Glass aprons, skinali for the kitchen - A selection of ideas and style guide (140+ Photos)


Glass aprons are an opportunity to see your kitchen in a new way. Not such a new way of finishing, but not aging. After viewing amazing photos, you will know what your dream kitchen looks like. Everything in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • New type of kitchen panels
  • Why does the new trend replace tiles?
  • Tempered glass is better and safer
  • Aprons with images
  • Transparent aprons
  • Types of glass panels
  • Solid
  • SLR
  • Artificially aged
  • Engraved
  • Mosaic tile
  • Glass tile
  • Mosaic
  • Unmounted glass tile
  • Installation and installation
  • Self-installation
  • VIDEO: How to choose a glass apron?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • New type of kitchen panels
  • Why does the new trend replace tiles?
  • Tempered glass is better and safer
  • Aprons with images
  • Transparent aprons
  • Types of glass panels
  • Mosaic tile
  • Glass tile
  • Installation and installation
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • New type of kitchen panels

    There are several ways to create an unforgettable kitchen design, one of them we will look at. The guest of the program is a brilliant material that is not going to go out of fashion for at least a few more decades. Glass apron: regardless of whether you choose something neutral, muted or bright, it will definitely add a unique update. Just make sure that the item you choose works well with the overall appearance of the kitchen.

    Glass aprons are not only for beauty and shocking

    A new alternative to tile design is glass panels. Glass can have any shade and color, so many possibilities are created by creativity.. Location can be selected next to the stove or washing machine, without fear of damage from heat or water.

    So why love them:

    • easy to maintain by wiping with a damp cloth;
    • resistance to water, stains, fat;
    • heat resistance, great for areas close to kitchen appliances;
    • endless selection of colors with different surface textures for creative design;
    • hygienic, environmentally friendly material;
    • visual increase in space due to reflectivity;
    • easy to install and install.

    An interesting option with different colors.

    The panels can be installed in three ways: independently, with the help of a contractor or a specialized company. You can paint the back side of the panels using acrylic paint.

    BoardIf you like the pattern, you can use transparent material over the wallpaper, or make skinali - an apron that has its own pattern. If the shape of the area you plan to cover is fairly simple (and also relatively small), you can make it yourself.

    At the same time, if you plan to do painting yourself, you must use a special UV vinyl paint, which is designed for use on glass, since other paints will crack and peel off over time. If the structure is installed near the slab, it is necessary to use tempered glass, which has heat resistance.

    Easy to maintain by wiping with a damp cloth.

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    Why does the new trend replace tiles?

    Besides the fact that glass can be painted with any color so that the finished product matches the decor of the room, it has another important advantage - aesthetic smoothness, no adhesions. It is these qualities of decor that are increasingly valued in modern apartment and house designs. Much more pleasing to the eye, at the level of perception, was the use of seamless elements, about which the eye simply does not stumble. In addition to the panels, this also includes kitchen furniture without handles, plain walls, clean lines, and other “clean” design techniques.

    The glass is resistant to water, stains, grease

    Skinali durable, hygienic, versatile. You can choose an extensive palette of standard colors, it is possible to order any individual shade to emphasize the design of the kitchen. Installed in several ways:

    • from table top to ceiling;
    • from the table top to the bottom of the cabinets;
    • 6-8 inch traditional design.

    Yes, glass can be more expensive than ceramics, but the result is staggering. This is a sleek modern shine with a color that stunningly combines cabinets, countertops, appliances.

    Heat resistant, great for areas close to kitchen appliances

    In addition, the new favorite does not require sealing, will not be painted, resistant to mold, bacteria. With a small number of stitches, without grouting it is also very easy to clean, care for him. It does not wear out.

    When it needs to be cleaned, simply wipe with a non-abrasive cleaning agent - the surface will become as new as when it was first installed - even decades later.

    For kitchen rear panels, a quarter-inch-wide, low-iron material is typically used.. A smaller amount of iron in the composition allows to achieve a pure color, as well as the absence of a greenish tint typical of glass.

    Hygienic, environmentally friendly material

    This kitchen panel can imitate any material:

    • tree;
    • steel;
    • marble;
    • copper;
    • concrete, etc.
    But the main reason why people choose this material is its simplicity. It provides a simple, minimalistic design, contains hundreds of color combinations to create the right one for each kitchen.

    Finally, these panels are cheaper than most other materials that are commonly used for kitchen aprons. With them, you will have the best cuisine at a low price.

