Kitchen design 8-12 sq. M. in an apartment with a balcony. TOP 5 tips for combining space + 100 PHOTO


When planning a kitchen renovation, you need to choose one of three possible redevelopment options.

At the expense of the balcony appears as much space

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Separate kitchen and balcony

Leaving everything as it is, we get two separated from each other by a window and a door of the room. We recommend you to arrange them in the same style and color.

Create a unique style with the help of lamps

Here you can organize storage space for preservation, set a coffee table or even create an office.

Gorgeous classics look great

Having a large loggia in a one-room apartment, you can completely “transfer” the kitchen there, leaving a lot of space for the living room with a dining area.

Redevelopment may have this option.

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The partition between the two rooms

By removing the window and door frames, we leave a partition that can separate two functional spaces - the cooking zone and the dining area.

Or we can use it as part of the interior, for example, as a kitchen island or a bar. A stylish, modern idea that will definitely decorate your apartment.

Expansion option with full transition to the balcony

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Complete dismantling of the wall

The room will be more spacious visually, functionally. In the empty pocket, you can move the work area or dining table.

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Interior features

Whichever option you choose, first of all you need to take care of the balcony weatherization so that the kitchen becomes the most comfortable and favorite place of the residents.

Bright design - positive emotions

Be sure to take care of exterior finishing materials, sheathe its insulation. Put double-glazed windows, fill all holes, run pipes and electrical network.

It is advisable to install a "warm floor" system, and lay the surface with ceramic tiles. To do this, move the radiator under the balcony window from the wall.

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Combining kitchen and balcony - the benefits of ideas

Balconies are often used as a warehouse for storing vegetables, canned goods and unnecessary things.

Properly organize the space

We will consider how to combine it as best as possible with the kitchen, to properly organize the living space. Having received additional space, you can use it in different ways.

For example, it is possible to install additional cabinets for kitchen utensils, or create a cozy dining area with a large table.

In this embodiment, the stay on the balcony can not deliver pleasure

Indeed, designer fantasies are endless

The area combined with the balcony will be comfortable, will become useful, aesthetic. Decorator fantasies for this idea are endless - the vacant part can be used for various finishes, and the shortcomings like a window ledge can be turned into a non-standard table for tea drinking.

If you install heavy kitchen furniture on the balcony area, take into account an important point: their weight should in no case exceed the permissible load on the stove, which is located at its base. Return to the menu


  • increasing the kitchen area;
  • unusual design;
  • improvement of heat and sound insulation;
  • improved natural lighting.
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  • need additional warming

Huge view from the window with a cup of coffee in the morning

Each solution has its own difficulties; among them we can highlight obtaining permission for redevelopment, often long waiting for legalization and substantial cash costs.

Collecting the necessary documents may take time, as well as the scale of the work to be done and uncertainty about the future - frightening.

The perfect combination of colors and materials

You shouldn’t worry about it so much, because the positive aspects of the project clearly outweigh the negative, and the result will be pleasing to the eye!

The scheme of combining the balcony and kitchen

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Disposition of the kitchen area in the integrated space

If you decide to merge the two rooms, remove the jumper between the kitchen and the balcony, then it’s time to organize the space.

We create a feeling of comfort and coziness

You can realize the ideal room from American TV shows - U-shaped working area with a stove and a sink by the window.

After completion of the insulation, exterior finish time to take the roulette. Measuring the space, you can easily understand what to fit from the old situation, and what you have to get rid of.

When the balcony increases the room to a huge scale.

Redevelopment gives a chance to beat the new kitchen space. Organize free entry into the formed pocket, otherwise all the work will go down the drain.

Even the most modest apartments in high-rise buildings have a balcony not less than a meter wide, which means that a cabinet with a table top and several hanging shelves will easily fit there.

Sometimes a kitchen with a balcony can only share the door.

You can install a washing machine or dishwasher, but they will need to be connected in advance to the power grid and water pipes.

Do not overload the small balcony with large items - choose furniture with open shelves.

Thanks to the windows, the kitchen will be very bright.

Owners of a large loggia can easily carry the entire work area to the windows. Then the remaining room will turn into a spacious dining area with additional seating.

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Space for dining table or storage area in the joint space.

The simplest way to use the additional space that appears is to move the dining area there.

The idea of ​​outdoor recreation

Every day, the family will gather in a lighted place, even getting up in the early morning will seem more enjoyable. Especially if the window offers a wonderful view! If not, just hang the blinds or roman blinds.

