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It is difficult to imagine the interior of a room without a chandelier. It plays an important role in choosing a style. Properly designed lighting will make the living room more comfortable, help compensate for the lack of sunlight, and visually increase the space. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Lighting in the living room
  • How to pick up?
  • Combining with different styles
  • Varieties of lamps
  • Suspended
  • Hanging models
  • Overhead Model
  • Materials for the manufacture of lamps
  • Choosing the color of the chandelier
  • VIDEO: We select a lighting device in the living room
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 195 photos)
  • Lighting in the living room
  • How to pick up?
  • Combining with different styles
  • Varieties of lamps
  • Materials for the manufacture of lamps
  • Choosing the color of the chandelier
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 195 photos)
  • Lighting in the living room

    In the hall it is customary to treat guests during the holiday. The whole family gathers together to watch a family movie. Therefore, the style of the room is given special attention. It should be both festive and cozy.. Can help in this matter can chandelier. Proper lighting will hide the disadvantages of the room, emphasize its dignity.

    We make according to the chosen style.

    Choose a chandelier on the basis of the following criteria:
    • interior room;
    • living room area;
    • view;
    • Colour;
    • number of light bulbs.
    Choosing the right chandelier is possible, given all these criteria. It must fully cope with its functions. If these conditions are not met, the lighting equipment will soon have to be replaced by a new model.

    We take into account all the criteria when choosing

    When selecting a chandelier, its dimensions are taken into account. They must fully fit the area of ​​the room.

    In a spacious living room can not be placed a lamp of small size. He can not cope with its main function - the lighting of the room.

    If you hang a large chandelier with bulky crystal elements in a small living room, then the space will visually seem even smaller. Therefore, the first thing that is taken into account before choosing the lighting equipment is the size of the room where it will be installed.

    Small chandeliers should not be placed in the large living room.

    Today practicing the combination of several fixtures. To make it look beautiful you need to harmoniously select models.. This can be done by a person who has perfect taste. If you have doubts about your own strength, it is better to stick with the classic options for placing a chandelier in the living room. It should fully fit into the frame of the chosen style.

    BoardWhen selecting a chandelier in the living room you must pay attention to the material from which it is made. Not all equipment will look good in the room. The choice will help make the setting.

    Pay attention to the material

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    How to pick up?

    Lighting in the living room can consist of several levels. In addition to the ceiling chandelier in the room, wall lamps, floor lamps and LED strips are installed, which are placed at different heights. Light highlights important decorative elements. If the lighting includes a complex system. It must be ensured that each element is combined with the rest of the instruments. This ensures integrity and harmony in the room.

    In order for the elements of the lighting equipment looked organically in the living room, you need to take into account a few simple recommendations.

    Installation of additional lighting

    These include:
    • In a room with a high ceiling, you can install multiple ceiling chandeliers. It is important to choose suspended designs of one model. Their size should be different so that they can be hung at different heights. To install such chandeliers is allowed near or in opposite parts of the room, as required by the design.
    • If the living room has a small area, then fixtures are installed the same model and size, but in different colors. A good option would be to use contrasting shades. Reception is used only in suitable styles.
    • Installation of exactly the same chandeliers. Suitable for classic interiors. In different parts of the room are installed identical models that will fill the space with elegance.
    • To make the room bright and alive can different lampshades. Lighting devices with the same base and type of construction can be installed in the living room, but the ceiling lamps are installed differently on them. This will give the room a fresh and dynamic look.
    • In a small room in the area should not be bulky structures or multiple sources of light. It is appropriate to hang only one central ceiling lamp. It should be as simple as possible to blend in with the design of the living room.
    • For rooms in which there is a division into functional zones, chandeliers are selected for each of them separately. Usually the living room includes:resting place, dining room, desk. Each of the zones can be supplemented with other types of lighting equipment. Separation is done in large rooms.
    • All lighting elements that are used in the living room should be combined with each other. This applies to ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and even LED strips.
    • Chandelier is selected based on the style of the room. The emphasis is on the design and color of the lamp.

    Each zone has its own lighting

    The classic living room option is to install a chandelier in the center of the room. When zoning space, you can use 2 or more light sources. Each zone should have its own central lighting.
    As a supplement to the chandelier or in its place, can be installed sconces or spotlights.

    They affect the intensity of light. For the work area is better to choose the cold shades of light. In a place where people will relax and relax, you can install a soft warm lighting. The main thing is that it is not too dark.

