Loggia glazing: What place does it take in the design of the room? Warm, panoramic, frameless design. 145+ (Photos) of cozy interiors


In the glazing of the loggias a difficult moment in how the whole room will be perceived. Therefore, before proceeding to the finish, it is better to get acquainted with all the options in detail. And only after that proceed to update the interior. Panoramic? Aluminum? Or frameless? More detail later in our article.

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  • Glazing loggias and balconies
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  • Aluminum
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  • Warm
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  • Glazing loggias and balconies
  • Options
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Glazing loggias and balconies

    Any modern apartment has a balcony or loggia, and in many private houses it is available. In practice, it is used as a closet for dropping trash. But after all, only to put everything in order, it will turn into an additional room for the expansion of your living space.

    Great extra room

    One of the transformation stages is glazing, which has recently become very necessary, functional. Before carrying out a various glazing, be defined in its type.

    If you need rooms for rest in the warm season, then you just need to close them from dust and precipitation. In this case, the "cold type" is perfect.

    Loggia design with panoramic windows

    With this type, you can choose to install aluminum or plastic sliding frames. Swing frames are suitable if the room is large.

    Ideal - frameless way. It makes the space visually wider.
    "Warm" is done with plastic or wooden windows, do not use a metal profile.

    Plastic option for your home

    To make this method original, add tinted glass and stained glass to its design, apply laser engraving or use photo printing. Modern technology can make window frames in any color. A little imagination will make a balcony or loggia distinctive, will highlight them against the background of the house.

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    Such manipulations make the life of the apartment guests much more comfortable. After all, it is protection from dust, precipitation, excellent noise isolation, expansion of the area of ​​the home. But besides this, the transformed balconies and loggias look externally, and from the inside, much more attractive.

    All options for glazing balconies, loggias can be grouped by the following characteristics:
    • According to the type of construction: cold, warm.
    • According to the material that is used for the manufacture of frames: with metal-plastic, wooden, aluminum window covers.
    • By type of design: with or without removal.
    • Based on what type of frame they belong to: French, with standard frames, frameless.
    • In accordance with the method of opening: with swivel, swing-out, sliding doors.

    Make a choice that will be comfortable

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    Panoramic view

    Glazing is called panoramic, if it covers the entire area (from floor to ceiling). Window profiles are not used for this type, however, there is no feeling of the presence of a glass fence.

    Occupies the entire area from floor to ceiling.

    The greatest demand is currently using the frameless type of the panoramic method.
    The main advantages of the panoramic version:
    • Due to the increased glass area, more daylight enters the room.
    • Attractive landscape view from the window.
    • It highlights the general background of the house.
    • The room visually seems to be larger.

    Your balcony will definitely stand out from the rest.

    The panoramic type has a number of negative sides:
    • in summer it is very difficult to escape from the hot sunlight even with the help of blinds;
    • if energy-saving glass is not installed, it threatens with large heat losses in winter;
    • it is very difficult to clean the windows; it is impossible to do it yourself from the outside, especially if the rooms are located on the upper floors;
    • this type is not the cheapest;
    • besides the fact that the view from the window is much larger, the visibility of what is happening in the apartment also increases. If you want to save privacy, it makes sense to use window tinting or apply a special laminating film. You can also use electrochromic or mirrored glass (but note that this also increases the cost);
    • panoramic type is acceptable only for rooms that are not higher than 3 meters.

    This type of glazing is not very cheap.

    There are such options for the panoramic method:
    • using aluminum constructions;
    • with metal constructions;
    • with frameless designs.

    It will be correct to install a special protective film.

    In summer, you cannot escape the sun on such a balcony.

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    The most durable, reliable, and, therefore, durable are aluminum frames. Most aluminum frames have a sliding design, and this is a significant space saving.

    The aluminum version has the following advantages:
    • low weight;
    • loyal value;
    • esthetic appearance;
    • You can choose the color of the profile to your taste;
    • does not give in to corrosion, influence of caustic substances;
    • frames made of this material are environmentally friendly;
    • has a high degree of security;
    • pass light well;
    • it forms a large enough area beyond the glazed surface.

    The frames of this material are safe and durable

    The main disadvantages of the aluminum type:
    • As a rule, aluminum frames are used in the "cold type".
    • The lowest level of noise insulation in comparison with other specialized systems.

    Aluminum version reliable. It has many positive characteristics. It is better to use it to create a cold type.

