230+ Photo Interior Ideas 1st (one-room) Apartments of 40 sq.m. Simple and stylish modern design


A one-room apartment of 40m2 is a spacious option by city standards, where apartments are built, with a total area of ​​8m2. But we will correctly furnish housing to get some advantages.

When you have a tiny apartment, it is important to use all the space that you have, as far as possible. There should be no inefficient zones, and you should use all aspects of design and design to your advantage.

Make sure every detail is thought out. In this post you will see how to use your space so that even 1 cm2, which would not be useful, is not wasted. Starting from the living room, kitchen and dining area, and then in the bedrooms, bathroom and storage rooms, we will look at the choice of furniture, decorations and all the important elements to get a sense of space.

Content of this article:

  • 10 furniture design tips
  • Set a budget
  • Measure everything
  • For each room its time
  • Think about the whole picture
  • Ask a second opinion
  • Choose multipurpose furniture
  • Think before buying
  • Add a light carpet
  • Consider movement
  • be patient
  • 10 ideas for a spacious design of a small apartment
  • Mezzanine
  • Simple furniture
  • Small dining room
  • Storage cylinders
  • Children bedroom
  • Minimalist office
  • Bathroom potential
  • Relevant dressing room
  • Optimal storage
  • The sofa can be bulky
  • 4 layouts for a living room of 40 m2
  • Traditional furniture layout
  • Layout with extra seating
  • Dining + living area
  • Open concept, furniture layout for children
  • Tricks for studio apartments
  • Converting an apartment to a studio
  • How to create comfort on 40 m2?
  • Use color
  • Use glass for zoning
  • 3 miniature small-size designs
  • Smart storage lessons
  • 10 furniture design tips
  • 10 ideas for a spacious design of a small apartment
  • 4 layouts for a living room of 40 m2
  • Tricks for studio apartments
  • How to create comfort on 40 m2?
  • 3 miniature small-size designs
  • Smart storage lessons
  • 10 furniture design tips

    Passing through Ikea (or another favorite interior design store), it is so easy to fall in love with the spacious luxury sections. After all, who doesn't like to bask on a comfortable sofa at the end of a long day?

    However, if you move to a small apartment, it will be better to abandon the overall furniture and choose a slightly smaller sofa instead. Here are some tips to help you save money and buy furniture that looks spectacular in your small apartment.

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    Set a budget

    Everyone wants their apartment to look profitable, so you can easily overspend a bit when housing is arranged. That is why you first need to establish a budget: even before you start looking for furniture.

    Properly form your budget

    Find out what amount of expenses is permissible for each room. This limit will help reduce the search for a sofa, table, etc., which will be in the desired range. Keep in mind that if you buy a sofa that is lower than the budget, you can choose other more interesting items, such as a carpet or a coffee table.

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    Measure everything

    BoardNever buy anything for your apartment without first measuring the area.

    Eye evaluation does not work here either. If you plan to install a sofa against the wall in the living room, measure the length of the wall. This way you can find out how much space you have left.

    Measure all interior elements

    For example, if you have more space, you may be able to add a side table at the end of the sofa.Do not forget to measure the size of the apartment doors.. Do not repeat my mistakes: I forgot to do this, and trying to bring my sofa through the door was like trying to squeeze a watermelon through a keyhole.

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    For each room its time

    Attempting to furnish all the rooms at the same time can be completely insurmountable, so you must take up the space separately. Start with the living room, find out what you need and why you have a place.When everything has been measured and purchased, then you can go to the next room.

    Apartment zoning option

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    Think about the whole picture

    When I furnished my apartment, I simply stopped at achieving individual interior fragments: for example, first a sofa, then a coffee table, then a TV stand, etc. However, I did not think about how all these elements would fit together. As a result, I had a glossy black coffee table with an old wooden TV stand and a light leather sofa - not quite what a good designer would have developed.

    Think over the final picture in advance.

    Therefore, I advise you to consider how all these individual elements will look together.

    Determine the style that you like, be it modern, vintage or country, and look for furniture that matches this particular design. Return to menu

    Ask a second opinion

    Even if you live separately, it may be useful to get a second opinion about the main furniture that you have chosen, for example, about a sofa and a coffee table. I would have my mother for a second opinion. She is never afraid to tell me what is bad and what will look good.

    Stylish, small apartment

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    Choose multipurpose furniture

    Instead of buying a couch or ottoman, look for items that have more than one function. For example, find a sofa with a pull out bed. This feature is always useful for guests and hosts.

    Choose functional furniture

    Find ottomans that open for storage. Padded stools - a convenient place to store remote control magazines for TV and other small items that easily clutter up the coffee table.

