Violet cuisine: a fascinating spirit or aura of peace? 170+ (Photos) for impeccable interior design


To decorate the kitchen in purple colors, not everyone dares. His mysteriousness fascinates and sometimes even scares. The underlying mixture of blue and red fills shades with power, and belonging to a cold range does not have to romance. However, this option is possible decor. And to derive maximum pleasure from it is real. The main thing is to choose the right shades, make a composition. Learn about the most beautiful color combinations and their accessory accessories further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Starting from the walls and ceiling
  • Wallpaper
  • Purple with white
  • Black and purple
  • Beige purple
  • Curtains
  • What style to use?
  • Corner
  • Small kitchen
  • VIDEO: How does purple change the interior of a kitchen?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Starting from the walls and ceiling
  • Purple with white
  • Black and purple
  • Beige purple
  • Curtains
  • Corner
  • Small kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Starting from the walls and ceiling

    Walls, ceiling, floor - this is the basis for any indoor decor. And not only because they are visible everywhere. But also because any piece of furniture is estimated on their background.

    Shades in one kitchen can be many

    With the floor easier. Requirements for its quality are assessed from the standpoint of hygiene, sanitation and heat. It is more often laid, and if not, it is made of linoleum or wood-like slabs. True, the most meticulous owners try to fit its dominant color into the overall color scheme.

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    Walls - an element of serious and revealing. At the same time, the practicality position dictates that they should be made from a special tile that meets all the requirements for rooms with high humidity and air temperature (at the time of cooking).

    To pick up a beautiful tile in violet colors today is easy. But will the room benefit from it? She will be neat, but cold and strict.

    There are many materials for wall decoration.

    Better - wallpaper of any of the existing shades. Perhaps it will result in an aesthetic floral extravaganza: a soft lavender background with purple accents or a rich violet with amaranth strokes. Fuchsia relevant today, if suitable, for large rooms and in small quantities.

    A large picture will make the room or office less voluminous, the cross strips "steal" the height. For average kitchens, small, chaotically scattered bouquets, multi-shaped peas or longitudinal narrow stripes of shades that smoothly merge into each other are organic.

    Not always the wallpaper will look advantageous in the kitchen

    Ceiling - often several tones lighter than walls. From the colors of violets it is easy to do. For kitchens made in violet-white combinations, let's say pure white. However, more effectively soften the strict nature of the room milk top.

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    Purple with white

    Violet can not be called calm and neutral. Almost all his shades have a fascinating effect. The classic shade can cause feelings and anxiety, have a strong impact on the nervous system.. Therefore, it is better to achieve positive physiological effects by combining it with other colors, for example, white.

    The classic combination of purple and white

    Diluting dark purple hues with the lightest and lightest color — white — is beneficial on both sides. White ceases to be sterile and "empty", and the mixture of blue and red becomes light and brightens. Furniture sets that combine these two colors never go unnoticed.. They are the main emphasis of the kitchen.

    Such a composition can be supplemented with a tile over the sink, made in a geometric style, or cambric white curtains, it is possible with a fringe.

    Of the white objects that are in harmony with this color scheme of the kitchen, you can call a stove, a sink (for example, a faience), a refrigerator and others.

    Beautiful design with glossy facades

    Do not forget about good white tablecloths today. Their presence at the dinner table gives the usual breakfast or dinner a festive atmosphere, making it solemn, kind, very sincere.

    The tablecloth can be embroidered with a dim dim purple thread, decorate with a merezhka. In tone to her - napkins of the same shade. It seems a trifle, and the completion of the design idea is perfect.

    Don't forget about tablecloths to match

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    Black and purple

    A special conversation about the combination in the design of black and purple kitchens. It is definitely stylish and extraordinary. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Organic combination can be achieved using:

    • light violet;
    • purple;
    • amaranth

    The harmonious combination of purple and black

    In this case, the black original will emphasize the expressiveness of colored surfaces, make them extravagant. It is very beautiful when the black parts are complemented with carved handles, mosaic inserts, smooth engravings.

    However, this combination obliges to think about:

    • the shape and size of the curtains;
    • lighting design;
    • appropriate style of stove, as well as other electrical appliances.

    Curtains dilute the dark duo

    This is due to the fact that black visually reduces space. Long light light curtains will be able to compensate for this action.

    There will be no kitchen, executed in black and purple, and light. Therefore - maximum attention to lighting, not only central, but also in work areas.

    BoardYou should not pick up a black car wash in such a design. It will turn out gloomily, inexpressively. It is better to stay on the stainless version, in which tone to pick up a refrigerator, microwave.

    Technique not necessarily pick up black

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    Beige purple

    Naturam more soft and romantic like a beige-lilac combination. A sort of blue-red coldness multiplied by the natural warmth of white-brown. Whatever we choose - beige walls and violet furniture or vice versa - both options look harmonious, stylish. True, the emphasis in these options will be different. Therefore, the selection of decor - a delicate matter.

