Bay Windows in the Kitchen - Incredible Design Art (115+ Photos of Interiors)


Kitchen design with a bay window fits into any stylistic concept to make your home in harmony with nature. Start your acquaintance with the bay window with our article. All relevant information from the photo gallery in our article below.

Content of this article:

  • Mode of application
  • Types of bay windows for the kitchen
  • Traditional
  • Bay window
  • Semicircular
  • Garden window
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the bay window
  • Benefits. Adding value
  • Adding space to the kitchen
  • Increased natural light / ventilation
  • Panoramic view
  • Disadvantages. Design features
  • You can not do it yourself
  • Excessive natural light
  • Difficulties with the decor
  • Ideas for bay windows in the kitchen
  • Live plants and herbs
  • Pharmaceutical banks
  • Elegant candles
  • Bare window
  • Bay window as a place to sit
  • Small and stylish chairs
  • Color accompaniment
  • Modern approach
  • Dinner Zone
  • Curtains for bay windows
  • Conclusion
  • VIDEO: A cozy design with a bay window
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Mode of application
  • Types of bay windows for the kitchen
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the bay window
  • Ideas for bay windows in the kitchen
  • Bay window as a place to sit
  • Curtains for bay windows
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Mode of application

    Bay window is a window space that protrudes forward from the main walls of the house and forms a bay in a room of square or polygonal layout.. These windows are usually located in old buildings, they are also used in modern homes. There are different ways to use this space. You can simply leave them empty to increase living space or make this space a comfortable workplace, a cozy corner or something else.

    Bay window is a window space that projects forward.

    The secret of open and air space often begins with an excess of natural light. In the kitchen, bay windows perform a double role, adding lighting as well as an interesting architectural element to the room. A cozy zone can be used for a variety of purposes: from breakfast to window seats.

    Bay windows are a great opportunity to install a niche in the inner space, which can be just empty if you don’t decide to do more. Interior designers are able to maximize the utility of these amazing pockets, but we want you to have a little inspiration at hand, which is why we are going to show you really useful ideas.

    Such windows are usually found in old buildings.

    If you need more storage space, extra seating or just some practical potential, we have a solution for you right here, so come and see!

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    Types of bay windows for the kitchen

    Although bay windows are made in several styles, they all have one thing in common: they protrude outside the outer wall of the house. Led windows adorn the room with an abundance of natural light and provide interesting architectural details. This species offers several advantages in the kitchen beyond their aesthetic appeal, including extra space, extra seating and a comfortable area for growing kitchen herbs.

    Great opportunity to install a niche in the internal space

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    A true bay window consists of three adjacent window panels protruding from the wall. Side windows are angled, and the middle parallel to the wall. The middle window is usually fixed. Each side is supplied as a sash or in a double style. A secluded window area in a bay window is commonly used as a seat. Placing the kitchen table next to the bay window allows you to use the built-in seating on one side.

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    Bay window

    The niche has small side windows at an angle of 90 degrees to the middle, actually forming a rectangle. In a niche there can be one in the center or several central windows. They can be deeper than traditional bay windows. The interior is often used as a built-in bench for seating or storage.

    These windows fill the kitchen with light.

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    This type of bay window forms a soft curve instead of sharp corners, each window being identical. It is usually called 4-beam or 5-beam, depending on the amount. Like the traditional bay window, its middle windows are fixed, and the side windows still have the possibility of opening and closing. They also have a seat. Semicircular bay windows are usually found in traditional-style homes, and niches are more common in modern homes.

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    Garden window

    Garden windows are usually directly behind the kitchen sink. This bay window is much smaller than the other three types. Instead of the inner seat, the garden bay window usually has a middle shelf. On the lower ledge and on the shelf you can place small plants, such as fresh herbs. The top of the garden window is covered with glass, providing additional light for plants. As with all types, side windows usually open and close.

    In green and white

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    The advantages and disadvantages of the bay window

    Bay window - one of the most expensive window installations for kitchens. Although this should not be a disadvantage, as every kitchen needs windows, it can be important for those who remodels or builds a new kitchen.

    The increase in installation costs is largely due to their overall size and design requirements to provide the right level and support..

    In classic style

    BoardMake sure your contractor understands the budget, and also knows the limitations on the repairs to your house and whether the construction supports this type.

    They provide a panoramic view, allow you to use external light, and also to allocate more space in the footage. Here are a few pros and cons from the point of view of experts in the field of installing bay windows.

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    Benefits. Adding value

    Bay windows add elegance to the house. Whether they have a classic look, or support modern features, bay windows are a guaranteed value increase. Bay windows will also add some additional square meters to the overall size of the house, which will also increase the price.

