Interior design ideas of a modern kitchen in a private house + 130 PHOTO and TOP-8 trends in 2019


The kitchen is the heart of the house and the space where we cook and enjoy food, chat with friends and family. Kitchen design in a private house should be beautiful and tasteful. Although attempts to save from improving the kitchen look attractive, but the advantages of high-quality high-tech kitchen are such that they extend far beyond the financial interests.

Content of this article:

  • How to make the kitchen comfortable
  • Single wall kitchen
  • Work triangle in the kitchen
  • Determine the size
  • Kitchen "Galera"
  • The most efficient design
  • How to create in modern style
  • Rules of registration
  • TOP 8 best kitchen trends
  • Quartz countertops
  • Industria style
  • Cupboards without handles
  • Empty work surfaces
  • Storage solutions
  • Monochrome tones
  • Brass accents
  • Additional technologies
  • VIDEO: We change the design of the kitchen
  • GALLERY: Modern ideas of kitchen design in a private house
  • How to make the kitchen comfortable

    The kitchen is a space with strong emotional connections, as many of us associate the room with the preparation of delicious dishes and high-quality time.

    A narrow kitchen with a corner dining area brings the environment together.

    Therefore, any elements - from cabinets and stoves to forks and spoons play a huge role for our mood, can add to the family home a completely new dynamic, stimulating more pleasant cooking and eating.

    In the narrow dining area you can arrange the dining area in a remote part of the room.

    The planning decision is probably the most important part of the design. It is the location - and not its color or style - that determines how easy it will be to cook, eat and socialize on it.

    At the most basic level, the layout concerns the placement of appliances, sinks, cabinets, tabletops, windows, doors, and furniture — such as a table and chairs.

    Perfect location of kitchen appliances

    If you are building a new home or improving it, you have the opportunity to choose the layout that is best for you and your family. If you model, the structure of the existing house will limit the options.

    Layouts include:

    • cleaning area with dishwasher and sink;
    • cooking zone with stove and oven;
    • with fridge and freezer.

    We will talk about these options today.

    G - shaped, equipped with everything necessary

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    Single wall kitchen

    For a small space in which the refrigerator, sink, oven, hob, countertop and cabinets are arranged linearly and keep all appliances, cooking tools and products within easy reach.

    The entire structure can even be hidden behind compartment doors to minimize visual clutter in a small open space, such as a studio apartment.

    Good mix of white with dark

    Single wall kitchen layout is usually located in the studio or attic rooms.

    One of the effective interiors, single wall layout

    Although a working triangle can be the most efficient way to organize a kitchen, your space may not allow it.

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    Work triangle in the kitchen

    Any classically designed kitchen consists of three work areas, which are reduced to the combination of the main work items:

    • cleaning area with dishwasher and sink;
    • cooking zone with stove and oven;
    • with fridge and freezer.

    The interior of the three work areas create the necessary balance.

    These three areas, when they are located correctly, create the necessary working balance and concentrate around themselves the main movement in the kitchen.

    Below I have collected recommendations that will help you use the work area as efficiently as possible.

    The bright walls are perfectly combined with the kitchen.

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    Determine the size

    To make the most of your triangle, separate your work areas with the least amount of steps, but with enough work space.

    This means that the distance between the points must be at least 1 meter and not more than 2 meters. The common sides of the working area should therefore be at least 3 meters.

    The dining area is highlighted by a brick wall.

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    Kitchen "Galera"

    With the location of the "Galera" 2 zones are located nearby - food is taken from the refrigerator, prepared in the sink, and then moved to the zone for heat treatment.

    The passage should be measured at least 1.2 m, not more than 1.8 m. The dining area is usually located at one end, which helps to maintain activity while eating.

    The subtle contrast of the dining area of ​​a private house

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    The most efficient design

    The most effective design is the L-shaped kitchen. Here, two adjacent walls form a natural triangle.

    This layout provides flexibility in the arrangement of the kitchen space. If space permits, you can add an island.

    This will minimize the working triangle, identify patterns of movement, create a dining place.

    Simple stylish style

    If you are limited by space, use a small trolley or install a peninsula for an extra work area.

    Exquisite interior in wooden colors

    If space permits, consider placing a sink, dishwasher, or stove on the side of the island closest to the work center. The other side can be used to create the bar.

    Luxurious peninsula of white color with golden elements of a crane

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    How to create in modern style

    What is a modern kitchen? If you asked the same question 10 or 20 years ago, the answer would be easy.

    They used to be always industrial, cold and somewhat sterile. And you still will not be too far away from this answer today.

    Light walls and interior combine well together.

    But the term has also become broader. Modern is an addition rather than a holistic style. You can have a rustic style where rich wood is used, for example, in combination with industrial equipment and steel or aluminum parts.

    Or kitchens where austere design is combined with an extremely soft and welcoming dining area.

    In woody style with good lighting

    But this lack of concrete definition should be viewed in a positive way. Never before have there been more varied cuisines, which makes them exceptionally interesting and exciting for design.