    Visual increase in space due to reflectivity

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    Tempered glass is better and safer

    Toughened glass is most often used for aprons for two reasons:

    • it has good heat resistance;
    • more durable, safe.

    Also, as the well-known trademark of Luminarc cookware, it has the ability to finely crumble if the blow was too strong, leaving no sharp chips.

    To make it quenched, it was heated at a high temperature, and then immediately cooled. This treatment completely changes the structure of the glass, which ensures destruction with safe shards..

    This advantage will relieve the danger that sharp fragments carry, which is especially important if there is a child in the house.

    However, hardened apron will be difficult to break - its stability is equal to plastic. But do not think that now you can save - plastic does not look as neat and stylish, its surface is much more difficult to clean. If you used old phones with plastic screens, you know how quickly the plastic is scratched, it becomes unsightly.

    Toughened glass is most often used for aprons.

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    Aprons with images

    Skinali is the most convenient option in a modern kitchen, a favorite in sales because of its futuristic look, indispensable when you need to accurately convey a certain color. The variations of colors are unlimited, you can choose a tone to match the walls or stay on a contrasting apron - both of these choices are equally in demand. Dark paint is more practical, as it better hides fingerprints, splashes, stains, and therefore requires less cleaning.

    Easy to install and install.

    Painted panels have a layer of paint on its back side. Because only the back is painted, the exposed surface remains intact. This means that the inherent brilliance of the glass remains, the transfer of accurate color. Your walls, the color of the product while protected from the inevitable splashes of cooking.

    BoardWhen ordering, be sure to specify whether the painting was made at the factory. Factory painting ensures that the pigment will not peel off or discolour later. Be careful: self-dyeing attempts usually fail both in uniformity and durability. Replacing with acrylics also does not work well, because acrylic is easily scratched, deformed, subject to rapid replacement.

    The most convenient option in the modern kitchen

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    Transparent aprons

    You can install clear glass on a wall that has already been painted in the desired color, but some caution must be exercised. It is cheaper, looks great, but keep in mind that any defects or dust that may fall behind it will be visible from the front.

    Therefore, if it is decided to install this particular type of apron, take care to make the structure removable for further cleaning. Transparent (including matte) panels have limited methods of fastening - without the use of glue, as it will shine through.

    They are installed with fasteners. Fasteners are more reliable than glue because they fix well the construction. The method is universal, suitable even for a slightly uneven surface. However, the gap between the apron and the wall with this method of fasteners will be larger than when using glue.

    Restrictions on glue are not present only for colored constructions, therefore, although they are more expensive, they remain the best choice because they do not need to be replaced. Their background hides all defects of the wall, which inevitably clogs over time, as dust and dirt fall into the wall gap. The paint blocks any view and colored panels are much easier to install against the wall to avoid this gap.

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    Types of glass panels

    The color and design of aprons is extremely diverse. Here are some common varieties.

    Stylish, modern kitchen

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    This is a homogeneous seamless panel that has a more beautiful look than the installation of multi-part structures. Of course, the mosaic can make the kitchen beautiful, but the aura created by the monolithic apron has no equal. The best choice for the material will be a simplified kitchen without bright accents, where a monolithic structure will be able to manifest its

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    The term does not require explanation, but the true effect of installing a mirror apron in your kitchen can be felt only when you can see it in reality. A suitable kitchen for him is small in size. The mirror on the walls is known for adding depth and thus makes the room bigger than it really is. Therefore, if your kitchen is small and you want it to look bigger, look at the mirror panel.

    Seamless panels for the kitchen


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    Artificially aged

    This is a mirror surface that has undergone certain procedures to look like it was from antiquity. Although this is a trend, but decorating the kitchen with this kind of material is not easy. You will need to create a combination with antique furniture and the general appearance of the kitchen in order for the apron to look good.

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    Engraving and sandblasting on glass looks great on the apron. This includes frosted glass, which looks not only beautiful, but also requires less maintenance. Due to the matte effect, fingerprints will be less visible on the surface.

    High tech style

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    Mosaic tile

    Mosaic imitation - a format of glass panels with small sizes, called glass tiles. Mosaic patterns are different from different manufacturers. Branded, renowned patterns are not limited to a quadrangular shape, but have a hexagon and a different structure. Fashion trends imitate stone, there is a glass subway tile. Here are a few major trends:

    • To add a bit of modern coziness to traditional cuisine, consider the Mochachino hexagonal mosaic. This elongated hexagonal tile is a stained glass mosaic consisting of cool gray, warm golden tones. Due to differences in color, this geometric tile also likes brown, beige colors on cabinets and countertops.

