Curtains on the balcony door: Modern options for window decoration


The curtains on the balcony door get ready or sew their own hands - any of the options will beautifully complement the room.


What to consider when choosing?

The kitchen room is the place where apartment residents spend a large amount of time. The room should be decorated in a calm and cozy style, to awaken the desire to eat. If you furnish the interior of the kitchen is not a problem, then the process of selecting the appropriate curtains on the balcony door is accompanied by difficulties.

Classic kitchen space has a square or rectangular shape. From this it follows that the balcony door is often located opposite the entrance to the kitchen. Such a layout is considered acceptable and will allow you to choose curtains for the opening. In the future, they will not interfere with the free movement of the kitchen.

The curtains on the balcony door get ready or sew their own hands

Product selection criteria:

  • Type of opening. A balcony in the kitchen can be represented by several options: a separate door and a whole window block in combination with the door. Due to this indicator, the width of the product is calculated. In addition, additional interior elements on the side and bottom will affect the choice of height.
  • Availability radiator. If a heating radiator is placed under the window unit, it is necessary to choose a shortened curtain. The situation is complicated by placing the battery in only one part of the unit: then you have to take a model of medium length. If the radiator performs a decorative function - choose a long curtain.

In the interior of the kitchen

  • Product material. Kitchen - a room where there is always moisture, grease, smoke and steam. Due to these features, choose only dense and easy to clean products on the windows. If the balcony door is located near the stove, it will be reasonable to purchase not a fabric model, but blinds. They are easy to clean with water.
  • Freedom to exit. As you know, if the balcony door goes through the kitchen, then the frequency of access to it is high. In addition, the door and windows constantly open to ventilate the room. Choose a product that does not obstruct the passage. For example, a light curtain of thin fabric or a version of the type of blinds.

Lightweight tonal model with kitchen set

  • Selection cornice. Choose a solid eaves of wood or metal, plastic options here will be inappropriate. First, all the carbon from the stove will settle on a plastic cornice, and it will be difficult to wash it. Secondly, too frequent use will lead to a rapid failure of poor-quality eaves of plastic.
  • Amount of natural light. The kitchen should always contain natural light from the window. You should not deliberately block it with other objects, as well as choose a dense and dark fabric. Better provide the room with a good light transmission capacity, making the curtain thin and light.
The main criteria for the selection of curtains on the balcony door - it should not be laced, have a lot of decor and be too long. The product should be easy to clean and wash, dry quickly and not be too tight. Return to the menu

Curtain colors

The choice of color affects the overall perception of the situation in the kitchen. If you pick up too dark curtains - they can not pass light into the room, there will be a gloomy atmosphere. If you choose too bright tones - it will excite the psyche and act on the nervous system.

Psychologists say that it is the red color that is most suitable for kitchen decoration. This tone perfectly stimulates the digestive system, awakening the appetite.

The color of the material should not only be in harmony with the overall furnishings of the kitchen, but also beautifully complement the window opening with the balcony door. In addition, choosing the curtains of several shades, you can achieve a beautiful and smooth gradient transition. This will have a softening effect on the retina.

A few mistakes that people often make when choosing a color for a curtain on a balcony door in the kitchen:

  • select the color of the material to match the palette of the work surface and cabinets;
  • purchase too dark items, such as brown, maroon or purple;
  • wrong accent on the pictures of the material;
  • buy a curtain in tone to the wallpaper and the surrounding decoration.
All errors can be seen in almost every kitchen of modern hostesses. Not knowing the basic rules for selecting curtain colors, the kitchen takes on a dull look, and after all, the woman is here for a large amount of time. Incorrectly chosen color of the product for the balcony door will contribute to irritation of the nervous system and deterioration of mood.

Designers advise to choose a curtain palette based on the following recommendations:

  • Moderation accents. You should not repeat completely the colors of the facades of lockers and other furniture - this will create a clutter effect. It is better to pay attention to the harmonization with the color of the chandelier, tablecloth or other kitchen textiles.
  • Drawings. For example, if the kitchen is made in yellow tones, then it is not necessary to choose a completely monochromatic yellow fabric. It is better to get a light curtain with cheerful or calm drawings of yellow color.
  • Playing on contrasts. If the kitchen is made in blue, then for the curtain is better to choose white or sand shade. Repeating the kitchen decoration palette is also not worth it: a contrast game will look much better.
  • Room size. In a small kitchen it is not recommended to hang dark curtains on the balcony door - this will not contribute to a comfortable stay in the room. Experiments are allowed in large kitchens.
  • Interesting combinations. You can always buy textiles, made in several shades. For example, the window unit will close the light translucent curtain, and on the door itself will be a product of a dark shade.

The product should be easy to clean and wash.

BoardChoose a curtain for the balcony door according to the suggested tips. Be sure to take into account the basic color of the room design and build on it. The combination of colors will help transform the kitchen and make it cozy. return to menu ↑

Use of roller blinds: features and types

Selection of curtains on a balcony in any room is always in contact with difficulties: they are associated with the asymmetry of the opening. The window unit and the door have different heights and widths, so it makes no sense to choose a common curtain. Roll models come in to the rescue - practical products that fit into a stylish interior.