    There are, however, some elements that unite the vast majority of kitchens. If you are designing a kitchen, you are likely to adhere to the rules of design.

    Creative interior will make you feel comfortable

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    Rules of registration

    High-quality technologyModern kitchens almost always include the latest models of technology. This often means high-grade hoods, smart home technologies and a variety of cooking tools.Bold but uniform colorsWhile now paying special attention to functionality and utility, they usually do not look as loaded as they actually are. The color is often bold, using greens or even black, but usually it is reinforced with steel and aluminum to make the appearance uniform and bright.

    Panoramic room, decorated in the same style and color palette

    ColourOften bold, using greens or even black, but usually it is reinforced with steel, aluminum, to make the appearance uniform and bright.

    The studio is equipped with all the most indispensable.

    Built in wardrobesModern kitchen is created for functionality, and built-in furniture is the method to get all the features you want. In addition to this, the placement conditions on plug-in racks offer a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing solution that is built according to specific needs.

    Small room with bright design

    Attractive but durable countertopsEngineering stone is a favorite of modern design, because it is attractive, but more than strong enough to withstand widespread use and abuse.

    Zoning from the living room using the podium

    Focus on lighting design.Lighting can create or destroy a design. It performs many diverse tasks, but should not interfere with aesthetics.

    Square kitchen-dining room in contrasting colors

    Excessive light can make the space look blurry, unattractive. That is why we recommend working with experienced professionals.

    When you are ready to realize your dreams of modern kitchen, you can rely on our advice and consult with professionals.

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    TOP 8 best kitchen trends

    The idea of ​​kitchen trends has gone beyond white surfaces, minimalist design.

    Islet expands work space

    Check out the latest trends below.

    Ceilings of white surfaces and minimalist design

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    Quartz countertops

    The number of people moving from laminate to quartz is steadily increasing, as the quality and value of materials is becoming an increasingly important factor.

    Previously, quartz was considered as a luxurious kitchen surface at an average price, but now it is obvious to everyone that this material is indispensable in the kitchen, since it will never be scratched, it will not fail.

    Dining room with access to the garden

    Consisting of 100% natural stone bonding resins, this version of the kitchen cover is strong and durable.

    Cut the vegetables, put the red-hot saucepan, cook chops - your surface will be eternal.

    Quartz is often called too expensive material, but it is not. Of course, a natural stone will not cost a penny, but you must observe some trick.

    Purchase a countertop not complete with kitchen, but separately from the manufacturer.

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    Industria style

    This style has grown significantly in recent years, especially in Scandinavia, the trend continued in 2017.

    Interior of the past

    It is characterized by plastered bricks, open pipes, primitive metal coatings, and minimalist furniture. This whole trend is inspired by the factory premises.

    Industrial - this is the beauty of coarse materials - such as wood, stone, concrete - with advanced technology, creating innovative finishes and solutions.

    Location in the attic of the house

    With this style, amazing combinations of form, function, aesthetics are achieved, which reflect our desire to curb everything that is really important.

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    Cupboards without handles

    The linear facade, which does not stumble on obstacles in the form of handles, is very popular. We are seeing more and more solutions for a simple but modern style, mainly in glossy finishes and in gray or neutral earth tones.

    Traditional granular wood, wood in natural tones is also becoming more popular due to the increase in new possibilities in the choice of tone.

    Split a small island

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    Empty work surfaces

    A new trend in interior design is the release of the tabletop, to open up space, to allow the home cook to calmly cook food on a clean surface.

    To provide this comfort, kitchen cabinet options have been invented, which contain different compartments, shelves for everything you need: from seasoning, oils to paper towels, tea bags.

    Clear work surfaces can also create the illusion of a larger kitchen space, so for consumers with a small kitchen area this is especially true.

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    Storage solutions

    Designers prefer to hide small kitchen appliances, so food processors and kettles can find a place in spacious storerooms.

    Unusual design solution to increase the space due to the minimalism of objects

    Deep drawers and well-thought-out storage solutions are also preferable, since not only style but practicality should be present in kitchens.

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    Monochrome tones

    In the choice of finishing rapidly growing popularity of gray, black and white tones.

    These colors are present in varying degrees, whether they are entire cabinets, countertops or appliances, or subtle shades that go through various parts and accents, such as kitchen accessories.

    While black and white colors have always been popular, the demand for gray surfaces of all shades became a key trend in 2017.

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    Brass accents

    The main direction in color is gray, earth tones, and homeowners generally prefer simple kitchen designs of neutral colors that will stand the test of time.

    Dark gray tones with added yellow

    In addition to this, there are more and more copper handles, accessories, household appliances, as people try to find alternatives to stainless steel, black elements to complement the new colors.

    The highlight of the spacious kitchen will be the view from the window

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    Additional technologies

    Technology is developing rapidly. She focuses on devices like:

    • built-in speakers with Bluetooth functionality;
    • smart coffee machine running on the phone;
    • Adjustable lights that respond to movement and change intensity;
    • pop-up sockets for charging the phone.

    All this gives traditional cuisine a delicate, modern bend.

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    VIDEO: We change the design of the kitchen