    Has the lowest degree of noise insulation

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    Most designers nowadays recommend using a frameless method when converting. The unusual thing about this is that its flaps are attached only to the upper and lower guides. They have the ability to co-operate, with the balcony fully open. Such designs are able to miss a huge amount of sunlight.

    For the way of opening the sash, there are such types of them:
    • hinged, open exclusively in one direction;
    • pendulum, open both inwards and outwards;
    • sliding, move along the railing (for example, it is the sash changing its position at an angle of 90 degrees).

    Unusual, but it looks beautiful

    Sometimes sashes are made deaf. In such a situation, an aluminum frame is used, which is then glazed.

    The main advantages of frameless type:
    • the design looks very peculiar;
    • excellent sunshine;
    • thick glass is used, about 6-8 mm;
    • the moving structure can be smoothly arranged and moved apart;
    • it is used for any forms.

    Glass fasten on aluminum guides

    The disadvantages of frameless glazing:
    • Frameless - extremely cold. Even heat-resistant glass is difficult to protect your room from changes in temperature.
    • To insulate with this choice is very difficult.
    • Everything that happens there is accessible to the eyes of others.
    • Mosquito nets cannot be placed on structures without frames, so it is likely that there will be a lot of insects on such a balcony.
    • Low compared to other options, the level of noise insulation.

    Everything is accessible to the eyes of others.

    Frameless glass looks beautiful. Not always suitable in terms of comfort. After all, for the sake of such beauty will have to sacrifice privacy, the ability to protect themselves from insects.

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    When you decide to transform your balcony or loggia with the help of "warm", then the best option to do it using plastic windows. After all, they are able to guarantee noise and heat insulation at the highest level.

    If you also want to slightly increase the area of ​​the room, you can use the method of carrying out the frames for the facade level by 15-25 cm. These manipulations will not only increase the space, but also present an additional surface in the form of a wide window sill.

    Variety of options in color and finish

    BoardThat "warm" was really warm, it is undesirable to save. Ideal to install multi-window with wood or metal-plastic. Sash (folding, swing or sliding) are selected, guided by the size of the balcony or loggia.

    Thanks to the warm type, it is possible to turn a balcony or loggia, which you used as a closet for throwing all unnecessary things, into a full-fledged functional room.

    Warming the floors, connecting the light, you can change your old abandoned balcony beyond recognition.

    We change a balcony to unrecognizability

    The most significant advantages of warm glazing:
    • with a warm balcony or loggia will always be comfortable, regardless of the season, even in harsh winters;
    • very high level of noise insulation;
    • looks very aesthetic;
    • guarantees a high level of security.
    Some minuses of a warm glazing:
    • reduce the free area in comparison with the cold, because the design is much more massive here because of the large frames, thick double-glazed windows;
    • sunlight comes in small quantities. Indoors with a warm much lower level of illumination than with a cold one;
    • warm is always expensive because it is difficult to mount.

    Create a cozy functional area

    Based on the foregoing, we see that the warm loggias and balconies have some drawbacks, but all the advantages are much more.

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    French is the newest method of glazing, in which the dismantling of the fence is carried out in full or in part. Dismantled parts are replaced by floor-to-ceiling windows. Window profile frames can be holistic, include a group of structures.

    French glazing option

    It should be noted, the bottom of the glass can be varied. Here are a few options:
    • consist of clear glass;
    • be matte;
    • consist of tinted glasses;
    • to be closed sandwich panel (plastic).

    The functionality of unusual design solutions is embodied without problems by this method. He will help take care of the requests of any person. There are no difficulties in finishing in one style. Internal and external work is carried out quickly, without unnecessary nuances.

    Can be made in the form of a bar

    The main advantages of the French type:
    • Natural sunlight increases to a maximum, thereby increasing the illumination of the adjoining room.
    • Space visually seem much larger, more spacious.
    • Since there is no inner lining and insulation, there is more free space.
    • There is no need to trim the enclosing structure, which saves money.

    So space seems more

    Technology does not stand on the mete. Their development continues, improved with each moment. Aesthetic design will transform the space. It perfectly shelters from noise, has a high rate of heat saving, a long period of operation.

    But this method has drawbacks, which you need to remember when choosing a conversion option.

    Weaknesses of French glazing:
    • in terms of money, the price of French rises significantly, taking into account additional parameters, for example, a heat-reflecting film, lamination of the binding in various colors;
    • in the summer, the air can get very warm, and in the winter - to be supercool. In practice, after hot days, it is necessary to perform air conditioning in order to cool it in summer and heat it in winter;
    • very large area of ​​glass cleaning, which is difficult to handle, especially from the outside.

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