Attic floor in the house: How to equip? Features to consider (170+ Photos of a bedroom, bathroom, nursery)


Attic floor is very different from the usual attic. After all, with one word "attic", the floor is gray with dust, shabby walls, cobwebs, mice and chests with great-grandmothers that no one has got for ten years. In the article you will learn about the features of this floor, room decoration. All the nuances in order to make this floor cozy.

Content of this article:

  • Attic features
  • Preliminary work
  • Attic finish
  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Window
  • Purpose
  • VIDEO: Attic floor - a great place for a cozy pastime
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Attic features
  • Preliminary work
  • Attic finish
  • Purpose
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Attic features

    To get rid of this picture, and of the attic, as a warehouse of all kinds of junk, you need to think about how many square meters it is that idle without work. On which you can arrange a nursery, living room, billiard room and any other room, if you have enough strength and enthusiasm.

    Stylish living room

    Before undertaking repairs, it is necessary to understand how the attic is different from any other room in the house.

    There are several differences:
    • specific form - As a rule, columns can be found in the attic, sudden sharp corners, secluded niches and similar architectural excesses that are mostly absent in the main house;
    • low ceiling - in the worst cases, straightening under him will not work;

    Interior design in a wooden house

    • ceiling of a specific shape - as a rule, beveled either on one side or on both, and only in rare cases is it flat as in a normal room;
    • possible problems - since the attic is located right under the roof, any leakage will result in a broken repair, and any loud sound will be perfectly audible in the room below;
    • communication difficulties - Attic is often not heated, and more often do not have neither electricity nor water.

    Cabinet under the roof

    Of course, none of the features is a reason to leave the attic floor unsettled. You just need to take them into account.

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    Preliminary work

    To be able to begin redecoration in the attic, you first have to hold preliminary works that involve several stages:

    • cleaning - you need to get rid of the trash, wash the floor and brush off the web;
    • general condition assessment - whether there are cracks in the roof, whether the boards subside in the floor, if the walls fail, if the beams stick well;
    • putting the general state in order - cracks need to be patched (and, perhaps, to re-block the roof), to replace boards in the floor in problem areas, to clean walls and, possibly, to re-cover, to change beams.

    Beautiful dining area

    When the room is left empty, hollow and clean, it remains to ennoble it:
    • conduct communication - Otherwise there will be no light in the attic, and in winter it will be cold;
    • provide sound insulation - To do this, check how well you can hear from below what is happening in the attic, and, if necessary, put a layer of sound-proof material;
    • provide warmth - heating alone is not enough, you need to cover the walls with insulating material (this can be both cheap mineral wool and more expensive synthetic materials).

    Wood framing

    When the work is completed - independently or with the help of specialists - it will be possible to move on to a more pleasant part: redecoration.

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    Attic finish

    To be able to equip a comfortable room on the attic floor, you first need to refine it: cover the floor, paint or paste over the walls, do something with the ceiling.

    Predominance of white

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    They usually start from the ceiling - so, if paint drips from it, it will not harm the rest of the repair. You can use different materials. Among them:

    • Paint. Requires a certain skill - to paint, raising his hand above his head, you need to be in good physical shape. Color can be any, the paint must necessarily be insensitive to moisture. Well, if it is water-based - such paint does not smell. But you can use enamel.
    • Plaster. It is applied easily due to a denser consistency. Does not smell, looks no worse than paint. You can use decorative plaster and make intricate patterns on it. You can usual - it has a lower price. But we must remember that plaster, unlike paint, lets water through. This is a plus - it is easier to breathe indoors. But at the same time and minus - if the roof is leaking, all repairs will be a waste.

    Attic can be used as a guest room.

    • Stretch ceiling. If you have a high attic floor, this solution will suit you. But if it is low, it is better to choose a different material, since the stretch ceiling takes ten centimeters of height from the room. But it looks beautiful, can take bizarre forms, comes in different colors. For modern styles it fits perfectly.
    • Plasterboard ceiling. The same solution for high attic - takes the same ten centimeters. It looks good, can be painted in any color, take any form. The main disadvantage - is afraid of moisture, swell and warp, if that.
    • Fabric ceiling. Unlike a stretch ceiling, such a design "breathes." The atmosphere in the room is more healthy. Water is not afraid, it looks good.
    You can paint it manually, if you know how to hold a brush.

    Modern interior style

    BoardIt is worth choosing material for the ceiling not only depending on tastes, but also depending on how much you believe that the roof will not leak. If you are completely confident in it - you can make a stretch or plasterboard. If not, it is better to choose paint or plaster, which will be easy to replace.

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    Walls - the second step in redecorating. Their finish can be even more varied than the ceiling finish:

    • Wallpaper. The traditional solution, which is as appropriate in the attic as in other rooms. If you take wallpaper with glass or with special polymers, they will be resistant to moisture and, if anything, you do not have to redo the repair.

