Garden Pavilions do-it-yourself - Beautiful options (245+ Photos). How to turn into a real decoration? (wooden, metal, polycarbonate)


Garden gazebos, photos of which look good in the fashionable catalog, will also look good on a regular cottage. Even if you are not very big and not the most beautiful garden, even if you have a small budget and ideas about design are not too extensive, you can choose an arbor so that it looks good and appropriate. Not just performed practical functions, but also was beautiful. But for this, of course, you need to figure it out. More on this later in the article.

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  • Functionality
  • Materials
  • The form
  • Appearance
  • Oriental styles
  • Russian and Ukrainian
  • Modern styles
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 245 photos)
  • Functionality
  • Appearance
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 245 photos)
  • Functionality

    Arbor in the garden set to perform two tasks:

    • Practical. This is an additional room in the open air where you can have a great time. You can read, receive guests, eat kebabs immediately roasted, play board games, sing with a guitar or even doze in the chair - the possibilities are endless.
    • Aesthetic. Can become a real decoration of the landscape, if you approach the matter creatively.

    Garden gazebos are designed for comfort.

    In order for the gazebo to perform both tasks, you need to choose the appropriate material and form for it, figure out where it will be placed and decide what style it will have.

    With all this, we will deal sequentially.

    Practicality - the main thing in any thing. If the structure is inconvenient, then, no matter how beautiful it is, you will not benefit from it. And exactly as well, if it falls apart after a couple of years of service, it can hardly be considered a success.

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    First and foremost, the basis of the functionality of the future arbor is the material from which it will be made. There are four possible solutions.

    The main thing is that the gazebo is practical and comfortable.

    The first is a tree. It has the following advantages:

    • beauty. Perhaps, not every natural stone can compete with a tree in beauty. It is noble, it is elegant, you can cut out patterns on it, you can carve intricate shapes from it. The tree provides freedom that is useless to expect from any other material.
    • Traditional. Most classic styles are made of wood.
    • Reliability. If the tree is properly treated, it will not be afraid of moisture or pests, and will last for many years.

    Tree - a good option for choosing a future gazebo

    Of course, the pros are balanced by minuses:
    • Price. They ask for a high price for a tree - this is natural, since growing and processing it costs money. And you can not save on it, because cheap varieties rot, they are eaten by pests and they generally quickly become useless.
    • Opportunity to be deceived. A poor-quality tree is difficult to distinguish from a quality one, unless it has stood in the garden for a year and has not begun to rot. Therefore, there is always the probability of error.
    • Tree - the decision is classic, beautiful, pretentious. But next to the house from artificial materials (for example, covered with plastic panels) it will not look.

    A beautiful solution for many years

    The second solution is metal. He also has advantages:
    • Reliability. The tree cracks or rot over time, the metal begins to rust over time, but it happens much later. In addition, he is not afraid of any moisture or temperature drops, or minor troubles such as pests.
    • Specificity. Metal looks unusual, interesting, fresh. Arbors are rarely made of it (if it is not a structure on the playground), so you can show originality and find new interesting design solutions.

    Original and unusual

    But he also has disadvantages:
    • Price. A good, high-quality metal is not cheaper than wood - if not more expensive.
    • Construction problems. You can build a structure made of wood with your own hands, having trained a little and read books. But to build a structure made of metal you will not work out on your own - for this you need welding skills.
    • Specificity. This is both a plus and a minus. The metal arbor will fit far not everywhere. Plus, it will look strictly and in the summer it will be hot, and in the winter cold.

    It is harder to work with metal, special tools are needed

    BoardPure iron is a complex material, it is not easy to fit into the overall style. Therefore, people often resort to tricks - they plant grapes or ivy so that they surround the metal supports and make the whole picture more comfortable and lively.
    The third solution is stone. It can be both a natural stone, and a brick. The advantages are the same:
    • Reliability. The wood is rotting, the metal is rusting, and nothing happens to the stone at all. Stone arbor, if you use a quality solution, can serve for decades (and with a certain luck - to stand for more than a hundred). She is not afraid of snow, rain, insects, rodents, water, or heat. Even a mechanical effect on it is unlikely to affect.
    • beauty. Metal is specific, the tree is noble, and the stone is beautiful in its own way - and you can always choose the look that suits you.
    • Relative ease of construction. It is possible to build a structure of brick or natural stone with your own hands. The main thing - how to understand the topic.

    Stone arbor serves for decades

    The pluses include cons:
    • Price. Natural stone is also expensive. Although, if you take a brick, you can save a lot.
    • Heaviness. Stone is a heavy material. It is not easy to transport it from place to place, it requires a deep, high-quality foundation. If the land on the plot is not very solid, additional calculations may be required and it may even happen that the project will have to be abandoned.
    BoardThe stone is hard to process, but the bas-reliefs and patterns from it are not erased for decades.

    The cost of the stone is also not cheap

    The fourth solution is plastic. Sophisticated polymers allow you to make an arbor, which will be very similar to the construction of natural wood or stone, or even make it transparent.