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    Think before buying

    You do not have to go to furniture stores just as you go shopping for clothes. Deciding on a pair of pants or a shirt is less important. But when you buy a sofa or coffee table, without thinking about it, you may have trouble.

    Minimalist style

    Instead of buying furniture at once, “sleep with” it. You can wake up the next day and realize that you do not want that.

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    Add a light carpet

    Believe it or not, but by adding a light rug to the living room floor, you can instantly help the apartment feel more spacious. In addition, carpets can add a little heat to the floor and increase comfort in space.Choose a carpet that matches your sofa and coffee table.

    A rug will make the room visually more spacious.

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    Consider movement

    Make sure you arrange the furniture so that you and your guests can comfortably move around the room. And so as not to have to climb over your coffee table to get to the kitchen.

    Stylish and multifunctional option

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    be patient

    The layout of the furniture in your apartment takes time, and although you want this to happen, this will not happen.Give yourself time to get settled, and your apartment will eventually look the way you want it.

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    10 ideas for a spacious design of a small apartment

    It seems unlikely that anyone can live comfortably with an area of ​​only 40 square meters, especially in a family. Using expert advice, let us however try to embody some ideas on how you can combine design, style and decor to make it tasteful.

    Try not to litter the space of such an apartment

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    Make the second floor in your apartment for a bed or storage. Choose a ladder without supports so that its parts do not take up space. Under the stairs you can place a podium with drawers for additional storage, install a TV on the podium, make a seat with cushions on it or place an ornament on it.

    The second floor in his apartment for a bed or storage

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    Simple furniture

    You should use a minimum to avoid congestion. A good, comfortable design is easily combined with a temperate in a modern style and perfectly decorates a room.

    It is necessary to create a feeling of space in a compact living room with the help of appropriate colors.

    Light and neutral colors make the room or space bigger than it actually is, but using brighter colors can also make it interesting. No need to create negative space using dark and heavy colors.

    Use minimum to avoid congestion.

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    Small dining room

    A small house can also have a modern dining room, if you use the appropriate furniture, the appropriate room size and color. A good place in a family house of 40 m2 has a minimalist glass table and the accompanying chairs, which will become a dining room, complemented by a beautiful lamp that illuminates the room well.

    In a small free space, available in the corner, you can place a small sofa and furniture for storing cutlery. Simplicity guarantees a modern look in any small apartment.

    Small dining area

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    Storage cylinders

    In modern apartment design, bottles are used that can be a source of congestion or clutter if not properly stored.

    Therefore, in order to effectively store all the bottles in one place, choose a cylindrical form of vertical storage that can play a double role: a bar that provides efficient storage of bottles in a small corner of the house.

    Use similar storage boxes.

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    Children bedroom

    Children's room often requires enough space for beds, cabinets, dressers and various tools to promote the development of young children. However, the space available in a small apartment does not always allow to accommodate these amenities.

    If you do not plan on placing each item in the room, you will very quickly create a mess that will be difficult to fix later.Functional walls with beds at the top allow children to use the space, avoiding congestion that disrupt the energy consumption in the room.

    Option for a children's corner

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    Minimalist office

    If you plan well, you can enjoy even the small space available to create a home office. Use the ledges to find extra space. They may not look like places suitable for furniture, but various options with folding and mobile furniture may be useful.

    However, such a plan makes you think about every necessary element in the office. Everything else must be removed so as not to create confusion.

    Use tabs to find extra space to create a small office.

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    Bathroom potential

    The original and simple bathroom, which does not take up too much space, is best suited for 40m2. Space optimization can be achieved in the bathroom due to the right combination of elements.

    However, be careful, the bathroom can be quite a complex area that requires a rational layout to use all the corners.

    If everything is done correctly, you can achieve a much more spacious bathroom than it really is. The trick is to use every part of the available space to do everything possible. Much more can be squeezed into the same space, if the entire area is optimally planned.Place all the elements as a puzzle to fully utilize every corner.

    Space optimization can be achieved in the bathroom thanks to the right combination of elements.

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    Relevant dressing room

    It is important to emphasize that the dressing room we choose should be minimalist in order to make better use of the space. Its installation should take into account a very small area of ​​the house, which is offered within 40 m2.Ideally, it should be small enough to fill the space, but still roomy enough to be the main place for things.

    Minimalist dressing room

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    Optimal storage

    Storage is a problem in any house, large or small, but in the latter case it is felt much more abundantly. In the house with an area of ​​40 m2, the storage problem should be taken seriously, here you need to find a place to store books, CDs and other items. Optimal storage ideally should play the role of a bodyguard to protect your apartment from confusion and congestion.