    Add elegance to the house

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    Adding space to the kitchen

    Since bay windows are a protruding window type, they often add up to a meter into existing space.

    The base of the window can be used as additional space for kitchen utensils, growing herbs or for a more stylish home decor.

    They tend to be wider than a standard window, and give visually greater depth and width for kitchen space.

    Provide a panoramic view

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    Increased natural light / ventilation

    The size of the bay windows not only visually increases the space, but also provides more natural light in the room. These windows also have upper vents that let in fresh air. By eliminating the direct wind tolerance, they simultaneously allow air to pass freely.

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    Panoramic view

    Homeowners who have kitchens that have access to a forest or beach landscape can greatly benefit from these types of windows. They add the perfect frame to relax and make the most of the kitchen.

    Allow the use of external light

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    Disadvantages. Design features

    When installing a bay window requires accuracy. The design must be maintained throughout the installation. Steel supports should be used even during measurement. Bearing compartments should be fully supported both inside and under the structure.

    Houses are often deformed and subside as they age, and if the window is not properly installed, it can lead to the destruction of the window.

    Visually increase the space

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    You can not do it yourself

    Some window installation projects can be carried out on their own or with minimal contractor support. Bay windows are more complicated in that they require precise measurements and professional use of support beams and supporting structures. If even the smallest miscalculation is made, it guarantees a catastrophe and additional expenses from your pocket to correct problems.

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    Excessive natural light

    Although you may have just read the advantages of the fact that bay windows give wonderful natural light, some problems may also arise here.

    Allow to admire the view

    If the window is installed with the wrong type of filter on the glass, it can greatly affect the presence of solar radiation in your home.

    This can lead to the fact that the internal temperature of the kitchen will change, which will load your split system more than is necessary in the summer months. The same factor will contribute to the removal of heat in the winter months. Although sun-type glass is more expensive, it will show savings in utility bills.

    Beautiful, bright kitchen

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    Difficulties with the decor

    While bay windows offer more space to make your own style in the kitchen area, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right decor.

    Depending on the overall shape of your window and its roof, it can be difficult to add curtains or to ensure privacy in another way. Perhaps for this you also need the services of a professional decorator.

    White dining area

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    Ideas for bay windows in the kitchen

    Windows with a bay window, as an architectural feature, are often struck by the possibilities of decoration. The expansive size and shape make them a blank canvas for all kinds of design accents. They are especially important for the decor of the room behind the kitchen sink, because they are located where you spend a lot of time. They are quite simple to use accessories to achieve visual charm and character.. So take a look at the list below and decide which of these ideas suits your home.

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    Live plants and herbs

    Use plenty of natural light and use a bay window sill to grow and display all kinds of pot plants.

    Spacious kitchen for a country house

    BoardChoose plants with different heights to give the group a visual interest and use those that match the level of sunlight that they will receive each day for optimal growth.

    Harmonize your collection by placing them in conceptual, colorful pots that blend well with the decoration style and color of the kitchen..

    Frame the windows in light woven rattan shades to provide a more natural look. Fill the area with plants by adding a large functional pot of fragrant kitchen herbs to the center of the composition to decorate a flower garden with a practical style.

    BoardBy placing herbs on the kitchen windowsill, you can collect fresh herbs for cooking without leaving the kitchen.

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    Pharmaceutical banks

    Create a removable display cabinet in the kitchen compartment using transparent pharmacy cans. Choose different sizes, shapes, and heights to increase interest in composition. Change the content depending on the season. In the fall, fill the cans with raffia, dry leaves, and artificial mini-pumpkins.

    These windows are difficult to pick accessories

    Place artificial berries and dried green holly in jars in the winter season, wrapping them with festive ribbons.. Spring cans can be accentuated with artificial bird mini nests and resin eggs.

    BoardAccent cans with dried flowers or artificial fruits in summer. Add roman blinds in natural colors to the top of the windows to make the background for different colors and themes. Return to the menu

    Elegant candles

    Accentuate an elegant white kitchen with a collection of white and cream candles on the bay window behind the sink.

    BoardUse white candlesticks in different styles and sizes. White color will unify different styles for a luxurious look.

    Gives elegance

    At the top, place candlesticks with electric candles that run on a timer. Convenience and safety, which provide upgraded candles on batteries, especially suitable for the kitchen area. They can also add a soft night glow to the kitchen, even if you are not in the room. Add a paper balloon from Ikea to the top for a soft and airy look. Add a few decorative glass stones to several candlesticks for additional interest.

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    Bare window

    If you like the idea of ​​a bare sketch, decorate the glass, while maintaining your privacy with window film. Window film comes in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. For example, use a film for red windows with twisted lines or a window film that resembles stained glass or engraving. You do not need special skills to install window film. Measure the window, cut the window film and "insert" it into the bay window.