    BoardYou should not chase mono or dichromic in the interior, limiting yourself to one or two colors. In this combination, you can find a place for table silver (vases, napkin holders) or diversify with colored kitchen towels, podmfrivkami, aprons.

    The kitchen in beige and purple colors looks romantic and soft. She has to communicate, soothes, adjusts to a positive. It is easy to breathe here, as if the scent of violets is in the air. The sound is heard slightly muffled, and fantasy flies away.

    Organic supplement will be watches with beige or purple dial. Standing on a shelf or hanging on the central wall, they will complement the ensemble with their cozy counting of seconds.

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    Purple curtains can be used for kitchen windows, not only with identical colors and furnishings wallpaper. On the contrary, in this case it is necessary to carefully reconsider the compatibility of shades. Not all of them harmoniously complement each other. For example, fuchsia is lost on the background of the classic lilac.

    Roman striped curtain on black and purple kitchen

    Another thing is when against the background of furniture in the color of natural wood, the curtains (or curtains) in violet are easily and gracefully swaying. Their reflection - the original chandelier, which combines the same transparent drops of glass.

    For violet curtains, it is advisable to pick up small harmonious details of the interior:

    • vases;
    • decorative plates;
    • tea accessories;
    • tablecloth on the dining table;
    • glass on kitchen cabinets, other.

    It will turn out gently, easily, aesthetically.

    We focus on and determine the style direction

    A separate conversation - about the curtains at the entrance to the kitchen. Many consider them a symbol of comfort and do not want to deviate from their views. For such cases, designers provide for special styles, always equipped with grabs and in harmony with the window curtains. Unlike window curtains, the purple fabric on the doors must be dominant. This option will not contradict the general color ensemble.

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    What style to use?

    Despite its mysteriousness, for many romantic natures, lilac is soft and gentle. Therefore, frills, ruffles, folds and assemblies - quite an acceptable option. They will give lightness and airiness, make the design of the kitchen sophisticated, slightly dreamy.

    The style is the most diverse, everyone will like

    Curtains can be:

    • short (on the upper third of the window);
    • medium (up to the window sill);
    • long (to the floor).

    Large kitchens allow you to decorate windows with curtains (light light-colored tulle) and durable heavy curtains (for light and noise protection), as well as a special evening design.

    Violet color in the curtains can play the main and additional. In both cases, it is expressive and gorgeous. Against such a background, white peas or small flowers are organic. The contours of the hearts, the outlines of birds, figure-drawn letters are relevant today.

    As an additional purple decoration curtains original geometric shapes, fringe, curtain holders.

    Perhaps the use of lambrequins, which combine two or more shades of purple. For the easy part fit organza, chiffon, curtain fabric. The second part can be made of mesh or pressed silk. The length of the pelmets is also not standardized.. Its main dependence is on the height of the room. Not very high kitchens it is not advisable to complement the curtains to the floor.

    Only for refined interiors

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    Actual today kitchen sets, installed in one (or two adjacent) corners. In this case, it is easy to conduct zoning of the kitchen area, for example, to the cooking zone and the place for its reception. Such models will also be in demand in studio apartments, where a separate room for the kitchen is not allocated.

    Choosing a corner kitchen of purple color, you need to be careful that it visually "does not get lost." The dark shade of the main background can be diluted as follows:

    • choose a model with glass or mirrors;
    • concentrate bright light over it;
    • pick up the tabletop in bright colors, perhaps from natural stone;
    • decorate shelves and other work surfaces with white, shiny design elements, embroidered towels.

    Dark shade can be diluted with many elements.

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    Small kitchen

    It is especially difficult to achieve harmony in a small kitchen of this color. This is due to the feature of dark shades to absorb space. Therefore, we follow a number of rules:

    • choose light shades of purple;
    • furniture we select not too voluminous and numerous;
    • We look at the compatibility of cabinets, dining furniture (if it does not fit together, this will be especially noticeable in a small kitchen);
    • "we leave" from the purple walls and the more ceilings. We make them light, soft, warm;
    • zoning the territory as much as possible, for example, above the dinner table, we arrange local lighting;
    • we decorate window sills with small pots with flowers (if it is impossible to dilute living violets, you can purchase neat vases with artificial ones).

    Visually expand the space

    Small kitchens have a very valuable quality: everyone who is here is literally close to each other. Soft violet gamma will help mutual understanding, calm the conflict, arrange for spiritual communication.

    It's no wonder psychologists attribute a sedative effect to such color. HThe nervous system does not remain indifferent to it.Summarizing the material, it becomes clear that the blue and red color in the kitchen is ambiguous and responsible.

    Can be made in muted purple tones

    BoardIt is advisable not to install high dark lilac cabinets in small kitchens and lift wall cabinets to the ceiling itself. Of these, not only inconvenient to get the right items. They look particularly dark and gloomy above.

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    VIDEO: How does purple change the interior of a kitchen?