    Make rational use of storage space

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    The sofa can be bulky

    Modern living room should not be limited to a large house. Naturally, you can not fit a large, classic or overall L-shaped sofa in a modest living room. However, the stylish lounge can easily be incorporated into a small apartment using a compact sofa.

    The living room options for a small apartment are below.

    L-shaped sofa in a modest living room

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    4 layouts for a living room of 40 m2

    Moving to a new apartment, a new solution for space, or finding the best solution for a living room - there are four options for planning a living room that I want to share.

    Each plan can be used for a small-sized room - a rectangular space of 3 x 4 m. In the same setting, each plan of the room has a specific goal, choose the most suitable for you.

    A cozy plan for a small apartment

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    Traditional furniture layout

    Design the layout in a traditional format. The furniture includes an appropriately sized sofa bed, an easy chair, a coffee table, a basic table and a TV stand. Secure your space with a large rug, for example, a 2.5 by 3 m carpet. If you have a TV, find the best place to watch from all sides and start your design by placing the TV.

    Then place your biggest piece of furniture - usually a sofa - right in front of the TV. Set up support furniture, such as a chair and tables, around the sofa, as shown.

    Design the layout in a traditional format.

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    Layout with extra seating

    Do you need a layout that gives you extra seating? This design makes a twist in the traditional layout, but gives you extra seating if you need to fit people. Instead of the usual sofa, add a small “L-shaped” sectional sofa to the room with two armchairs.

    Choose seats without armrests to give extra space without extra volume. You may not have room for a side / end table due to a larger sectional sofa, but you can compensate for this by placing a large coffee table from which each seat can access from anywhere in the zone.

    Option competent apartment layout

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    Dining + living area

    In many residential complexes there is no separate dining room (large kitchen) and living room, and a small apartment is designed as a studio. Therefore, you may need to plan the placement of the dining room and living room in the same room. This layout will help.

    Start by pinning each individual zone with a separate mat. In the sketch layout, I used a round rug and placed a round table above it to create a comfortable round dining room. On the other side of the room, I added a smaller rectangular rug along with a suitable size sofa, coffee table and TV that hangs on the wall.

    BoardHanging the TV to the wall is the maximum space saving. If you can't do this, place the TV on the thinnest TV cabinet you can find to optimize the new space.


    Placement of the dining room and living room in the same room

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    Open concept, furniture layout for children

    If you have small children, then you need to maximize the space you need for them. Children's toys take up so much space! Such an open concept certainly maximizes the potential of your small living room. Place the sectional sofa in the corner of the room (even if it stands in front of a window similar to this arrangement), and then place two small chairs in the far side of the room.

    The TV here is mounted on the wall behind two chairs. To watch TV, simply expand the chair to it. When the TV is not used, the chairs are rotated to a sectional sofa and coffee table for optimal communication.

    Open concept, maximizes the potential of your small living room

    These four furniture placement ideas help advance the four space planning tasks, including the traditional format, the layout with extra seating, the combination of dining and living space and the concept of an open room. Choose one of them that fits the goals of your small apartment or helps to develop the best furniture layout for the space.

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    Tricks for studio apartments

    Large windows provide plenty of natural light.

    There are some tricks to consider when planning a studio apartment:

    • High ceilings resist the feeling of constraint. They open up micro apartments and create the illusion of more space.
    • Loft-style studios automatically fall into the ideal category with high ceilings, so consider this design as the main one for your studio.
    • Large windows provide plenty of natural light and, as a rule, visually expand the size of studio apartments.

    Option for a studio apartment

    Before you decide on the layout in the form of a studio, think about reality in such a space - there are no walls separating the kitchen, bedroom and work space, as in a standard apartment. However, by minimizing the walls, you increase the area. Ultimately, the studio is a mixed use space that unites all parts of your life.

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    Converting an apartment to a studio

    You can come to life in a one-room apartment with two different moods. On the one hand, the reduction of space means a decrease in status. But if you look from the other side, you will see a complete update and the ability to completely customize your environment to fit your life.Use the latest point of view to optimize your life.

    Transform one room into a multifunctional space.

    Living in a one-room apartment, as in other tiny houses, is a strategic organization of the plan and the decoration of the room in order to make the most of the space. Transform one room into a multifunctional space, highlighting its individual parts for specific activities. For example, if you work from home, place your desk in a corner and wall it with a bookshelf to share it with the sleeping area. Partitions also help plan a one-room apartment and are possible in various forms, such as folding walls or hanging curtains that offer a free atmosphere.

    Recreation area combined with work area

    Interior design has a huge impact on the creation of high-grade housing from a small apartment. Organize the space with the idea: make a place for fine art in the living room area above the sofa or leave a chair doors and a shoe rack so that you and guests have a place to put on and take off your shoes.

