Barbecue area in the country: How to equip a platform with a gazebo, barbecue and grill? (180+ Photos)


Barbecue in the country - the reason why many people, especially young people, generally go out of town. Kebabs, pleasant company, nature practically guarantee that time will be spent nicely and with some benefit. Many have a simple portable brazier installed in a more or less free corner of the site. Others approach the issue with great perfectionism and arrange a real barbecue site. Find out how to do it better in more detail later in the article.

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  • Arrangement
  • Outdoor area
  • Closed
  • Universal
  • Patio
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  • Work area - hearth
  • Dining area - furniture
  • Finishing and decoration
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  • Arrangement
  • Location
  • Finishing and decoration
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Arrangement

    There are different approaches to the arrangement of the site. First of all, it can be open. This method of arrangement implies that you are going to come to the cottage only in summer, and your friends do not have the opportunity to get out on barbecues too often.

    Barbecue is the perfect decoration at the cottage

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    Outdoor area

    Open area easy to equip, and even easier to dismantle. It includes:

    • Canopy. Instead of walls with a roof at the open area, a simple awning stretched over the dining area. Often it resembles a tent - you put pegs in and put a tarp on them. Easy to dismantle, the price is low.
    • Work zone. It includes a portable grill or grill - you can cook on it any not too complicated dishes, fry meat, warm up the sausages bought at the store. He will not suffer from the rain, in the winter it can be carried into the room. Plus, it has a low price and, if anything, it is easy to replace.
    • Dinner Zone. Table and chairs around it - nothing more is needed. In winter, again, they can be carried into the room, and the cold and rain will not harm them if you choose the material well.

    We equip to taste and convenience

    If you pick up colors, even an open area will look good.

    BoardIf you have a limited budget - or if you don’t see the need to spend money - an open design will suit you best. Return to the menu


    In fact, this is the exact opposite of an open structure - building is expensive, relatively long, but the result will be reliable and beautiful, looking more like a separate building than a platform.

    Closed barbecue build more expensive

    Enter it:

    • Arbor. She has a wall with a roof, she looks like a small house and perfectly protects not only from rain, but also from cold. Building it can be expensive, but you can use it in the winter if you want to relax in nature.
    • Work zone. Barbecue or grill - too simple, it makes no sense to put a gazebo for them. But the real hearth, stove or tandoor is more serious. They can cook not only meat, but also more complex dishes. If you have a desire, you can even bake bread.
    • Dinner Zone. It can be decorated beautifully, with taste and without restrictions on materials. After all, inside a closed gazebo, they do not need to withstand temperature drops, high humidity, harsh street conditions.

    The arbor is small, but the most necessary is placed

    BoardClosed construction only makes sense if your cottage is suitable for wintering - and only if you are ready to ride it in the winter. In other cases, spending is not too justified. Return to menu ↑


    On such a site, you can assemble both in summer and in the offseason - and even in winter, if you are ready to put more or less durable partitions.

    Convenient to use at any time of year.

    It includes:

    • Arbor. But if a closed structure has stationary walls in it, then in a universal construction it consists of pillars supporting the roof. On hot summer days, the space between the pillars remains open, so that a cool breeze will flow in. But in the fall or in rainy weather it is covered with either wooden panels, or a metal grill, or cloth.
    • Work zone. In it you can put a grill or grill, and you can have a real oven or an open hearth, depending on your tastes. Universal site justifies its name in this matter.
    • Dinner Zone. It is advisable to choose materials that carry moisture and temperature drops, but you can buy something more expensive, just close the gazebo for the night.

    Universal playground

    BoardA universal solution is well suited, if you cannot predict what your schedule will be like - until you are in the country house, she will wait in the closed state, but if you come, it will be easy to change. Return to the menu


    It is not too common, but also has advantages. It includes:

    • Arbor. As a rule, it has a roof and pillars supporting it - and one of the walls is replaced by the walls of a house or one of its outbuildings. This ensures greater reliability, plus it is easier to protect yourself from the wind. In addition, the presence of the wall allows you to experiment with the design.
    • Working and dining areas. Fully universal - but usually the worker is taken out of the patio. Not so much for practical reasons as for aesthetics.

    You can experiment with design.

    BoardChoose a patio if there is a suitable free playground near the house.

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    Regardless of which arrangement you liked more, you need to find a place for the site that meets certain criteria:

    • Distance from home. If we are not talking about a patio where everything is clear, problems may arise with distance. On the one hand, it should not be small - otherwise, as soon as you have gathered guests, smoke can go into the house. On the other hand, it should not be large - otherwise you will be tortured by bringing food from the refrigerator and carrying away the dirty dishes. In general, it is better if it is more than less - you will not do anything with smoke, but guests will help with carrying things.
    • Security. Regardless of what you will have - whether the hearth, the brazier, the real oven - there is a risk of fire. That is why the site is usually cobbled with tiles that do not burn, and are placed away from everything that can catch fire — from wooden fences, trees, bushes, and playgrounds.

