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3D photo wallpaper on the wall (+225 Photos): TOP-5 types for modern interiors + Design Tips


Photowall-paper with a 3D effect on a wall - widescreen images with presence effect for the embodiment of design decisions. The created three-dimensional images look voluminous and create a perspective effect. The use of such wallpaper in the design allows you to embody the most incredible fantasies in your home, to create a unique and very beautiful interior. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • TOP-5 types of wallpaper
  • Application in interiors
  • Room size
  • Care
  • Printing methods and materials
  • Recommendations for registration
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original ideas with ЗD wallpapers
  • Advantages and disadvantages

    Thanks to innovative three-dimensional graphics, a pattern is created on a completely flat surface that looks volumetric when viewed visually. A feature of the image is its "exit" into the space of the room and a high degree of realism.

    Very realistic effect thanks to the wallpaper

    Want to transform the interior? With such wallpaper it will be fascinating.

    Benefits of use:

    • long service life;
    • easy care;
    • wear resistance;
    • can be used in most rooms, even in the nursery;
    • heat resistance;
    • no deformation;
    • originality of the interior;
    • uniqueness;
    • fire safety;
    • use for zoning, for example, in studio apartments;
    • wide field for incarnations.

    Beautiful, unusual, but impressive

    The main advantage of this type of finish is decorative. The installation of the canvas requires special care and organization. No shortcomings, too, was not.

    The disadvantages include such features:

    • high price;
    • Some images can only be made to order;
    • annoyance, so it is advisable to choose neutral pictures;
    • the rest of the interior should be combined with a spectacular image;
    • exactingness to the size of the room and the state of the walls;
    • some types require the installation of additional lamps to emphasize the effect;
    • in case of mechanical damage it is impossible to restore the canvas on the wall.

    The cost of this canvas is not cheap

    In order for the impression of the photo wallpaper to be only advantageous, the surface of the wall must be carefully prepared in advance. Irregularities and bumps are able to negate the entire expected effect.

    It is very easy to damage the surface by placing the wallpaper on the wall.

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    TOP-5 types of wallpaper

    This finishing material has several basic varieties that differ in characteristics.

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    In this group of cloth standard size. The images themselves are not composite. These can be geometric shapes, patterns, etc.

    Standard view of the canvas without pattern

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    Such wallpapers can be of two types:

    1 An image that is framed and perceived as an independent interior element. 2. An image in some composition.

    Everything is much closer than you think.

    Every single element is a fragment of the image. Cloth - only a certain size.

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    These wallpapers are big in size. They can occupy one or more walls. At the same time, the pattern on the whole panel is common, perceived as a single whole. If such an image is hung around the perimeter of the room, the effect is maximized.

    Panoramic picture on the whole wall

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    In the daytime, fluorescent wallpaper is no different from the usual three-dimensional. At dusk, these "ordinary" wallpaper dramatically transformed.

    The manifestation of the effects that you did not expect

    The secret to the manifestation of incredible beauty effects - the use of fluorescent lamps. They are placed behind the cloth. The backlight creates realistic volumetric images that amaze the imagination.

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    LED light

    This group is considered the most original and interesting from the point of view of design. Such wallpaper itself is a serious electronics-based system that combines many LEDs.

    The canvas has LEDs that can be adjusted

    LED backlight is adjustable. The system is controlled by a remote control.

    Another way to regulate is with a special mobile phone application. By specifying the parameters, you can create unique compositions. They completely change the design, and improve the design.

    Create unique compositions right on the wall

    This wallpaper requires special care, which is not cheap. During operation there may be breakdowns, problems with operation, etc.

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    Application in interiors

    Three-dimensional wallpapers are used to decorate rooms for various purposes. In each of the rooms they have their own special role.

    Incredible interior using thematic pattern

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    For kitchen space, volume effects in the work area are an unusual decision. Wallpaper 3d can be decorated area kitchen apron.

    Three-dimensional picture makes a small kitchen more visually

    Designers try to avoid in the design of kitchens subjects of household items and food images. Landscapes, drawings of the sea, abstraction and photos of plants will look much better.

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    For the rest room, it is recommended to pick up the calm themes of wall decoration. To rest in such a room would be a real pleasure.

    Making the bedroom more comfortable and cozy

    Such images would be a good solution:

    • starry sky;
    • bouquets;
    • single flowers;
    • gazebos entwined with flowers;
    • the woods.

    Amazing bedroom solution

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    Entrance hall

    Do you have a small hallway? Beautiful, but at the same time large drawings will not fit into this room. In a small space they will not be as spectacular as in a large one. Therefore, you can prefer a graphic image that will visually increase the space.

    Photowall-paper with painting in a hall

    For a large hall, these restrictions are not. The mountains and the forest will look good here.

