Single Bed with a mattress and without: How to choose a comfortable one?


Small apartments complement single beds with mattresses. How to choose a suitable model for the interior? More about everything further in the article.

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  • Single bed materials and designs
  • Frame materials
  • Upholstery materials
  • Bed design options
  • Single mattress types
  • Springless mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Single beds with a mattress in the interior
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Choosing a bed for the interior
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Single bed materials and designs
  • Single mattress types
  • Single beds with a mattress in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Single bed materials and designs

    A compact bed often occupies a central position in the bedroom, so sleeping furniture must match the style of the interior and be comfortable for daily rest. The durability and comfort of a piece of furniture is determined by the materials and design chosen.

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    Frame materials

    The design of the base, supports, backrest and grating for the mattress is the frame of the furniture for sleeping. Its cost depends on the selected dimensions and materials. Depending on the model, the frame may be "open"of:

    • wood;
    • metal;
    • DSP;
    • MDF.

    Or "closed" - issued:

    • upholstery;
    • rhinestones;
    • embroidery.

    Single bed in the interior of the room

    Frames made of wood, MDF and chipboard

    Traditional single bed options are wooden with a metal base. Such models are made in the classical style, with low backs and supports. The framework from the massif of a tree is durable, looks strictly and suits the majority of interiors. The disadvantages of such materials are relatively high weight and high price. If the frame is selected dense wood of valuable species, the furniture must be carefully maintained, regularly varnished.

    Wooden bed with a metal base

    Single beds from a combination of chipboard, MDF and a metal base are light, they can be transferred from one room to another, a wide range of colors is available. The bases of the particleboard are short-lived, they are chosen for children's rooms and temporary accommodation (for example, hotels).

    Lightweight MDF construction

    Forged frames

    Forged frames are distinguished by high backs that adorn the openwork elements. Such frames:

    • heavy;
    • strong;
    • look laconic;
    • Give the room a touch of vintage style.

    High supports and openwork backs of wrought-iron furniture for sleeping are combined with a strict classical interior, options of a light shade will complement the style of Provence.

    Openwork backrest wrought furniture for sleeping

    The frame of the bed of any material can be made out upholstery, which gives the furniture "softness", smoothes the rectangular shape. Upholstery options are decorated with high backs, using "quilted" texture and bright shades of colors. The choice of material for the bed frame depends on the available budget and the style of the interior chosen by the owners.

    The framework from a chipboard or MDF trimmed with furniture fabric - the universal decision for any interior.

    Leather Headboard

    The owners of the bedroom in a classic style can stay on the frame of solid wood - this option looks expensive, the texture of wood is combined with the classic or vintage style. Wrought beds - a neutral option for the bedroom in the styles of Provence, loft and vintage.

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    Upholstery materials

    The back and frame is finished with the help of furniture fabrics:

    • natural;
    • artificial;
    • mixed

    The texture, density and appearance of the material depend on the composition.

    Natural furniture fabrics

    Natural upholstery is made of thick cotton threads of different density. A popular variant of furniture fabric is a tapestry resistant to fading, abrasion and dry cleaning. Traditional tapestry upholstery has an artistic pattern, organically look in the interiors of vintage style and Provence.

    Furniture upholstery tapestry

    Genuine leather upholstery is a long-term investment in a bedroom interior. Soft and elastic, natural leather has fewer shades than other materials, but it lasts longer and is less whimsical in care.

    Leather upholstery

    Artificial and blended fabrics

    Mixed upholstery is represented by textured fabrics consisting of cotton and synthetic threads. As a rule, such upholstery is distinguished by shiny threads, bright texture. Jacquard and boucle upholstery has a pronounced texture, unpretentious care and resistant to fading.

    Beautiful and practical upholstery

    Artificial furniture upholstery fabrics are represented by velor, flock and Chenille - dense fleecy textures of various colors.

    Such materials are resistant to:

    • burnout;
    • abrasion;
    • dry cleaning;
    • inexpensive.

    Dense synthetic fabrics are cleaned with low concentration soap solutions.

    Easy to clean, long serving.

    The color and texture of the fabric for upholstery depends on the interior of the bedroom. Traditionally, furniture for sleeping is chosen to match the surrounding finish, bright contrasting upholstery will turn a piece of furniture into an interior accent. Mixed materials for upholstery are inexpensive, unpretentious in the care, are presented in many shades and textures. Connoisseurs of natural materials will be able to choose tapestry fabrics, and the design of the bed with natural leather will give the interior refinement.

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    Bed design options

    A compact single bed design with a mattress will become additional storage space if the frame is provided with a lifting mechanism or drawers. Free space under the base is used to accommodate laundry baskets and covers for storage.

    Extra storage space for laundry

    Beds with lifting mechanism

    The lifting mechanism option is a base with a mattress that rises above the level of the supports. This option increases the storage area in the frame, allows you to remove bed linen immediately after sleep. Inexpensive version of the lifting mechanism - on the coil springs, it must be raised with little effort. Mechanisms with a shock absorber work smoothly and do not require effort during the nomination.

