accept anything extra in interior design

    The ceiling consists of several levels, which is achieved through the use of drywall boxes. This design has a clear form, and stretch ceilings are used.

    The floor should be monotonous, no ornaments and floral patterns.

    For flooring use:

    • ceramic granite;
    • tile;
    • laminate;
    • bulk floor.

    Allowed to put on the floor of the living room carpet, which should have a uniform color.

    High-tech means having a spacious room.

    Lighting for the living room in the style of high-tech is presented in the form of halogen spotlights, built-in plasterboard design. Traditional chandeliers in this case are inappropriate, if desired, they can be replaced with a simple halogen lamp.

    Living room in this style implies the presence of a home theater. If this option is not available, then you can choose a large flat-screen TV. The equipment of the workplace with a modern computer or laptop is allowed.

    The flooring should be plain.

    As for the color range, shades of one color are often used. It is permissible to dilute the interior with one contrasting color scheme.

    Most often for the living room in the style of high-tech take the following colors:

    • white;
    • metallic;
    • all shades of gray;
    • beige;
    • silver.

    The ceiling should ideally be white, the walls are also kept in bright colors. For finishing the last use:

    • liquid wallpaper;
    • brick;
    • decorative rock.

    Preference is given to furniture that is characterized by simplicity of form.

    Living room in this style implies the presence of a home theater.

    High-tech is a discreet gloss that does not allow anything extra in interior design.

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    Modern: the main nuances

    Modern is one of the most modern trends in interior design. This is a good choice for democratic housing and those who are not used to limit themselves to anything.The perfect combination of practicality and functionality makes this style popular not only for decorating apartments, but also for large country houses.

    Art Nouveau

    Character traits
    • The presence of bright lighting - it seems that the light penetrates into every corner of the living room.
    • Using a multi-level ceiling, as well as podiums.
    • A great combination of luxury and elegant simplicity.
    • Simultaneous use of modern high-quality materials and new equipment.
    • Bright accents in the design is not allowed more than two.

    Modern - one of the most modern trends in interior design

    For the decoration of the walls, as a rule, use a neutral color scheme. Parquet or laminate of light colors is used for the floor. A prerequisite for the living room in modern style is the use of modern materials such as:

    • leather;
    • glass;
    • metal surfaces.

    Accessories in this style should be the minimum number, but indoor plants are welcome. And the more unusual they are, the better.

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    Scandinavian style: simple and elegant

    If I had a luxury country house, I would like to equip the living room in it in the Scandinavian style. Exquisite simplicity, discreet luxury and elegance, a lot of light and a minimum of colors - all this includes a design solution for lovers of the cold Scandinavia. This is an option for those who want a lot of light and bright colors in the design.

    Scandinavian style

    The walls of the living room in the Scandinavian style should be just perfectly smooth, they look best when painted white. The floors are wooden and covered with white paint; laminate can also be used as a floor covering.

    Lighting in the living room, made in the Scandinavian style, is represented by numerous sources:

    • chandelier;
    • point light sources;
    • floor lamps placed in the corners of the room.

    The emphasis here is on textiles of bright colors, in favor of natural fabrics:

    • linen;
    • cotton;
    • satin.

    Refined simplicity, discreet luxury and elegance

    Furniture purchased for the living room should be made of wood and have simple forms. The required elements of the interior of the living room in the Scandinavian style are a small coffee table and a huge sofa where you can sit down all the guests and relax with your family.

    Some might say that the Scandinavian style is too cold and uncomfortable. But I want to argue with this opinion: it looks simple and elegant, and bright textiles and the presence of a fireplace make it cozy.

    The walls of the living room in the Scandinavian style should be perfectly smooth.

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    Art Deco for connoisseurs of luxury

    If you prefer luxury in everything and have an excellent taste, then I think that you will want to have a chic art-deco living room. The interior design, sustained in this style, will please even the most capricious aesthetes. Here, the amazing luxury of the East is perfectly combined with the classics of Greek art, complemented by all this bright solutions, as well as overly bold elements.

    Art Deco

    Style features
    • The presence of expensive and conspicuous accessories and works of art (genuine, what we are talking about).
    • The predominance of a wide range of ethnic elements and symbols of the sun.
    • An abundance of straight and curved lines, the presence of angles and complex geometric shapes.
    • Use of contrasting elements.
    • The predominance of calm colors.

    The luxury of the East blends in perfectly with the classics of Greek art.

    The most popular for art deco are the following colors:

    • white;
    • the black;
    • silver;
    • beige;
    • Gray;
    • chocolate.

    The floor and walls are decorated in neutral colors, while the contrast is created by bright decorative elements. The most suitable option for finishing the floor is parquet or marble, colors range from snow-white to dark brown.

    This style should have eye-catching accessories and artwork.

    As for the walls, there is an acceptable option is to paint in white color or pasting with light wallpaper.

    The decor in the form of:

    • zigzags;
    • semicircles;
    • triangles.

    The ceiling can be both smooth and embossed, multi-level ceilings are widely used in the art deco living room.

    As a source of illumination, a glass lamp with chrome elements will look great. The main piece of furniture is a sofa, it can be made of natural leather or classic fabric, it does not play a decisive role.

    Most importantly, the furniture looked expensive and luxurious.

    There should also be a table (dimensions - at your discretion) made of wood or glass. Perfectly fit into the living room furnishings home theater, preferably black.

    Floor and wall finishes in neutral colors.

    An integral attribute are heavy curtains of velvet or satin, pillows with embroidery look good. A luxurious light carpet will help to complement the atmosphere of all-consuming comfort.

    If you want the living room to have a luxury of decoration, then Art Deco will be a suitable option for you.

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    English style: solidity and nobility

    Strictness and elegance - these are two components of the English style in interior design. But at the same time, this style implies a large number of pieces of furniture and decorative elements. High ceilings and excellent lighting - the essential attributes of the English living room.

    English style

    Expensive and reserved - this is how in a nutshell it is possible to characterize the interior design, made in this style. Solidity and nobility includes the magnificent decoration of English living rooms. In a room like this, it’s good to sit over a cup of tea in rainy, rainy weather, or to talk about abstract topics with friends.

    Severity and elegance - the main elements of the English style

    It is characterized by luxurious chandeliers and lamps in the shape of candles, which make the decoration of the room as refined as possible.

    Preference is given to saturated and warm colors: in favor, the following colors:

    • gold;
    • bronze;
    • dark green;
    • emerald;
    • terracotta;
    • red;
    • burgundy;
    • brown.

    Expensive and reserved - the main components of the style.

    Wall decoration can be made in the form of:

    • wood panels;
    • wallpaper;
    • paints.

    At the same time, it is recommended to avoid motley and too bright colors.

    The emphasis is on wooden furniture from expensive woods, a must-have attribute of this style is the presence of a fireplace.

    Windows should be as large as possible, since the focus is on natural light. And when the windows are closed with heavy curtains, sources of artificial lighting come to the rescue.

    Use expensive wooden furniture.