    Try not to place close to the house so that the smoke does not interfere

    • Water. To carry water to the site separately is expensive and time consuming. It is much easier to arrange it so that the water source does not have to go too far.
    • Wind. If you have some idea of ​​what kind of wind blows in your country house most often, you need to have a platform so that the smoke from it does not carry towards the house, the place where children play, and generally towards people.
    • Relief. It is difficult to lay tiles on an uneven surface - most likely, it will be necessary to level it additionally, and these are forces, time, perhaps, the help of workers. Therefore, it is better to immediately choose a place that does not need it.

    Great place for patio

    Well, if you manage to place the platform somewhere far away from the main entrance to the site - it will allow you to feel some privacy, which is always nice.

    BoardBe sure to imagine whether it will be possible to lay a path to the barbecue. Otherwise it may be inconvenient to get to him.

    Take care to arrange everything comfortably.

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    Work area - hearth

    The heart of any barbecue site is, in fact, the place where food will be cooked. You can limit the classic grill, and you can choose something more exotic - There are several solutions:

    • Mangal. A classic that will never become obsolete. The price is low, reliability rolls over. It is a box of metal with legs. On the sides of the holes, which provide ventilation, on top of the edge of the recess for skewers. A wood is laid in the brazier, it burns to coal, the meat strung on skewers is fried from above. No culinary delights are not expected, but will not suffer from the rain, survive the winter and perfectly serve for several decades.
    • Grill. Somewhat more original - at first glance it looks most like a griddle, which was placed on legs, equipped with a lid and put on the street. At the bottom of the grill there is a space for coal, a grill is mounted above them. Kebabs on it do not fry, but it is very convenient to smoke fish, meat or fry sausages for hot dogs. There is also a combined construction - a grid for a brazier, which allows to turn it into a kind of grill.

    Brazier - the eternal and ageless classics for any villa

    • Garden stove. A good idea for a patio, because it is equipped with a chimney, which means that the smoke during cooking will not get into the house. It is not intended for kebabs, you can cook in it only in dishes - but you can try a variety of stews, cereals, cakes and similar culinary wonders.
    • Open hearth. It is a fireplace laid out on the perimeter with a natural stone or brick. Allows you to fry sausages on twigs, bake potatoes - bring hiking romance in an ordinary garden.
    • Tandoor. The same garden stove, but in the oriental manner. It has the shape of a jug, allows you to bake on the walls of various cakes and pita bread. Well suited if you like baking, you love to work with the dough and treat friends.
    • B-B-Q. In fact, something between a grill and a brazier. Lift the grill - you can fry kebabs. You put the lattice - you can warm up sausages, smoke fish, fry meat. Often equipped with a lid, portable. Can easily be moved from place to place.

    Barbecue - often used and loved during the holidays

    BoardIf you want to achieve the maximum possible functionality from the site, it is recommended to combine a brazier, barbecue or grill with a stove or tandyrt. This combination allows you to cook a variety of dishes on the mood.

    But at the same time to put the oven on the open area is meaningless.

    Good time

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    Dining area - furniture

    The furniture that will be installed on the site should not only be (not so much) beautiful, but functional. Still, she will stand in the fresh air. And its functionality depends on the material.

    Most often it is plastic. He has advantages:

    • Low price. Plastic furniture costs the least - hence it is easiest to replace.
    • Ease. It is much easier to carry a plastic table into the room than a wooden one. Even a not very physically strong person will cope.
    • Reliability. Of course, it is impossible to compare the reliability of a tree, but plastic is absolutely not sensitive to temperature changes, it is not afraid of moisture and garden pests.
    • Variety of colors. You can find one-colored furniture, you can with a picture, plus the color will always be bright, festive.

    Mostly choose plastic furniture.

    Of course, there are also disadvantages:

    • Specific appearance. Plastic looks at its price, because it does not get along with expensive finishes, complex design.
    • Failure. He is not afraid of water with temperature, this is true, but then the sun fades pretty quickly, eventually wears off, and it may crack due to the impact.

    Plastic furniture is a good solution for an open area. It will be possible not to waste time to bring it into the house, plus, it fits well with the general tone of the tarpaulin and the brazier.

    Wrought furniture is another matter. She has other advantages:

    • beauty. Metal furniture is usually made elegant, thin-legged, with curlicues. It looks original, interesting.
    • Durability. Metal is not plastic. It can last for several decades, especially if you take it home and rust it every year.
    • Reliability. Not afraid of water, temperature changes, does not fade in the sun, does not suffer from mechanical damage, is indifferent to the effects of pests.

    Durable Forged Patio Furniture

    Cons balance out:

    • Heaviness. Carrying wrought-iron furniture from place to place is difficult, especially if you are not used to lifting weights or if you have a sore back.
    • Price. Metal is more expensive than all other materials - if we are not talking about, of course, expensive woods that do not need treatment.
    But metal looks good almost everywhere. With it, you can turn the usual site into an interesting design performance, especially if you are wise to approach the search for all other elements.

