Room design options in the apartment (+150 photos). TOP-12 trends and TOP-4 anti-trend


Wanting to understand which room design options and shades are more relevant, I studied users' photos, and also learned from industry experts about the trends they like and what awaits us next season - which trends will remain and which ones will go away. Of course, do not forget to choose what you like, regardless of relevance, and the threat of not being fashionable. But as the seasons change, it may be interesting to make some changes to your home. Below, I have compiled a selection of tips on trends in the coming year, fading trends, and of course design tips on interior design.


  • TOP 12 trends of 2019-2020
  • TOP-4 anti-trend in the interior
  • Solutions for small rooms
  • Filling white spots and black holes in rooms
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for the design of trendy interior
  • TOP 12 trends of 2019-2020

    Seasons are replaced by one another, and with it our mood and tastes change. During these periods, there is a particularly keen experience about how familiar trinkets look appropriate, and whether it is time to change the color of the walls. Being in agony about the choice of a new image for my nest, I turned to the advanced designers, having studied their collections and approach. Below you will see conclusions that will help you to be in trend.

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    Dark green

    Let the leaves fall outside, but inside we will have eternal spring - the trend is especially relevant for kitchen cabinets in combination with rich natural wood and leather, with an emphasis on brass and cream shade - a cozy color that is perfect for autumn and winter.

    Dark green color in the kitchen interior

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    Places for peaceful retreat

    Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed by digital devices? Then this trend is for you. People massively carve out cozy, more intimate places in their homes as sanctuary-free vehicles.

    The most obvious place for such a trip - of course the bedroom. Surround your sleeping space with canopies or lace curtains hanging from a decorative wooden beam. Drag a comfortable chair into the corner to read your favorite books, or hang a hammock inside with a layer of soft blankets.

    Cozy chair and blanket for a relaxing stay

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    What could be more soothing than velvet? The fabric looks luxurious and welcoming in the fall and winter, and also in combination with coarse natural textures (how about artificially aged wood and wicker baskets?).

    With smooth metals and ceramics, she adds visual interest and tactile comfort to the room. If you do not dare to fork out on an elegant armchair with velvet upholstery, then instead sketch velvet pillows for an expressive velvet mood.

    Velvet sofas for royal reception

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    Woven texture

    Do not underestimate the expressiveness of woven textiles and the accents that they bring to the room, especially in the cold months. Hang flat baskets for focus on the wall, place the plants in woven coasters, or replace your lamp with a hanging woven floor lamp.

    Again, combine the rough texture with a soft velvet or with knitted wool and throw these accents on a smooth metal table, mirrors and ceramic details.

    Eco style with a wicker canopy

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    Pink is the color of a million. He is back, and better than ever. Decor inspired by Provence style and decoupage roses is at the peak of its popularity. And homemade accents in different shades of powdery will prove to you that this warm and joyful shade will remain for a long time.

    Designers call it “blush” and use it for antique dishes, velvet cushions, painted plant pots and other small details that set the tone.

    Powder tone velvet in the decoration of chairs

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    Decorative trim

    Do you want to update the interior, but are limited in budget? Not worth spending a fortune to make some improvements. Increasing the availability of mobile phone trim, from removable wallpaper to floor stickers, can make your finishing work good, whether it be in the bathroom or in the nursery.

    You can choose stickers with Ali Express or make hand-made crafts from improvised means to create the mood you need - and it will look appropriate.

    You can make floral motifs, paper butterflies or artificially create a wooden texture - it all depends on imagination. Now there are many ways to make simple and cheap decor to improve the rooms in the apartment.

    The sticker will highlight the working area.

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    Brass replaces copper, taking it to the bottom in interior design, especially when it is incorporated into furniture.

    Brass in furniture

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    Return to the old and cozy classics may appeal to lovers of comfort and those who do not want to part with their favorite things.

    In the new season, down comforters will be especially appreciated, as well as all sorts of cozy and soft bedspreads that will be casually draped over the bed, as if luring them to wrap themselves up. Designers offer a cozy home choice of blankets with elements of manual labor in the traditional or modern style.

    Bright quilt over the bed for comfort

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    Dark paint

    Forget the country house in white and gray colors! This season will be relevant dramatic note in color. Designers announced all the cozy shades of black as the main color of 2019-2020.

    Shades of black trend color of this year.

    For those who are not ready to go completely to the dark side, there is another deep color that also comes back - this is a chocolate brown tint, as the best way to bring some luxury to the decor. Designers advise to change the light cushions for this rich shade and carelessly scatter them around the rooms.

    Brown chocolate color in the interior of the room

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    Unusual bedding

    Try something more exciting this season than white sheets. Today, completely different patterns that can be combined with each other are relevant - experiment with monograms and monograms and do not be afraid to combine them with other patterns.

    This trend is gaining momentum and will soon become widespread. In addition to bedding, the expression of the style will be the bed with upholstered headboard, which has an important effect.

    Soft padding at the head of the bed

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    Terracotta tiles

    Terracotta tiles come back, and if you ask me, I will tell you that it never went out of trend. Turn classic pottery into the décor to add warmth and character to your home.

    Terracotta tiles in the interior of the kitchen

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    Unusual ceilings

    Everyone has heard of the importance of accents on the walls, but what about the accented ceiling? Whether it be textured wallpaper, foam ceiling tiles embossed with embossing or tin, wooden beams or bold colors - often add texture to the so-often forgotten "fifth wall".

    Wooden beams on the "fifth wall"

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    TOP-4 anti-trend in the interior

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    White interiors

    Interior designers are gradually moving away from white and gray shades, increasingly preferring warm, rich shades of brown, black, green and powdery.