    Apron in purple color

    • for a white kitchen, to make it look brighter and more airy, consider choosing a glass mosaic such as white metro. These glazed glass tiles have a soft white tint, help to reflect natural light, blending beautifully with other white tones.
    • For a bright accent area suitable tile type metro Desert Mirage. This is a mosaic mixture of four different elements: a tile of natural cream-colored stone, as well as light blue, beige, and dark brown glass tiles. The combination of randomly ordered materials adds depth, character.
    • For a more subdued look that combines several styles, look at the Monterra Blend 8-mm hexagonal tile. This mixture of natural stone with a hexagon-shaped glass tile has a pleasant combination of gray and green tones with cream, beige. Stone details are really made of natural stone and have veins that complement the colors and shades of glass elements. The random arrangement of colors will emphasize the pattern, give movement, life even to the most neutral traditional cuisine.

    In white and brown

    • If your goal is to achieve a monochrome appearance, then the options for choosing a glass mosaic are almost endless. One way to increase interest in the kitchen is to choose a material that will imitate cabinets and countertops.
    Metallic glass tile metro - another favorite fashion projects. Glazed with glass, it is used in a medium shade of gray primarily in the minimalist culinary space. Often highlighted by contrasting white lines at the seams. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Glass tile

    Designers agree with the trend factor mosaic. Until 2010, the metro tile in the Aqua color was used as a sign of the modern kitchen. Therefore, large translucent glass metro tiles have recently become popular. Thus, the glass itself is an acceptable material.

    A print that lifts the appetite

    Accidental breakage is not a problem for glass aprons, because it is a vertical area that does not receive as much load as tabletops. You can accidentally hit the tile with heavy containers of frozen meat, for example - the likelihood that it will break is unlikely.

    BoardTry to mix glass with other materials. Do not think that the entire space of your apron must be only glass.

    One of the popular trends is the installation of conventional ceramic and hexagonal glass tiles with a fixed range. Usually ceramics outline the perimeter of the apron, inside which is a glass material. This is a strip one or two inches wide, going six inches up and parallel to the tabletop, but variations are possible.

    Kitchen in white

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    View the full range of sizes. Not every glass tile is a mosaic. You can find it in different sizes - pebbles, 2 "x 2", 4 "x 4", etc.

    To facilitate installation, select an already assembled glass tile.

    There are two types of tiles that make a huge difference when it comes to installation time: mounted and unmounted tiles. Most often, they are pre-assembled on the basis of the grid, which gives the structure a consistent look, ensuring uniform distribution. Typically, the construction area is about 3/4 ", although this size may vary.

    Looks fresh and elegant

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    Unmounted glass tile

    Tiles, which are called stained glass, usually come without a grid. They take a little longer to install, so plan your time accordingly. The good news with stained glass is that you have more options in pattern and color, as you start from scratch.

    Also used for decoration is recycled glass, which is most popular among environmentally positive people. In addition to the fact that recycled material has environmental benefits, it also has a certain rural character that cannot be found in a new tile.

    Bright accent of kitchen set

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    Installation and installation

    All aprons, except transparent and matte, are usually attached to the wall with glue and puttied at the edges. Their installation and installation require caution, accuracy. It can be difficult to make an exact fit by controlling the holes for sockets, plumbing and other obstacles, while avoiding chipping and cracking.

    BoardChoose a professional company that is well versed in such works. If possible, it is better to place the outlet and other outlets in another place.

    If the panel consists of parts, all connections must be treated with a silicone sealant to protect against moisture.

    Glass to protect wood panels

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    If you see the strength and determination to do this work yourself, think twice about your decision. First, depending on the size of your kitchen and the shape of the space between the kitchen table and cabinets, installing a glass apron can be quite a challenge. You cannot afford even one millimeter of an incorrect measurement.

    In addition, when you need to install solid glass panels, accidents increase. In addition, there is always the risk of dropping the glass on the floor and buying it again to double the installation costs. Even an apron made of tempered glass is not the safest technology.

    It is unacceptable that children or someone with bare feet accidentally stumbled upon a broken glass panel.BoardMasters do not recommend solid panels with a length of more than 2.5 meters: the joint itself will not be noticeable, and with glass installation difficulties are much less.
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    VIDEO: How to choose a glass apron?