    BBQ area with wooden furniture

    The next material is wood, either whole or vine, from which you can weave. Pluses match:

    • beauty. Wood is a noble material, no matter what kind of species it is. It can be an oak, maybe a pine, and maybe a rattan. Any design from it looks good, interesting.
    • Convenience. If you take not roughly cobbled chairs, but elegant wicker chairs, then you will be comfortable and cozy in them, especially if you put something soft on the seat.
    • Reliability. If the wood is treated correctly - or if you take a resistant breed - it will not be afraid of humidity, temperature changes, even pests.
    • Durability. If you handle the furniture carefully, it will last a couple of decades.

    Wood furniture always looks beautiful

    Cons also exist:

    • Price. Properly treated wood is expensive, as are rare breeds.
    • Difficulties of leaving. If you do not care for the tree, it cracks or begins to rot. It can be devoured by a bug, it can crack from a mechanical impact. Therefore, it will have to be processed at least once a year.
    The tree is used most often in closed areas. And you need to remember to be safe and install the furniture so that sparks from the fire could not reach it.

    The main thing to use resistant wood to moisture

    Other materials, such as chipboard or MDF, for example, are practically not used, since they are poorly experienced by being outside.

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    Finishing and decoration

    In order for the result not only to be comfortable and long served, but also to look good, you need to pay attention to the finishing with the decoration.

    The following coatings are commonly used:

    • Concrete. This material does not have to spend much money - the cost is such that most can afford to flood the site again every year. It looks, however, not too beautiful, it requires a perfectly smooth base and quickly falls into decay.
    • Rubber tile. This is used in the decoration of playgrounds, and if you have children on the site, this material may be best suited. It is soft, slightly springy, you can not slip on it. But it can melt in a collision with hot sparks, it fades over time and does not look very interesting.

    Paving slabs - one of the coating options

    • Paving slabs. Solid, reliable, she is not afraid of anything and looks very interesting, especially if you use not monochrome elements, but multi-colored ones, laying out a pattern or drawing from them. It can crack if you drop something heavy, it is worn out over time, albeit slowly. When buying, you need to pay attention to the class - the higher it is, the longer the tile will serve.
    • A natural stone. It doesn’t look as interesting as tile, but is very beautiful in its own way. If you are going to make an open area, surrounded by green areas or with an awning from climbing plants, then natural stone will be combined with them best of all. It can serve at least a hundred years, but heavy and expensive.
    • Grass. There are varieties of grass, which are used in order to equip garden paths. It is difficult to trample it, and the site will look like a real green meadow. However, it will have to be watered and cut from time to time.
    • Tree. Looks like parquet - beautiful, elegant. But it can suffer from a random spark, it requires the same treatment as wooden furniture, and also costs a lot. In the open area it is better not to use at all.

    The tree on the floor looks gorgeous and beautiful

    The covering can perfectly serve for zoning of space - one material is placed near the hearth, in the dining area another, and as a result they look visually separate.

    If you want to enhance this effect, you can use:
    • Outward. If the dining area on one floor, while under the awning, and working in the open air, on the other floor - the contrast will be striking. Plus, so the smoke will come out for sure, and the cook will be able to concentrate.
    • Bulkheads. Instead of a partition, you can use a screen made of wood or fabric, green plantings, braiding plants, and a trellis. Screens at the same time easily move, if there is such a need, but everything else can not be rearranged to work. Interestingly, the partition may not be up to the roof or the canopy, but only up to half.
    • Wall presence. In this case, one area on the patio comes close to the wall, while the other is set aside, in isolation.

    Strengthening effect in the country with the help of the wall

    And, of course, not enough to do in the allocation of zones without lighting, which can be very different:
    • With one big source. In this case, one big chandelier is hung under the ceiling - a good solution would be to style it with kerosene. In the corners mysterious shadows are obtained, and zoning is absent altogether.
    • With perimeter sources. In this case, small lanterns are placed on the edges of the site, which do not give a bright light, but provide a soft illumination. It will look elegant and interesting.
    • With separate sources in zones. So you can fix the lamp at the brazier and put the lamp on the table - so the presence of zones will be obvious, and there will be enough light for all those present.
    • With lighting only one zone. Quite an interesting solution that allows you to select only one zone - most often dining.

    Make good lighting

    Electric lamps, LED strip (it can be mounted in the foliage of plants around), lights that work on solar batteries can be used as light sources. If you do not want to buy lights, as well as conduct electricity, you can use live fire - candles and lamps.

    Supplement the picture will help:

    • Textile. Tablecloth, carpet under the table, chair covers - all this should have one style and, preferably, a practical function.
    • Cooking accessories. They should also have one style.

    More "home" accessories like vases, napkins, paintings, boxes at the site would be out of place.

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