    The advantages of plastic are as follows:
    • Price. In plastic, it is low, much lower than that of wood or stone.
    • Big choice. Plastic comes in different colors, with a different texture.

    From plastic windows

    But cons, of course, also have:
    • Simplicity. Plastic looks inexpensive, even if it is good and of high quality. Not in every garden it will turn out to enter the arbor made of it.
    • Unreliability. Plastic is resistant to water and temperature fluctuations, but the mechanical effect of it easily hurt - it will crack.
    • The need to hire workers. It is possible to assemble a plastic construction only with the help of special equipment, so independence can be forgotten.
    BoardIf you do not care how much a gazebo will stand, plastic will suit you. In addition, with proper imagination, you can assemble a beautiful design from it.

    A little imagination and get a good result.

    In addition to the four basic materials in the construction of the arbor, you can use auxiliary:
    • Glass. You shouldn’t make a fully glass arbor - the result will be, as in a greenhouse, in the summer it will not let go of stuffiness. But to insert glass elements into arbors from other materials, decorating them with stained glass, fusion or diamond engraving is a good idea.
    • Tiling. It is used to cover the roof gazebo. Beautiful, in some styles indispensable, reliable. The only negative - suffers from mechanical damage, because during a hail can crack.
    • Bamboo. Hay, grass and similar natural materials are used to cover the roof. As a result, the gazebo looks like a hut of a peasant or forester, which can also be considered an interesting stylistic decision.

    Arbor made of glass

    Materials, of course, can and should be combined.

    Looks particularly good:
    • stone and natural hay with grass - it turns out a mountain hut;
    • wood and glass - you can get a gazebo, similar to a fabulous house;
    • stone and tile - the result will look like a festive, as from the picture, the house of the eighteenth century;
    • metal and glass - this way you can get a high-tech design.

    And, of course, you can experiment, combine one material with another and look at the result. The main thing is to do this not in the process of construction, but in the process of drawing a sketch.

    In modern style

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    The form

    The second important aspect that affects the functionality is the form, which is divided into two subspecies. There is a form of construction - there are arbors on it:

    • Open. They are actually a roof on several pillars. It looks quite nice, interesting, spacious, allows you to visually blend the inside of the gazebo with the garden, which is located outside. In the summer in such an arbor it is cool, because the wind enters it, and even during the rain it is dry and comfortable. The only conditional disadvantage is that in winter this gazebo is useless, since it is unlikely someone will like to sit in it in a fur coat. But if you have a summer cottage and you do not want to plot a large-scale construction, this is a good solution.
    • Half open. These gazebos look like a low fence, from which raised pillars supporting the roof. It may look much sleeker than the open one, and the pluses - space and good ventilation - will not go anywhere. The downside, however, is the same - it’s cold to sit in such an arbor in the winter.
    • Closed. It looks more like a small house, because it has solid walls and a roof on top. It allows you to spend time comfortably in winter, but in summer it can be a little stuffy. It looks simple and beautiful in its own way.

    There may be a variety of forms

    It is necessary to choose a design depending on needs. If they are going to gather in the summerhouse to drink tea, play the guitar, discuss the news, then it makes no sense to put a closed one. But if you want to be able to fry kebabs even in winter, then it is precisely the closed spacious design with an exhaust hood that you need.

    In addition to the shape of the structure, there is also a geometric shape:
    • Round. These gazebos are relatively rare, because they are difficult to make. They look, however, spectacularly, interestingly, attract attention. They look especially good if the roof is made in the form of a hemisphere.
    • Rectangle. Common and traditional. This gazebo looks familiar, does not particularly attract attention. It can also be square - this is more interesting, the construction of metal and glass in the form of a cube will look perfect in high-tech style.
    • Polygon. Also often found. Usually, benches are placed along its edges.

    Rectangular arbor

    Thinking through the form, it is worth thinking about what will be at the gazebo inside. What furniture? What accessories?

    Because if you want to make a few benches that many guests can sit on, a round gazebo will not work for you. And for small soft poufs the rectangle will be too strict.

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    Functionality does not require in-depth analysis - it’s enough to estimate what your climate is and what you want to get from the gazebo, so that it’s in your head what it should be made of and how to look like.

    It is very important that it meets all requirements.

    The appearance is more difficult - you need to consider how the materials and colors are combined, what will fit, what accessories will be appropriate. And precisely in order not to think about it too much, people came up with styles.

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    Oriental styles

    The East is Asia, it is Arab countries, it is pretentiousness, a clear relevance of each element, in some places minimalism, and in some places radiant pomp. If you like the culture of eastern countries, then no one will prevent you from making an arbor in an oriental style.

    We build an arbor in oriental style

    The first one is Japanese. His main qualities are serenity and moderation. These gazebos stand in rock gardens, they meditate, meditate.

