Rocking chair in the interior: Excellent furniture that will make your home more comfortable. 160+ (photo) do it yourself wood, metal, plywood


Rocking chair - furniture designed for comfort. If you don’t have one yet, I advise you rather find yourself a great option. Further in the article you can familiarize yourself with all the varieties of this furniture. But if you have a desire to do it yourself, then our detailed master class will tell you about everything you need to know and at the same time do everything well and beautifully.


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  • Selection Features

    There is something to choose from. If earlier such a thing was used to create cozy classical interiors in the living room with a fireplace, now the situation has completely changed. In addition to the options of wicker and rattan, which occupy a lot of space, there are more ergonomic, made from other materials.

    In terms of comfort, they are almost as good as traditional wicker products. But more practical and ergonomic, which is why they are so popular.

    Rocking chair - furniture designed for comfort

    Now it’s not hard to find an original model even for high-tech lofts and rooms. After all, they use different materials for manufacturing:

    • tree;
    • DSP;
    • metal;
    • plastic;
    • textile;
    • skin

    Moreover, they are single, double, for adults and even newborns, so they are suitable for installation in almost all living rooms, on the balcony, porch or in the garden.

    This chair is comfortable in the nursery.

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    What are good?

    The rocking chair differs from the usual model in a streamlined shape and in that it has curved skids that allow you to swing and maintain balance. During rest, even wiggling leads to calming of the nervous system. Comfortable seat well supports the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, and this relieves stress and helps relax muscles.

    The furniture serves as a cozy place to read. For such purposes, it is worth having an option with shelves for books or with a built-in lamp. I can say that it is difficult to find a more comfortable place for solitude with your favorite novel.

    Another such item can be used for rocking baby. If you like the idea, then look for a model with a seat and a cradle. With her, the process of laying kids will be very fast and easy, because it takes a minimum of effort and time.

    The furniture serves as a cozy place to read.

    Suitable for children, the elderly and young people. Objects made for children are equipped with swaying mechanisms and belts, for mothers with a baby - a seat and a cradle, for business people - with leather seats and backs.

    Options for installation in the garden or on the balcony will always be appropriate to look in a cozy country house. Especially if you combine them with other items of garden furniture.

    Such furniture also decorate the interior. But for this you should choose the chairs made by hand or those that have the original design.

    Laying babies will be very quick and easy.

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    Rocking chair do it yourself

    It is difficult to argue with the fact that the most valuable and expensive is the furniture created by hand. Therefore, some craftsmen take up the manufacture of such a convenient item. For those who have already tried themselves in such a case, there will be no difficulty in making a rocking chair.

    If the necessary knowledge and skills are not enough, then it is better to entrust such work to professionals. You can order a finished model in the store, but collect it yourself. It is the power of many, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

    For the manufacture of the skeleton chair masters use:

    • tree;
    • composite materials (chipboard);
    • metal.

    Cozy place near the fireplace

    These craftsmen work with the vine. The work, although it takes a lot of time, but the result is worth the time and effort spent. After all, products are durable, practical and beautiful.

    BoardTo make wicker furniture yourself without learning exactly, it does not work out. It needs a long study.

    Resourceful beginners rework ready chairs. For such purposes, they choose items of compact size and equip them with runners.

    This option is suitable for a classic interior.

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    The rocking-chair can differ not only in design, the sizes and material of which it is made, but also happens different types. There are options for runners:

    • Variable Curvature. They are the most stable and therefore suitable for people of different size and age. Such do not overturn and have a reliable framework.
    • Radius. May have a closing arc. It provides a large amplitude during the swing. They have a smooth and gentle movement. The seat is often low, so they are not always comfortable for older people, as they are uncomfortable to get up and sit down.
    • If you need to choose the option with a seat of comfortable height, then fit objects with bump stops. They will save from accidental overturning.
    • Ellipse. Furniture of this type is the most comfortable to use.

    Convenient tool for rest

    Rocking chairs are on springs. They are comfortable and have an original look.

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    Rocking chair made of wood

    For those who know how to handle carpentry tools and have a lot of free time, it’s worth finding a drawing on the Internet and making a rocking chair using it. Before starting work, it is necessary to decide what style will be performed, and what is the maximum weight calculated. It depends on where you plan to install it and who will sit.

    Model made of wood. Easily fit into a traditional interior. Often it has a robust design and practical in operation.

    Sturdy wood frame withstands heavy loads. But for the furniture to be also a comfortable back and the seat must have an anatomically smooth surface. It should be considered while looking at the models.