    Partitions help in planning a one-room apartment

    Transform a one-room apartment with your own imagination and ideas about the ideal room, but do not forget to be inspired by these examples of thoughtful interior. Look for the right features, consider the benefits, think about the details when installing, and you will find yourself in a truly personalized residential area.

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    How to create comfort on 40 m2?

    You do not need a large space to express yourself and create an interior design. A small apartment can be very convenient if you use these tips.

    Color is the best way to zoning

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    Use color

    First of all, start with color, as this is the best way to zoning. Use color to improve your place. It's really great when one color can be found in different parts of the room, but in different proportions, don't be afraid to experiment.

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    Use glass for zoning

    Glass does not absorb space, and this is the main thing we want to achieve - maximum open space. Therefore, feel free to use glass partitions in your layout to achieve effective zoning.

    Moreover, glass can visually increase the space (and this applies not only to mirrors), in addition to its functionality. Such an interior will look flexible and functional, really save, will look beautiful and comfortable.

    Look also at the decisions of professional designers who are also actively using color and glass zoning.

    Glass does not absorb space

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    3 miniature small-size designs

    Since more and more people are adjacent to the convenience and culture of city life, it is not surprising that we began to appreciate design that is able to use space efficiently. Look at the three miniature interior from the visualizer Konstantin Entalecev. Each of them has dimensions of less than 40m2, but still allows you to include stunning design elements and beautiful living spaces.

    The work of the visualizer Konstantin Entaleceva

    This apartment of 32 m2 uses internal glass walls to create a bedroom that does not make the house visually smaller. A small dining area with mid-century patchwork chairs suitable for one or two guests.

    The use of neutral colors that extend into the narrow kitchen makes the space more open and calm, despite the lack of additional space. Even the smallest bathroom looks luxurious when it is decorated with white marble.

    A small shower cubicle is a solution for hygiene without taking up extra space.

    Use neutral colors

    This next apartment actually uses the same plan as the first, but with some stylistic differences. We can see here some of the more classic elements that include a crystal chandelier and soft dining chairs.

    The purple floor lamp is visible even from the kitchen, bringing a bit of brightness and singularity to the overall low-key atmosphere. The tiled bathroom is not so decadent, but it was possible to place the washing machine under the countertop, which is quite convenient in an apartment of this size.

    The third apartment measures 35 m2 and contains a different accommodation plan.

    Floor lamp will bring a little brightness and unusual

    Here the narrowest room is the living room, in which, however, there is enough space for a comfortable sofa. Instead of using precious meters for a separate dining area, this design uses a small breakfast bar that doubles to the kitchen area.

    The bedroom is small, but large windows do not allow it to feel too closed. The rack performs a dual function: as a headboard and storage, which adds interest and some useful storage.

    Loft style

    In the bathroom, reflective surfaces are always mandatory, but here, in particular, they save space from constraint.

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    Smart storage lessons

    We will learn how to store things carefully and the secrets you need to use if your apartment contains only 40m2.

    Small footage can fully function, if you organize the space to the maximum potential for storage. As soon as you go into "storage mode", you will see that your room has an equally useful storage area as spacious houses with a larger area:

    • Spacious ottomans hide many useful things in themselves. In addition, they still serve as a seat when necessary.

    High shelf for storing books and other small decorative items

    • City life needs bikes more and more. A bicycle can become an element of interior decoration, decorating a wall, and does not occupy a valuable place.
    • Place storage of bath accessories, including towels, in the bathroom. Many bathrooms have unused space that can be maximized by adding a part that has both open and closed storage areas. 30-40 cm square will not limit the room, in which usually there is only one person at a time, and additional storage.

    A bicycle can be an element of interior decoration.

    • Replace the dressing room door curtains. A standard wardrobe door eats up a lot of space and does not allow pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, to fit in a suitable place. Using the curtain, you will make this zone more mobile.
    • Consider the possibilities of decorative storage. If you like books, you know that finding a place for all your favorite volumes can be a problem. Fortunately, the books are also amazingly good. With a little styling, a shelf or a pair of books can add new visual interest to previously unused space.

    Excellent distribution of small space

    Summing up it is important to note that the layout of the furniture in the apartment should always be thought out. The rise in price of housing and the increase in population do not allow us to use the residential zone in a measured and inefficient manner.

    A small cubature allows for self-expression through thoughtful design.

    I see the main trend of the future as the multifunctionality of each piece of furniture. Therefore, I advise you to choose any piece of furniture, based not only on his aesthetic data, but also taking into account the “second role” he can play.