Just celebrate a celebration at home

Now you can choose a full-fledged large table at which it will be comfortable both to hold daily meals and celebrate celebrations.

Hang the TV on the wall and replace the chairs with a comfortable sofa and armchairs - you get a wonderful seating area.

Minimalism in the design, classic look

Any hostess will not give up the extra drawers for the storage of kitchen units.

Open space will not be cluttered with mixers, combines and sets due to the storage space that appears.

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Most popular design ideas

After you warm the balcony so that the whole family does not freeze on it, you can begin to think about how, based on your preferences and tastes, you can arrange the vacated space.

Visually expand the space

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Bar counter on the balcony

This interior unexpectedly diversifies the design of your kitchen and makes it more modern. A new solution to the lunch issue is the bar counter.

Plenty of space for dining

Most people dream of this, but dreams, alas, remain dreams because of lack of space.

You also have an amazing opportunity to bring everything to life. Moreover, the bar in this design solution can be placed in different ways:

1 bar counter can be placed in the opening, which was previously occupied by the window;

A large table at which everyone will be comfortable

A 2-rack can become not just a similarity to the dinner table, but an additional place to store food or dishes;

When fantasy and taste can turn into a mosaic wall

4 Sill will be another option for placing a bar in the vacant space. A delicious lunch, a pleasant chat with friends or relatives, a homely atmosphere and a beautiful view from the window - is this not the limit of all kitchen dreams;

Large windows always make even the darkest room light.

If you are residents of the ground floor, then do not rush to reproach fate for it, because in terms of design, you can win much more than your neighbors above.

We create a pleasant atmosphere for the eyes

All communications, sink and stove, can be transferred to the loggia, which will visually increase the space of the kitchen. Also here you can put a refrigerator to free the work area from household appliances.

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Flowing the kitchen into the office, pantry room and even the nursery

Still ready for custom solutions? The problem with the extra room can be solved using the balcony space.

Enjoy beautiful design

It is not necessary to use the kitchen, combined with a balcony, as a dining place. It can be made a relaxation or working area.

Bar counter can be placed differently

Love to read, always dreamed of a personal library, a cozy corner in which you can plunge into another fascinating story, but square meters stood in the way of wish fulfillment?

The scheme of combining and arranging furniture

Book shelves, cozy rocking chair, soft light will create comfort for every bookworm. There are still people who are incredibly bored at a summer cottage in the winter season or, on the contrary, only dreaming of it.

Now you can feel like a professional gardener at any time of the year and break up a wonderful winter garden right on the loggia.

Not always expansion can increase enough space

Another interesting way to redevelopment - is the creation of a children's corner on the loggia. Of course, modern housewives take a long time to stay in the kitchen, so it’s not always possible to be with children.

A big plus of this decision is the constant presence of a number and control over every small member of the family. While you are frying pancakes or baking pies, your children will play right next to your eyes.

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The issue of decoration: how to better equip the interior

Undoubtedly, the technical arrangement of the kitchen and loggia is in the first place. But only the right design solution will create a pleasant-looking atmosphere and an attractive look of the room.

When a small kitchen, and the extra space is most welcome

In this section, we have collected a few tips that will help you not to be mistaken with the choice of decor.

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Top 5 tips for successfully combining a kitchen with a balcony

1 Observe harmony in color. The best solution would be a similar range of both kitchen and balcony spaces. The loggia should be like a continuation, not a separate room. 2. Observe unity in the interior details and decoration materials in order not to spoil the overall impression of the gigantic work done. Then the visual space will expand and look much more advantageous and harmonious. 3 Separating the space through windows to the floor. Such a design decision will immediately create a European atmosphere that is so different from the one we used to see in apartments. This will be the best choice especially for those who nevertheless decided to create a winter greenhouse on the balcony for themselves. 4 You can replace the doors of glass or "French windows" with an arched opening. Do not leave boring geometric shapes, you can let your imagination fly, especially if the overall design of the kitchen corresponds to the modern style. This is another good way to zoning rooms.

Make your home unique and beautiful

Often there are such cases when the levels of the floor in the kitchen and loggia are different, so the feeling of a step going down or up is created. Of course, you can additionally work hard and make the floor completely flat, but we do not recommend to hurry in this matter.

Fashionable design solutions

If the loggia is located lower than the kitchen space, then a feeling of a cozy “personal” room is created if the tables are located closer to the outer wall.

Continued kitchen furniture on the balcony

When the situation is completely reversed, a kind of step can be arranged like a podium, and you will not be afraid of tripping.

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