Crafts from natural materials do-it-yourself in kindergarten and school (+180 photos). Beautiful and creative ideas for children


Each season presents people with its natural materials, from which you can create spectacular crafts. In the summer, these can be stones and shells brought from the sea, and in the fall yellow leaves and cones. There are also many creative solutions using flowers, acorns, vegetables and fruits. Feeders for birds, elements of home decor, paintings and products for the dacha can be made from different materials. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Types of crafts
  • How to make a gift in honor of Mother's Day
  • Christmas crafts
  • How to make autumn crafts for kindergarten
  • Handicraft for primary school
  • How to make forest abacus
  • Autumn home decoration do it yourself
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for crafts made from natural material
  • Types of crafts

    The reason for the manufacture of handicrafts can serve as a holiday. Most often, people make various products with their own hands from natural materials in the following cases:

    Crafts for Christmas

    • To decorate the portrait on Mother's Day.
    • On the New Year.
    • Autumn crafts for home decoration.
    • Products for household purposes in the form of baskets or vases.
    • Halloween Pumpkin Crafts
    • Decorations for the garden.

    Eco-friendly Halloween crafts

    All these items will be made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials, and therefore will not harm health. It is worth noting that the family will not spend a penny on this, it is enough to go to a forest or a park and collect the necessary items.

    Environmentally friendly materials are not harmful to health.

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    How to make a gift in honor of Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is a special day for every man or son. At this point, I want to please my mother with something. In this case, a handicraft made of natural materials is perfect, because the most expensive gift is a gift made with your own hands.

    The most expensive gift is a handmade gift.

    There are several types that can be presented to the hero of the occasion. They can be lightweight, which even a small child can handle or more complex.

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    Portrait decoration

    One of the most creative and at the same time simple ideas is to decorate the portrait of the mother with a beautiful autumn outfit.

    Portrait of mother with his own hands

    This will require the following materials:

    • grains of wheat or other grains;
    • beads;
    • pumpkin seeds;
    • maple yellow leaves;
    • glue;
    • picture frame.
    • color paper A4.

    Imagine using available materials and gifts of nature

    First you need to prepare a frame and background for the future portrait. Here it is better to use calmer colors, the background should not be flashy and draw all the attention to yourself. Well suited pastel colors.

    When the frame with the background is ready, it is necessary to find the photo of the mother in full face and the more it will be, the better, it will allow full use of all the prepared natural materials and will give more space for creativity.

    If the photo is large, you need to cut only the face and stick it on the background. Now you can begin to decorate the picture. First you need to make hair from wheat grains. Hairstyle can be absolutely anyone, not necessarily the same as it was in the photo.

    For background choose light colors.

    On top of the head must be left room for the crown of maple leaves. Here you can also dream or spy ideas from films and cartoons.

    Below under the neck also need to stick a large maple leaf, but upside down. It will be part of the necklace that will be made from pumpkin seeds. At its discretion, you can add multi-colored beads to the composition.

    Decorate the "dress" with flowers

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    Christmas crafts

    New Year is one of the most important and long-awaited holidays for every family. It is always very important to make it special, crafts of different natural materials made by themselves can help.

    DIY crafts will help make the New Year special.

    It can be not only toys for the Christmas tree, but also Christmas wreaths on the door of cones, jewelry boxes, decorations for walls and tables.

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    How to make a Christmas wreath for the door of the cones

    To make a wreath of cones, you first need to make a round base. If you wish, you can do it yourself or buy a suitable item in the store. You can also search the house for something resembling a circle, absolutely any subject will do.

    Christmas pine cones for door decoration

    To create a full-fledged Christmas crafts will need the following materials:

    • Glue.
    • Cones.
    • Round object, such as embroidery mugs.
    • Wide ribbon (preferably red).
    • Small branches of trees.
    • Berries.
    • Acorns or nuts.
    • Wire.
    • The branches ate.

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    Take the frame for the future wreath

    The first thing to do is to think through to the end what the wreath design from natural materials will be. It is advisable to draw a sketch on paper. Depending on what is used as a round base, you need to choose the best option for fastening the cones.

    Bumps can be attached with wire or glue

    If it is a foam circle, the cones can be attached with wire, in other cases reliable glue is more suitable. But before you stick them, you should think about how to repaint from a different color, such as red or golden bumps look very impressive.

    Cones can be repainted in a different color.

    Sometimes, by design, the bumps need to be glued to the natural position, but this does not always work. In this case, you can increase the bonding area and attach them to the side, before breaking the part of the petals. For convenience, pliers are used for this. Return to menu

    How to decorate a Christmas wreath

    Christmas wreath serves as a talisman

    Sometimes a New Year's wreath is not only the subject of home decoration and create a cozy atmosphere. In some cases, it serves as a talisman. To make it, you must use the appropriate natural materials that have the appropriate spiritual strength. These can be the following plants:

    Kalina on a wreath - a symbol of unity and unity of the family

    • viburnum - a symbol of cohesion and unity of the family;
    • sunflower - a symbol of financial well-being;
    • oak acorns - add health (like a walnut), as well as strength and longevity;

    Blue with gold symbolize health

    The same applies to the color of the Christmas wreath:

    • Blue with gold - health.
    • Red - energy and strength.
    • Golden and green - the color of wealth.

    Gold and green - the color of wealth

    You can also use items such as Christmas balls, dried lemon mugs, cinnamon sticks, garlands and ribbons, fruits, candy or rain.