    White "hospital" interiors diluted with contrasting objects

    Of course, this does not mean that you urgently need to remove marble countertops - they are timeless. And a few marble touches here and there can be beautiful. But in general, the trend with marble is gradually moving away. Instead, choose some terrestrial materials, such as wood, clay, and metal with a worn finish.

    Aged metal looks great in bright interiors

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    Copper Home Accessories

    Like marble, pink gold and copper seem to have completed their course. Do not panic: your real copper lamps and copper sink will always be in style. Here we are talking about overly brilliant, obviously fake domestic accents that have flooded the market in recent years and that are starting to look outdated. Instead, the trend is now moving toward classic aged brass.

    Do not put a lot of emphasis on copper accessories.

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    Furniture sets

    Instead of buying the entire set, people are now mixing and assembling different sets for a one-of-a-kind image. There is also a trend towards the departure from modern furniture to the style of the mid-century.

    Elements of furniture from the style of the middle ages

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    Boring bedding

    Switch to the bedroom this season, because we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, so why not get interesting bedding? The days of white pillowcases, sheets and blankets are a thing of the past.

    Bed linen with a twist

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    Solutions for small rooms

    I was born a lot of ideas in my head after writing this material, how to transform your bedroom in an apartment, or hallway, or bath. But what if you are unlucky with the footage and you have to huddle in a minimal space? Living in an apartment with tiny rooms can be a problem: how to make your limited space larger? Try these simple home decorating ideas that won't steal priceless space.

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    Ideas for the visual expansion of space

    Forget about the top matt black walls, unfortunately, this is not an option for small-sized.

    Better use light colors on the walls and on the floor. Soft shades make a cramped room more visually spacious.

    Light walls for a small apartment

    1 Hang mirror

    Place a mirror in front of the window and it will reflect light into the room, making the space more airy. The bigger the mirror, the better.

    Large mirror opposite the window for the airiness of the space

    2 Add more metallic accents.

    A flickering lamp, lamp, or other object with a reflective metal surface will have a similar effect as a mirror, reflecting light and brightening the space.

    3Install the mounted shelves

    They offer ample storage space, while at the same time not burdening the interior and not forming bulky as from wall-mounted or bookcases. You can even swap your bedside cabinets for hanging shelves.

    Hinged shelves for placing things

    4Visually enlarge windows

    This effect is achieved with the help of curtains, if they are installed not directly above the windows, but under the ceiling - this effect visually makes the window taller. The same trick is used to visually increase the width of the window, if you hang curtains a few centimeters wider than the side panels.

    Curtains under the ceiling visually increase the height of the ceilings

    5Align the color of the curtain with the walls.

    Curtains that merge with the walls create a solid line, which makes the room much larger.

    6Select compact furniture

    Choose furniture that is suitable for a smaller space - good, today even the traditional bulky chairs have been replaced by soft club chairs, which have a narrower width, so you can get the same cozy look without saving on space.

    Compact and necessary furniture for a small apartment

    7Select air parts instead of fundamental structures wherever possible.

    For example, instead of a solid wood table, choose a transparent acrylic table or with an open metal base.

    8 Think Storage

    An easy way to keep a small room free from confusion is to choose furniture with storage space for items, such as a coffee table with a shelf below, a bench with bins under it, and an ottoman with a removable top and empty space inside.

    9Make your furniture mobile

    Buying furniture on rollers - or independently equipping them with rollers - allows you to easily rearrange parts as needed, be it a chair, a table, or a kitchen rack.

    Mobile and functional furniture

    10 Decorate rooms with plants

    Greens make even the smallest space more fresh and easy. If you do not have space on the floor, try hanging pots with flowers.

    Pots with plants around the perimeter of the room

    11Use open boxes

    This is another new trend in the world of interior design, which is indispensable for small spaces. Hang your jewels on beautiful boards with hooks to clear the valuable space from the drawers in the bedroom. The same applies to the kitchen when it is necessary to clean the space from small parts.

    12 Move furniture away from walls.

    Even a few inches between the wall and the back of the sofa can make the living room more open.

    Vertical stripes on the wallpaper for a visual increase in the height of the ceiling

    13. Add vertical stripes on walls or curtains that visually lift the ceiling and make the room taller.

    Do not be afraid to mix materials and textures, experiment on a tactile contradiction - such as rough and smooth, cold and warm, hard and soft. Return to menu ↑ back to menu

    Filling white spots and black holes in rooms

    Each apartment has those tiny areas that we tend to ignore and leave empty. Especially if you live in a small space, you will not want to miss these five possibilities in order to ennoble living spaces.

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    In the corners of the room

    Even in the corners of the room it is possible to place some additional shelving. If you are a tenant and do not want to install corner shelves, consider a hinged rack in the form of stairs.

    Hinged rack in the form of a ladder as a functional element of the decor

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    Along the narrow corridor

    Many apartments have a long narrow entrance corridor. While this space can be a problem for decoration, the key is the choice of objects that mimic the long narrow shape of the corridor to create dynamics. Fit flat wall shelves elongated and long rugs (especially appreciated with sparkles).

    Long, bright little rug in the hallway

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    In the bathroom

    The fact that your guests do not see this space does not mean that you should not bypass it or try to personalize it. Hang the plants that love moisture and get a shelf that is installed right on the bath - use it for your favorite little things.

    Use moisture-loving plants in the bathroom

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    On the windowsill

    If your window has even the tiniest protrusions, they are the perfect place to support some sun-loving plants and beautiful knick-knacks that create a mood in the room.

    Beautiful bauble on the windowsill for the mood

    You can add a shelf above the door or hang an object of art. This is an easy way to draw attention to an unexpected place.

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