    To create one in your garden, you need to follow the rules:
    • Materials. Exceptionally natural. In Japan itself, the climate is milder than here, bamboo is used there for construction, rice is cane. But in Russia, these materials will not last long, because it is worth using light wood and stone.
    • Form of construction. Open or half open. Closed gazebos in Japan do not. But, if you are too hot in the summer, you can equip the structure with roller blinds imitating paper. You can paint them with hieroglyphs.
    • Geometric shape. The roof is pointed, with two or three layers. The overall shape is polygonal, fancy.
    • Colors. Dark wood, light wood, pink sakura and rice paper.
    • Furniture and decoration. Inside the gazebo should be a low table and tatami, which are invited to sit. From accessories - ikebana on the table, a few paper lanterns on the ceiling. Nothing more, nothing more, since relevance is the main quality of this style.

    The second is Chinese. His main qualities are self-discipline and thoughtfulness. The rules are as follows:
    • Materials. Exceptionally natural, no bricks, not to mention plastic.
    • Form of construction. Open or half open. No curtains.
    • Geometric shape. The roof is peaked, with curved edges. The arbor itself is polygonal, fancy.
    • Colors. Dark wood, mahogany, light wood. Emerald, scarlet, azure, gold - Chinese style suggests brightness, which is carefully combined.
    • Furniture. Wicker chairs, couches, chairs. No upholstered furniture. Accessories - paper lanterns, figurines, fresh flowers.

    Chinese holiday building

    Third - Arabic. His main qualities - pretentiousness and pomp. Everyone who looks at the gazebo in the Arabic style, should come to the head padishahs, jinn, camels.

    The rules are as follows:
    • Materials. Natural. Best of all is the combination of stone and fancy woven lattices in which you can look at patterns.
    • Form of construction. Half open. Grate - almost the main element. It is necessary to supplement it with a high pointed arch instead of the usual door.
    • Geometric shape. Optional. A good idea would be to make a dome, like a minaret.
    • Colors. Bright, with a predominance of gold and azure. Must fit perfectly.
    • Furniture and decoration. Low table, soft pillows with tassels, on which it is convenient to sit or even lie if you want. On the floor you can lay a carpet. Place metal lamps with candles in the corners, and a fancy figurine on the table.

    Have fun anytime

    BoardIn order not to be mistaken with the selection of colors, you can use the compatibility tables that are found in abundance on the Internet. Return to the menu

    Russian and Ukrainian

    Russian style is, in fact, a gazebo, which is very similar to a hut. Spacious, comfortable, evoking pleasant thoughts.

    Russian style hut

    The rules for its device are as follows:
    • Materials. Tree. Exclusively wood without impurities. Best of all, if it is light, similar to raw logs.
    • Form of construction. Walls in which there are no nails, the roof, folded triangle. It can be both closed and open, it all depends entirely on fantasy.
    • Geometric shape. Exceptionally rectangular, otherwise it will not look.
    • Colors. Or a tree, or a variety of bright.
    • Furniture and decoration. The furniture is mostly wooden too. Table, benches, you can put the chest to store the necessary things. Of the accessories, the carpet is on the floor (it should look like you tied it yourself), dishes painted in the style of folk handicrafts. You can put on the table a samovar, real or electric. And you can make a semblance of a Russian stove - actually a brazier, but beautiful.

    Can be either open or closed

    The Ukrainian style looks similar, but the gazebo should be slightly lower, its roof should not be of wood, but of cane or straw. Plus, traditional handicrafts in the Ukrainian style are different - not the usual Gzhel, for example.BoardThe "hut" in the Russian or Ukrainian style will be a great place for children's games. Return to the menu

    Modern styles

    Arbours made in the high-tech and minimalism style also look good - that is, in the most famous modern ones.

    In the style of minimalism, when nothing extra

    Minimalism requires the following:
    • Materials. Natural or artificial - anyway, he will make and plastic.
    • Form of construction. Open or half-open, with a minimum number of elements.
    • Geometric shape. Square or rectangular. The roof is flat, instead of the walls are the simplest pillars.
    • Colors. Light - white, milky, silver.
    • Furniture and decoration. At a minimum. Table, a couple of chairs. Live ivy on the walls. No trinkets, little things, paintings, carpets. The fewer things, the better.

    No trinkets and little things

    Hi-tech is somewhat more demanding:
    • Materials. Best of all - glass and metal. Can be supplemented with stone. But the high-tech tree does not stand in any form.
    • Form of construction. Either open, and then the structural elements should be minimally noticeable.Or closed, and then the gazebo should look like a metal cube with glass edges.
    • Geometric shape. The roof is flat, with a minimum of angles, that is, four.
    • Colors. White, black, silver. Bright shades only as rare patches.
    • Furniture and decoration. Furniture made of leather, plastic and metal. The classic combination is a table and a sofa. As accessories - lighting. Decorate it with an LED strip, which you can optionally change the color.

    Hi-tech - style that will make your arbor brighter and more beautiful

    Of course, this is not all styles with which you can design a gazebo. There is still country, Italian, Provence, modern and many others. But even a brief summary may give you an idea.

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    VIDEO: Beautiful gazebos for relaxing