    • Blue with gold - health.
    • Red - energy and strength.
    • Golden and green - the color of wealth.

    Use dried lemon mugs, cinnamon sticks, ribbons to decorate

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    How to make autumn crafts for kindergarten

    It is autumn time that involves the manufacture of a large number of handicrafts from natural materials for kindergarten. At this time, educators and teachers are trying to awaken creative nature in children, and parents can help them with this.

    Autumn harvest

    Young children are offered to start with the simplest. The most common hack is a photograph of a child in which he is trying to blow the wind. It is glued on one side of the sheet, and the leaves on the other, thus it seems as if the baby inflates the leaves and they fly through the air.

    Pumpkin minions

    Other simple crafts from natural material may be as follows:

    • Hedgehog.
    • Owls.
    • Wreaths on the head of the leaves.
    • Crown

    Owls - one of the favorite children's characters

    To make a hedgehog, you will need A4 sheet, pencils, glue and preferably birch leaves, if they are not found, any other with pointed ends will do. On paper, you need to draw the hedgehog face or its entirety. Next on the body, where the needles are located, the sheets are glued with the sharp ends up. Hedgehog ready!

    Instead of needles, leaves are glued with sharp ends up

    For the wreath will need any round object that can be worn on the head. In extreme cases, you can cut it out of cardboard and glue the ends. Here leaves with long petioles will fit better to tie it to the base. In the same way, you can attach different flowers to the wreath.

    With the help of petioles you can tie a wreath to the base

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    Handicraft for primary classes

    School crafts will be more difficult to level. Here, teachers will pay attention to the manifestation of children's creativity and skills.

    Crafts in school more difficult

    • beautiful leaves of different shades of yellow;
    • chestnuts;
    • acorns;
    • fruits and vegetables (if they are dried);
    • rowan or other berries;
    • nutshell;
    • cones.

    Cute owl do it yourself

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    Beads from berries and acorns

    Beads from natural materials always look very beautiful, creative and colorful. The most important thing is that this craft can be made by almost every schoolchild from primary school. To do this, you need acorns, berries, thick nylon thread and needle.

    Beads from natural materials always look very beautiful, creative and colorful.

    To begin with, the thread is threaded into the needle. Next you need to prepare all the berries and start stringing them with a certain order. To make the beads more beautiful, you can string the dark and light fruits one by one, or you can divide the thread into even parts 50/50 and put the berries on each side with your own color. If you do not comply with any queue, you will get no less creative.

    To make beads from acorns, you must first make through holes

    To make beads from acorns, you must first make through holes. To do this, you can use a rigid needle with a thimble, a thin nail or awl. It is better for parents to take on this work, as the child may get hurt. And he already entrusted the work of putting on acorns on the rope.

    Rowan Beads

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    How to make forest abacus


    Abacus bagels - a delicious gift!

    One of the most creative handicrafts is forest abacus made from natural materials. Here, the child will need the help of parents, but the process is so interesting that everyone will get pleasure from the result. To make crafts, you must prepare the following:

    • Birch log.
    • Chestnuts
    • Thin and smooth sticks.

    Since here you need to work with wood, you need the help of parents, namely the father, as you have to make a little effort. First you need to divide the log into 2 parts along the trunk. It is desirable that the parts are the same. They will serve as the basis for future crafts.

    Now you need to prepare the sticks. They must have the same length, diameter. They should also be smooth without bends and protrusions. Further holes are made in chestnuts, they should be such that they are easy to put on and slide over the stick.

    It is very important not to forget to first pass all the chestnuts on sticks in the same quantity, and only then fix them on the previously divided log. You can fix them with a reliable glue or nails. Abacus ready!

    Chestnut or acorn scores

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    Autumn home decoration do it yourself

    Autumn decoration do it yourself

    It does not have to spend a lot of time, one evening will be enough. It remains only to choose what it will be handicraft:

    • Panel of leaves.
    • Herbarium Topiary
    • Roses from maple leaves.
    • Basket for fruits and berries.
    • Decorations for the candlestick.
    • Wreath for the front door.
    • Pumpkin vase.

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    How to make a panel of maple leaves

    The most large-scale hack is a panel. The result will be very impressive and will impress every guest of the apartment. But the most important thing is to make it very simple. This will require the following materials:

    Panel - scale crafts

    • maple leaves with a reddish tinge;
    • tree branch for the trunk;
    • a bunch of dry spikelets;
    • dark color lacquer;
    • large basket for several pumpkins;
    • decorative pumpkins;
    • a large piece of square plywood;
    • simple pencil;

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    Not everyone can have decorative pumpkins at home, instead you can use acorns and chestnuts, which can be collected in any park or forest.

    First you need to prepare the most important thing - this is the base of plywood. It needs to be polished. Attention is given to corners, they should be smooth. Next, dark lacquer or stain is applied to the plywood, as long as the result is that the square has a brown tint.

    Prepare a plywood base

    All paint or varnish should dry well. Next on the plywood you need to draw a large wedge sheet. Now you can start sticking sheets across its area. The result will be one large sheet of many small. It is necessary that one sheet slightly covers the other, there should be no gaps between them.

    Glue the leaves across its entire area of ​​the painted leaf.

    In the place where there should be a leaf stalk, stick previously cooked stick. It should be as close as possible to an enlarged copy. Now the panel can be hung on the wall and decorated with a basket with pumpkins and spikelets installed side by side on the table.

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