    Very comfortable are chairs with upholstered textile or leather, as well as equipped with a soft textile cushion.

    To care for such items is easy enough. Upholstery made of leather or artificial leather is not afraid of moisture and scuffs. And the pillows can be removed and cleaned. Leather differ expensive presentable appearance. They can be used in home offices, and in offices. These make the interior solid.

    Overall model rocking

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    Many of those who first undertake to make a rocking chair, use plywood. The material is available and well treatable. If you work with him correctly, you get a good result.

    In order for such furniture to remain durable and wear-resistant for a long time it is necessary to adhere to such rules:

    • Use three-layer, glued plywood.
    • For the middle layer is to take plywood twice as thick as for the edges.
    • Glue to use waterproof, two-component.
    • Details better fasten additional nails.
    • Glue and reinforce connections with self-tapping screws.
    • Supporting elements are made of wood or treated with sheet rubber up to 5 mm thick.
    • To process a surface a varnish on a water basis or a special emulsion in two layers. This makes it resistant to moisture and prolongs its life.

    The classic version of the product

    When choosing a chair from this material, it is worth inspecting the item and making sure that there are no breakaway from the load in the design. And also inspect all connections.

    BoardIf you want to have a chair of unusual design, then look at the products from plywood. The material is suitable for original models.

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    Of metal

    Metal structures are very durable and durable, so you need to find furniture with such properties, choose a chair frame, which is made of this material.

    Only those who know how to handle the welded apparatus will be able to make this on their own.

    Beautiful model in white

    You can try to cook the frame of the profile tubes. By its appearance, it may resemble wicker furniture. But it is better to use it for installation in the garden or on the balcony in the home and cozy interior to enter it is difficult enough.

    For classic interiors get forged items. They look expensive and attractive. Often have the author's design and decorated with wrought iron elements. It is better if such furniture will be installed in the living room, where objects with wrought-iron decor are already present.

    Reliability and durability in combination with an unusual design make these chairs practical and stylish. They can withstand loads of up to 300 kg or more.

    A soft cape will make the chair even cozier.

    Furniture made from this material is heavy in weight. Exclusion of the model from the aluminum profile. If the runners are not protected with overlays, it may be noisy to operate.

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    For those who want to create a warm atmosphere fit rattan chairs. They can also serve as garden furniture on a plot near a private house. In such a comfortable wiggle enjoying silence.

    The first wicker chair of curved wood appeared in the 19th century. Its author is Michael Thonet. Furniture quickly became popular, but only wealthy people could afford it.

    Wicker furniture, handmade

    Now it is much more affordable than before, as it can be made of a more flexible and inexpensive material - rattan. The stems of this vine:

    • resistant to moisture and temperature extremes;
    • strong;
    • easy to handle.

    Objects from the stem are practical and have a rather attractive appearance.

    It is also worth mentioning that rocking chairs from rattan are safe because they are made of natural material. They are used for installation in classic or modern interiors. Easily fit into rooms made in eco, traditional English or country style.

    Couch rocking chair

    Models from this mother, are delivered to stores from Malaysia and Indonesia. They are made by hand.

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    Baby chair

    Another feature of the rocking chair is the fact that it can be chosen for everyone, regardless of preferences and age. So popular with many use child seats.

    They have a well-thought-out, robust design and are equipped with a swing mechanism on hinges. Therefore, it is convenient to use them for rocking baby. Such furniture will be an excellent assistant to parents who spend a lot of time to put the baby to bed.

    Some models can be used for babies from birth. Others are designed for babies older than 4 months.

    Perfect for a minimalist style.

    Child seats are equipped with mechanical, pendulum or electronic swing systems. Therefore, they perform the function of the crib. In electronic models, you can select and set the appropriate mode and time.

    Mechanical suspension will have to swing manually. But they are suitable for children from birth to 7 years. They also have a low price compared to electronic ones.

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    Rocking chairs for newborns

    The models with the cradle are functional and comfortable. They are sure to be useful to parents who have kids up to a year. They have a practical, reliable design with a safe cradle.

    Mom and baby can swing together. This has a positive effect not only on the sleep and rest of the child, but also on the mother. After all, parents can relax, gain strength, at the same time rock the baby.

    Such furniture is made of natural material. Mainly used for this tree. The design is light, without bright colors, drawings.

    In the house where there is a newborn it is appropriate to install a rocking chair for feeding. It can be used as a place for rest, as well as furniture where mother will be comfortable to feed the baby.

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