    You can try to combine 3D images with moldings, decorative inserts and natural wood trim. Return to menu


    If this zone is combined with a kitchen, then it is possible to confine oneself to decoration with 3D canvases or just a working area, or just a dining room. The entire wall of wallpaper at the place of eating will literally take you to another space. It may be ancient European streets, the ocean coast, a cozy meadow or something else that brings pleasant memories and creates a mood.

    Transfer to another reality with the help of such canvases

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    Living room

    The design of wallpaper for the living room is limited only by the overall style of the interior. Pictures of old streets and houses, views of London, New York, Paris will fit well into most rooms. Pictures of the ocean coast and terraces facing the sea will be organic.

    Sea beach for living

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    Themed with the characters of favorite books or cartoons will fit into the child’s room. There will be a feeling that the characters are present in reality.

    Choosing characters that your children like

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    The marine theme is not the only one that is available for personalization in the bathroom. The forest landscape, mountains, and waterfalls will create an original feeling of spaciousness and clean air.

    Romantic sunset for the bathroom

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    To focus on one of the walls in the office, the design is selected taking into account the effect that I would like to receive in the end. Want to give yourself energy? In this case, pay attention to the abstraction.

    Landscape for comfort and relaxation

    Are you a creative person and need a relaxing atmosphere? Many will like realistic landscapes and images of flowers. Separately, it should be mentioned macro photos that allow you to convey all the nuances. Large heads of dandelions, roses, camomiles, etc. look original.

    Flowers with a gradient for rest and rest

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    Room size

    The maximum effect of the use of such wallpaper is achieved by a responsible approach to the choice of materials and taking into account the size of the room.

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    Small rooms

    A small area of ​​the room - a difficult area for the location of 3D images. Spectacular volumetric and colorful drawings in a small room will not look.

    Consider the size of the room when selecting a picture

    Visually add space help wallpaper with perspective. This may be, for example, a footpath leading to a forest, a seacoast, a staircase, etc.

    If we take the pastel shades as a basis, the room will appear lighter and larger.

    Flowers will also be well combined with light shades of the room.

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    Large rooms

    For spacious rooms, you can realize almost any fantasy and conduct a bold experiment. Here bright images with underlined texture and multi-color will be acceptable. This approach is justified if the wallpaper itself is the main focus and center of the composition.

    We realize any fantasy, if the territory allows for it

    For interiors in which the furniture needs to be allocated, the wallpaper should be restrained. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu


    Wall 3D wallpaper does not require complex care. Non-aggressive detergents are used to eliminate pollution. This is possible due to the water repellency of the surface, which is composed of polyester.

    Proper care will extend the period of operation.

    Surface resistant to fading, non-flammable, and can withstand minor damage.

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    Printing methods and materials

    It depends on the method of printing, to a considerable extent, how long-lasting bright colors and rich colors will be. This may be ink, which under the action of ultraviolet applied to the cloth. This method refers to the popular, as it gives lasting results.

    One of the ways of drawing the picture - coating in ink through ultraviolet

    Another application method is the application of eco-solvent ink. Images with their use are durable, with good resolution. Of the minuses - long drying and unpleasant smell of the ink itself.

    Latex inks - eco-friendly, fast drying and having good performance. The disadvantages are not very high definition.

    Large format printing can be performed on the following types of canvases:

    • with non-woven base;
    • on vinyl;
    • on paper.

    First select the type of canvas for the base.

    Depending on the base material, it is determined in which rooms such wallpapers can be placed. The most eco-friendly include paper panels. They can be hung without any fear in the nursery, dining room and any other room that does not have high humidity.

    For rooms where the risk of contamination is high enough, it is desirable to use images on a more solid basis.

    The stronger the foundation the better

    Photowall-paper with volumetric images can be located not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling, furniture facades, plasterboard architectural structures, etc. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Recommendations for registration

    The application will be most effective when following these recommendations:

    1 Do not glue glossy pictures on the wall, which is located directly opposite the window. With constant glare on the surface, the beauty of the pattern will be lost. The three-dimensional 3D wallpaper used to highlight zones must be carefully selected in color, style and purpose of the highlighted part of the room. For example, for a recreation area, the best solution would be the image of landscapes, for the reception site of visitors and guests - a dynamic abstraction. 3 include any image. 5. Images that depict realistic open doors or windows visually enlarge the space. 6 An interesting design technique is to place a mirror on the wall, which is It is located opposite the paintings. This will create the effect of a large room. It is desirable to use wallpaper with the same color scheme as the main interior. Dark images are especially undesirable for a room in bright colors. 8 Wallpapering of wallpapers, especially panoramic ones, should be entrusted to professional craftsmen with relevant experience.

    Dark pattern - only with light furniture

    These wallpapers attract attention. They will please your guests.

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