    Single bed with lifting mechanism

    The lifting mechanism will allow you to keep bed linen or home textiles in the base of the bed. The transformation mechanism does not take up additional space and is suitable for miniature rooms.
    Base with drawers

    Design with drawers - an option for spacious bedrooms. As a rule, each box has a width that coincides with the frame, so their extension "covers" part of the floor in the room. This design is suitable for those who want to use the maximum storage space, as well as save time on cleaning the bed after sleep. Built-in boxes roll out on wheels or built-in metal runners. The first option is more compact and noiseless.

    Frame with additional drawers

    The base design with drawers accommodates fewer things than the version with a lifting mechanism. The number and depth of the drawers depend on the dimensions of the furniture, with drawable and built-in modifications being available.
    Classic beds

    The design on the supports in the form of legs - a classic version of furniture for sleeping, inexpensive and easy to assemble. The height of the base of the bed above the floor level is adjustable when ordering a frame, such furniture looks more "airy", leaving free floor space. Forged and wooden frames with legs are in demand in the nursery, look good in country houses. The lack of built-in storage space compensates for baskets that can be placed on the floor under the base.

    Classic design with "air" space

    Durable bed frame materials provide a long service life, and various upholstery options are combined with different interiors. Lifting mechanisms and drawers in the body of a berth increase storage space. The models on the legs - a compact version for small bedrooms, while bed linen can be stored in baskets. Comfortable sleep requires the selection of a suitable mattress.

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    Single mattress types

    Versions with mattresses included - versatile bedroom furniture. Making a mattress to order will be required for problems with the spine, the need for special materials or non-standard furniture sizes.

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    Springless mattresses

    Such a mattress consists of several layers of synthetic or natural material, which provide a comfortable sleep on a rigid base.

    Mattresses from natural or artificial latex are elastic, their stiffness varies from minimal to medium. This option is suitable for people with minor problems in the cervical spine, as well as adolescents in transitional age. Externally, latex mattresses are dense, elastic, well ventilated and withstand intense loads.

    Springless latex mattress

    The mattresses of coconut fiber - the most rigid and elastic, they should be bought by a doctor. They are quite thin, expensive, hygroscopic and do not cause allergies.

    Hypoallergenic Coconut Fiber

    Combined springless mattresses include several layers of coconut fiber and latex. Such models have an average stiffness, more elastic than made only from natural fiber.

    Combined springless mattress

    Springless mattresses are suitable for people with minor problems with the spine, they are more compact and affordable, than spring counterparts. Most models have a weight limit, exceeding which reduces the service life. Springless mattresses are most often sold complete with furniture for sleeping.

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    Spring mattresses

    The traditional option for single beds, which is included in the price of the piece of furniture. Such mattresses are more voluminous, have different levels of rigidity, and are suitable for regular correction of orthopedic problems.

    Dependent spring blocks are used in inexpensive mattresses with a good supporting effect. Each spring in the design is rigidly connected to the others, providing a “hammock effect” during sleep. These structures support the body well during sleep, durable and inexpensive.

    Dependent spring units

    Independent spring mattresses consist of individual springs in textile covers that are stitched together. The design is less elastic, the load is distributed evenly over the surface of the mattress, the use of silent. Spring mattresses vary in diameter and number of springs per square meter.

    Independent spring mattresses

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    Orthopedic mattresses

    The manufacture of such mattresses is aimed at customers with various problems of the musculoskeletal system. Spring and springless mattresses provide a comfortable rest, orthopedic - guarantee the correct position of the spine during the night rest. They are created by medical companies, are available to order or complete with a single bed.

    Mattress repeats all the contours and curves of the body


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    Single beds with a mattress in the interior

    The placement of furniture for night rest in the interior depends on the area of ​​the room, the layout of the apartment and the style of decoration. The harmonious combination of the bed with the rest of the furniture obeys several rules.

    1The color gamut of furniture should either be combined with the rest of the furniture, or be contrasted with it. In the second case, the saturation and color temperature must match.

    The combination of colors of all furniture

    2Compact bedrooms are recommended to be supplemented with models on high legs, in order to visually “ease” the interior. Free space is occupied by low wide containers and baskets for storage.

    Bed with high legs

    3If a single bed is installed in the studio apartment, it is best to choose a model with a high back. It will divide the room into a work area and a space for rest.

    Splitting space in a studio apartment

    4Covers and pillows should be combined either with the upholstery of the furniture itself, or with shades of curtains and carpets in the room.

    Make pillows as an element of decor

    5 The location of furniture for sleeping in the center of the room will give the bedroom a cosiness. If the furniture is installed in the corner - the room will receive additional space for the working area.

    Sleep area in the center of the room

    6Additional decor - rhinestones, accessories, brushes, embroidery - it is recommended to use moderately. Such details create an emphasis on furniture that drowns out the rest of the interior. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    The traditional shape for a single bed is rectangular, but there are both square and round versions available. The furniture of the original form is the accent of the interior, while the round furniture for sleeping takes up more space than the usual one.

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    VIDEO: Choosing a bed for the interior