    Additional spotlights

    Some chandelier models are available with a dimming function. Due to this, the person himself adjusts the lighting. For example, when he is in a room alone, the lamp becomes more muffled, and with the arrival of guests, on the contrary, you can turn on the intensity to maximum. Return to menu return to menu

    Combining with different styles

    The living room sets a certain mood for the whole apartment. Here attention is paid to every detail. This is especially true chandeliers. For a lush and pompous interior, only a luxurious lamp is suitable. This will show and prove the satisfaction of the achieved result in life.

    Retro style

    For warm family evenings, it is better to stay at the lamp from the retro style. A young couple who likes to gather a large number of guests at home can install original designer lighting equipment. Modern models have a large number of additional features. They can quickly transform a simple living room into a nightclub.
    Chandeliers are different:
    • dimensions;
    • form;
    • design;
    • number of light bulbs.

    Chandeliers differ from each other by many factors.

    There are several basic styles that are suitable for the hall. Based on this, the lamp is selected in the living room. Among them:

    1 Classic style

    The main characteristics of luminaires are:

    • smooth lines;
    • universality;
    • glass and crystal. These materials are used for decoration.

    Classic Candelabrum

    Chandeliers are often made in the form of a chandelier. It reminds of ancient eras and ancient castles, where their sources come from. Classic style will always be in fashion. Therefore, many people stop on it.

    2 Modern style

    It is characterized by minimalism and practicality. Chandeliers look both simple and stylish. They can be decorated with ornaments or geometry. Lamps are not decorated with additional suspensions. They are painted in neutral shades, which fills the living room with brevity.

    Modern minimalism

    3 High-tech

    This style is characterized by such features:

    • chrome surfaces;
    • geometry;
    • minimalism.

    Chrome Hi-Tech Surfaces

    Such a chandelier in the room will look simple and original. Together with it, you can choose additional lighting equipment in the same style.


    Lamps are made from different materials. They may consist of several styles. These designs look unusual, but very well. For example, a classic chandelier, around which a cube of wire was created.

    In the interior of modern


    Lamps in the interior of the living room may look somewhat rustic and monotonous. Popular models are becoming ordinary lamps on the wires.


    Here the chandelier can consist of several parts. It is based on a classic style. The main thing to remove from the lamp all the magnificent decor and crystal pendants. The remaining elements can be artificially aged, create a worn effect.

    With notes of provence

    BoardChandelier in the living room plays an important role. It must be in harmony with the whole situation. The lamp will fill the room with individuality.

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    Varieties of lamps

    Chandelier in the room is selected based on the area of ​​the room. If necessary, the lamp can be supplemented with spot lights, wall sconces or LED strip around the perimeter.

    With led strip

    All chandeliers can be combined into several groups. These include:

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    Suspended model, which is installed at a ceiling height of more than 3 meters. She is a classic option. The design has long been used to illuminate apartments. Therefore, it is found in most apartments. Suspended chandelier fixed to the ceiling with a cord or chain. Today there are a huge number of them. They differ in configuration, color and size. Thanks to this mount fits any design. Ceiling lamps in such chandeliers can be made of:

    • glass;
    • plastic;
    • textiles.

    Suspended option for your design

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    Hanging models

    They are mounted to the ceiling with a special rod. It can be lowered or raised to the desired height. Thanks to this, it is possible to place accents in the room and adjust the light intensity.. Hanging chandeliers are conveniently installed in a hall with several functional areas in order to diffuse or, conversely, focus the light.

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    Overhead Model

    They are mounted at a lower height from the ceiling, but this does not prevent them from performing their functions fully. Typically, these lamps are installed in rooms with low ceilings.

    They can be made in different forms:
    • figured;
    • flat;
    • with additional lighting;
    • with decorative inserts;
    • with rhinestones.

    Almost all chandeliers have a static light.. This makes the process of using them much easier. Luminaires with this function are much cheaper than models with built-in light intensity adjustment. Dimmer chandeliers are just starting to gain popularity.

    The main stroke of the interior

    Today, there are also lamps that can switch the color of the lighting. These models included have a special remote control. Diodes are installed in the design, which will change each other when you press the buttons on the control panel. Most often, the backlight consists of green, blue, red, yellow shades. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Materials for the manufacture of lamps

    Today chandeliers are presented in a wide range. Choose the best option can each person. The main thing to take into account the style of the room, as well as correctly calculate your budget. In simple models of lamps, ceiling lamps are made of paper or plastic. Elite chandeliers can be made of bronze and decorated with rock crystal.

    The material for the manufacture can be very diverse

    The most popular models are made of metal. They have several classes.

    Luxury options

    The bases of lamps are made by a method of art forging. Most often it is completely handmade. The main material is iron. During forging it can be given a different shape. The appearance of the lamp will depend on the number of bends and their quality. It can be openwork elements or strict lines. Due to the weight of the chandelier is difficult to install. For iron structures require a secure fit. Forged chandeliers are perfectly combined with wood and stone, which are used in the decoration of the room.