    Cozy seating area

    • Paint. It is simpler to paint walls than a ceiling - even if you have no experience, it doesn't matter. The main thing is accuracy. The paint keeps for a long time, it comes in different colors, matte and glossy. You can even choose more than one color.
    • Plaster. For the decoration of the walls are usually used decorative plaster, relief. There is a similar to fine sand, there is a large. With the help of a tool, it can be laid in waves, spirals, patterns.
    • Plastic panels. Look good only in modern interiors. Waters are not afraid, but they easily crack from mechanical impact. They fade with time.
    • Wooden panels. Look good in classic interiors. Waters are not afraid if the breed was chosen correctly. But flammable and attract parasites.
    • Tile. Glass, metal, ceramic - it is usually durable, easy to clean, not afraid of moisture. It looks good, but it’s not worth facing the walls with it completely; they will get too cold as a result.

    Bedroom design option

    BoardMaterial for walls should be chosen according to the general stylistic direction of the interior. Even if you invented it yourself, some materials are better for him, others are worse.

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    The floor in the attic can also be covered with different materials. Among them:

    • Tile. Serves for a long time, is wearying very slowly, looks good But - heavy. You need to pre-calculate whether it will withstand overlap.
    • Paint. It leaves a feeling of a hospital or other public institution, but if you put a carpet on top, it will not be visible. But inexpensive and easy to repair, if that.
    • Linoleum. It quickly abrades, fading with time. But - it is cheap, it looks nice and it is easy to replace it, if that.
    • Laminate. It should be put if you want a wooden floor, but you are afraid for the integrity of the roof. It is cheaper than parquet, it is easier to lay, it is easier to change, it does not require such attentive care. And it looks - no worse.

    Cozy place to work

    Do not put on the floor in the attic tile of natural stone and parquet.BoardIf you are thinking of buying a tile, look at the markings so that it is not too slippery - otherwise the chance of injury will increase. Return to the menu


    And, of course, we must not forget about the dormer windows - they can also be different. There are:

    • Repeating bevel roofs. Such windows look appropriate, their capacity is high - on the attic floor most of the day will be light and cozy. Do not require any special manipulations before insertion.

    • Vertical. Before you put a vertical window, you need to build in the roof a special design that resembles a birdhouse. The capacity of such a window is noticeably lower than that of the repeating bevel, but it looks interesting - it is especially well suited to a European-style house.
    • Horizontal. Such windows practically do not make in sloping roofs, but if you have a flat or flat roof, a horizontal window is perfect for it. His capacity is higher than that of everyone else, the light penetrates through it all day, at night you can see stars through it. Such a window will look good if you install it above the bed.

    It is best to install plastic windows in the attic - they provide the best noise insulation and heat insulation. For horizontal windows, use only tempered or reinforced glass, otherwise the first hail will break them.

    Use plastic windows

    BoardWhen buying a window, make sure that it will be convenient to put it on the airing mode.

    And also remember that only horizontal curtains are attached to horizontal and beveled windows, which are attached to the frame.

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    The rest - furniture, finishes, accessories - depends on what you plan to use the attic. It can be located:

    • Bedroom. The most obvious solution - a bedroom in the attic gives a feeling of comfort and security. You can close the door, and no one will climb on it, and the low ceiling does not hurt to lie in bed - whether to sleep, read, or watch the video.

    Bedroom in the attic gives a feeling of comfort and security.

    • Children's. For a small child, it is inconvenient - not all the attic stairs allow you to climb up with the baby in your arms. But for a tomboy ten years and older - completely. Children usually love height, it is interesting to play in the attic, it's like a tree house, only in the house itself. It is only necessary to ensure that it is impossible to fall down the stairs and the furniture has no sharp corners.
    • Kitchen. Quite an original decision, but if you have a bad place on the lower floors, it is quite possible. It is necessary, of course, to sweat, passing the water, and the ceiling should be high for this, but nothing is impossible. Furniture should be light, fridge too. The overall design is usually resilient.
    • Living room. If your guests love the exotic, you can equip the living room in the attic. A soft sofa, souvenirs and trinkets, a shelf with books on the wall look great in combination with bevelled windows and a strange-shaped ceiling.
    Choose everything under the style of the interior room.

    Home cinema

    • Cabinet. If you do not like to be disturbed during work, an office in the attic is a great solution. Put the table to the window, conduct electricity and enjoy your privacy - home will be hard to get to you and they will think ten times before you distract.
    • Home gym. If you have reliable floors and good sound insulation, in the attic, you can arrange a gym. Hang mirrors on the walls, install a pair of basic equipment, or make room for dance workouts. The main thing is to make sure that the ceiling will not swing from the jumps in the attic below.
    • Library. In the attic, it is the place itself, it will be especially good to read in the rain, by the sound of drops on the roof. The main thing - the shelves must be resistant to moisture, otherwise, if the roof leaks, you have a chance to lose your entire collection.

    Home gym

    Billiard room, home cinema, storage room for blanks - in the attic you can arrange literally anything, even a greenhouse or a developing room for photographs.
    BoardBefore you begin to furnish the attic, draw its plan on paper, and then build it in a special program that designers use. If the result satisfies you, you can bring it to life.

    Pretty original decision

    Colors for the interior, you can choose any, but usually recommend cold and light - with them, even the lowest ceiling will seem higher.

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    VIDEO: Attic floor - a great place for a cozy pastime