    Solid window seating

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    Bay window as a place to sit

    Bay windows have quite a lot of window ledges and come out of the walls - in most cases this provides seating space - a popular idea in modern decoration. They have been in the design world for a long time, but designers are still trying to make more unique, inspirational houses with their help.

    Proper seating includes several factors:

    • place of use;
    • correct style;
    • color combination.

    French style

    The seat on the kitchen windows is a popular, cozy addition that is able to embody your dream kitchen, where friends and family are comfortably accommodated. And even on calmer days, you have a delightful and secluded corner for reading and relaxing, which will also become part of an open lifestyle. Smart, practical and beautiful approach, look at these ideas for sitting in the kitchen.

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    Small and stylish chairs

    Yes, a solid place for sitting on the windows, which allows you to lazily catch up with the midday sleep is impressive, but not all of us have enough space in the kitchen to save on such an extravagant addition. For those who save not only space, but also resources, this is a suitable solution for a small bay window with built-in storage boxes.

    It will help to hide the dishes that you usually do not use.

    This will not only give you a comfortable place to relax in the kitchen, but will also help to hide the dishes that you do not usually use.. It can also be used as a relaxing home zone or for a small breakfast with a folding table.

    A small window seat can also provide a nice contrast to the shelves on the walls and the kitchen cupboard.

    Catchy pillows, fabric for sitting also introduce textural changes in the space, if they are dominated by wood, tile and metallic. Whether you use it for children or as a great place to talk - a small chair in the kitchen is always useful.

    Seating fabric brings texture changes to the space

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    Color accompaniment

    The seat on the windows is not only functional, you can use it to raise the overall style.

    Since most modern kitchens are usually draped with neutral hues, as well as a large amount of white, the window seat can easily fit into this pattern with bright seasonal colors.

    Cozy eating area

    Everything from the cover and pillows to the lighting above the window, can be easily changed with the advent of the new season and trends to make the kitchen a fresh decor. This idea for redecorating the kitchen is economical and convenient, and certainly one of the easiest to implement.

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    Modern approach

    Kitchens increasingly act as spacious, gathering places for the whole family, which also provide a transitional zone between the interior and the open air. A large window in the corner of the kitchen overlooking the backyard or wooden veranda, is now a more common solution in modern kitchens. From simple wooden window seats to luxurious designer models that create the illusion of a room in a room - there are many ways in which this can be achieved.

    In beige tones

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    Dinner Zone

    Dining tables are never suitable enough where you want to put them, requiring a larger area than you thought.

    BoardTry to install it in a niche in the bay window, and you will have a nice bonus in the form of free square meters. You can even make a bench in the window to replace one of the chairs.

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    Curtains for bay windows

    In our homes there are several places that for some reason seem very difficult to decorate. Yes, bay windows may seem like a wonderful idea with the natural light they let into the room, but when it comes to finding cover for them, you may be tempted to leave them empty.

    Reception area

    How to choose a frame for bay windows so that it fits the window and does not lose the light? It turns out that there are several ideas that will not look as if they came out of a mansion of the last century. Here are a few ideas to deliberately decorate your kitchen windows:

    • Bamboo curtains - Now a popular choice for window coverings. Use one roll for each tier to save extra space and allow yourself complete privacy. They will make a great addition to your kitchen window.
    • Patterned roman blinds - another great idea for a kitchen bay window. Choosing a playful pattern is an unexpected way to bring some fun into your space, and since you still have to buy curtains, you have the opportunity to be creative.

    Modern style

    • Multi-level curtains give the room a touch of luxury - a great opportunity for a sophisticated design. Instead of using white roman blinds, trim the corners with long curtains in your favorite fabric. This will add the one you were looking for.
    • For more traditional approach Consider choosing practical blinds for window treatment. They will help you adjust the amount of light and privacy needed.
    • Venetian blinds - This is a smart idea for kitchens with a variety of metal, plastic and wood. They can be tilted to provide more or less light and additional privacy, as well as easy to clean. For an idea with a green corner in a bay window, vertical blinds will give a practical result, but may look a bit outdated. Roller blinds are often chosen for the modern look.

    Kitchen windows require a light hand when it comes to curtains. Heavy dark curtain panels do not work on most kitchen windows, as they are too formal and block valuable light.

    Some homeowners prefer to leave their kitchen windows completely naked, others decorate them. Instead of leaving them empty, you can dress them with stained glass windows or even architectural details.

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    When making a bay window, consider your privacy. For example, if you live in an isolated area, you do not need to use any kind of window cover. Large windows allow natural light to flow into a room without difficulty and add a decorative touch to your kitchen.

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    VIDEO: A cozy design with a bay window