    Luxury option


    The model is suitable for a classic style. It will create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Chandeliers are the perfect continuation of the classic style. Light is refracted through the crystal elements.. Thanks to this, a playful effect is created in the room. If to add the lamp modern functions, then light can be painted in various shades. Different colored stones are used for the decoration of the chandelier. Crystal and decorative items require careful maintenance.

    Crystal elements

    Democratic models

    They are made from cheaper aluminum. The main advantages of the material are:

    • ease;
    • flexibility;
    • ease of attachment.

    Aluminum base can be easily attached to all surfaces. During the installation of such a chandelier there is no difficulty.

    Simple but tasteful

    Chandeliers with a metal base are complemented by shades and lampshades. The main materials for their manufacture is glass or textile.
    Glass ceiling lamps can be:
    • transparent;
    • matte;
    • colored;
    • with different images;
    • absolutely smooth.

    Glass Ceiling

    Models made on the principle of stained glass attract the greatest interest to themselves. Ceiling lamps are assembled from multi-colored pieces of glass or painted in such a way that they look like a stained glass window.

    One of the most interesting and unusual ideas for decorating a chandelier is the use of a mirror. It can be installed on the basis of the design. From the mirror surface the light is reflected in various interesting variations. This creates an interesting glow in the room.

    Create an ultra-modern environment.

    Crystal chandeliers are usually very expensive.

    They can be replaced by cheaper glass imitation. Such options are cheaper, but they look almost like crystal lamps. Models of several tiers can only be installed in a room with high ceilings. In a small living room they will look ridiculous.

    Ceiling made of cloth will always be in fashion. They come in various sizes and shades. If the lampshade for the chandelier needs to be given a rigid shape, then a special frame is initially made. The cover will stretch on its ribs.

    With fabric shade

    Thanks to fabric shades, a soft diffused light is created in the room, which can convey the whole atmosphere of home comfort.
    Chandeliers can be made of such materials:
    • tree;
    • paper;
    • plastic.

    They are used for the manufacture of lamps much less. These materials are less practical and durable for lighting equipment.

    Eclectic style

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    Choosing the color of the chandelier

    The lamp for the hall can be chosen in any shades. Neutral and bright colors will look equally good here. The main thing is that the lamps should not get out of the interior of the room. The chandelier can either overlap with the main style, or perform the function of the main accent of the room.

    Classic neutral tones of the chandelier for the living room include:

    • the black;
    • white;
    • transparent.

    Create weightlessness with an abstract form.

    This list may be expanded. If you choose an atypical shade of a chandelier in the hall, the interior will be original and memorable.

    Neutral colors such as pistachio, green, dark blue, beige can exalt new emotions in the room.

    Every person wants to make his living room interesting and unusual. Therefore, very often non-standard solutions are used in the design of the room. These include a purple lamp. With this color should be extremely careful. If it is not set off by anything, then the room will be filled with coldness and detachment.

    Memorable interior with a red chandelier

    A good option would be the choice of chandeliers interspersed with small size. They can be evenly or randomly applied on the entire surface of the lampshade. Thanks to this, an atmosphere of mystery will be created in the room. Such effect disposes the present guests to intimate conversations.

    BoardIf there are fears that colored chandeliers will look too bright or nalyapisto, it is better to use transparent models. They can be made of crystal or glass.Ceiling lamps are decorated with various pendants. Such lighting equipment will always look stylish in any interior.

    Transparent models

    Chandelier can be painted immediately in 2 or more colors.

    In such models it is important to observe a certain harmony. They should not ruffle too much in the living room, but rather maintain the spirit of celebration and idleness in it. It is best for lighting fixtures to choose options in which one of the main colors will remain neutral, and the other will add color to the room. There are several successful combinations:

    • clear glass and lilac shade;
    • bronze and white tone;
    • emerald and delicate yellow-beige color.

    Beautiful option for lighting the room

    For fixtures often used additional elements. They perform a decorative function. One of them are metallized surfaces. It uses a variety of textures:

    • bronze;
    • black copper;
    • chrome satin;
    • gilding.

    Ceiling for metallized bases is better to choose from the classic options. In order not to distract all attention from an interesting and unusual surface, they must be white.

    Blue and ultraviolet

    The black lamp will always look extravagant. It can be installed in a bright living room with high white ceilings. Chandelier is suitable for minimalism, hi-tech, classic, gothic.

    The white chandelier has always been, is and will be a classic. It will organically fit into any design of the hall. White shade combined with all colors.

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