Roll construction is convenient to open and close.

Roller blinds are more suitable for technical and minimalist styles. They do not fit in the luxurious bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, made in the Baroque style, Empire, Rococo, classicism.

A huge number of manufacturers allow apartment owners with a balcony door to choose an option to their liking.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • at the top of the product is a special design of the type of roller;
  • fabric is wound inside the structure;
  • performing certain manipulations, the fabric gently goes down, completely closing the glass.

It is convenient to open and close the roll construction several times a day, which is great for rooms with a balcony door. Especially useful model in those apartments where the balcony overlooks the sunny side of the house. Daytime rays of light will not flick through the window because of the solid and reliable roller blinds.

Rolled models - practical products

Models are made of dense material that is easy to clean. The product will be optimal for a balcony door in the bedroom, living room and even in the kitchen. There are several options for managing roll models, their features are proposed to consider in the pivot table.

Chain mechanismSpring mechanismElectric drive
FeaturesA cord made of durable PVC material is located on the side of the main roller. Pulling the chain, you can open and close the curtain, as well as keep it fixed in a certain positionThe design contains a spring that independently adjusts the length of the blade in the opening. The option is considered unreliable due to the rapid wear of the mechanism.The electric motor is located inside the structure or installed permanently. Control is carried out using the remote control
Relevance of use on the balcony doorSuitable for decoration of the balcony door in the kitchen as well as in the living room. The roller blind can only be closed half, leaving the lower part of the balcony door open for convenience.Suitable for those parts of the balcony opening where constant adjustment of the light is not required. For example, you can place a spring coil curtain at the bottom of a balcony door.Suitable in the bedroom or living room. This new product will look technologically and stylishly.

In addition to the main types of control, there are types of the structure itself: it is open and closed. It is better to choose a closed type, because then the curtain itself will not sag, and externally the fabric will be protected from damage.

Models are made of dense material.

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Making your own hands

If the purchase of ready-made versions of the product does not cause inspiration, and the balcony opening has non-standard dimensions - it's time to start sewing. Such a textile product will emphasize the style of the interior, will add a little rigor.

For work, you must select the following materials:

  • a wooden bar 3x4 cm or a metal hollow tube - for fastening the canvases;
  • wooden or metal bar for weighting - so that the design does not hang out at the bottom of the balcony door;
  • furniture stapler and staples;
  • screwdriver and fasteners - screws, screws;
  • threads, scissors, other sewing accessories;
  • cloth fabric - how to calculate the required size, as follows.

Roman version

Instead of a wooden bar or tube for the eaves, you can use a ready-made cassette system: it is sold in stores or departments with building materials.

With the correct calculation of the length of the canvas, it will smoothly enter and move out of the mechanism. Use a proven formula: determine the width based on the addition of the width of the opening or glass with the addition of seams allowances of 2-4 cm. To calculate the length of the product, measure the height of the balcony door and add 5-15 cm.

In addition to the listed materials, tapes or chains with the help of which the curtain will work will also be required. Their length is equal to the length of the finished curtains, doubled plus 25 cm in stock.

It will take 2 blanks of cloth, which will later sew into one product.

Light, translucent tulle

As a material, it is better to choose a fabric that transmits light and is not capable of static accumulation.

The work consists of the following stages:

  • For a start, a pattern is made, it is transferred to the fabric and cut out. In the next step, both webs are sewn inside out on both sides of the length and on the same side of the width. The billet is turned on the front side and ironed.
  • In the part that was not sewn up, the prepared weighting agent is inserted. After that, the curtain is finally sewn in width. All sewing operations are best done with a sewing machine.
  • The upper part of the fabric is wrapped around a wooden block and secured with a stapler for furniture. If you use a metal tube, you can use special hooks instead of brackets: they will quickly remove the curtain for washing.

As the material is better to choose fabric

  • Ties or cords that will support the product are also fastened to the cornice. It is necessary to think in advance about the place where the cord will hide when the window is open.
  • The construction is attached to the balcony frame of the door or to the wall above the door with a screwdriver and screws. Another type of control is made with a cord fixed on the side. Then special rings are sewn on the canvas, where the cord is passed.
  • Making a roller blinds on the balcony door will not be a problem - the process is quick and fascinating.

Easy do it yourself

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Registration by curtains of the hall

In typical apartment layouts, the exit to the balcony is in most cases located in the living room. The architects decided to make a balcony right here because of the large width of the room. Many people complain that it is difficult to equip a hall with such an opening, but recommendations will help to avoid difficulties.

To beat the balcony door with a window opening is quite difficult, but it is feasible. It is enough to choose the right color, material and style that fits perfectly into the living room. Before choosing it is necessary to measure in advance all the necessary indicators. Measure the width of the window opening, the height of the balcony door and decide where the curtain will be fixed: on the wall or in the opening.

This option well protects the room from the sun.

When choosing a curtain in the hall with a balcony door, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Illumination of the room. When the balcony is glazed, it is not necessary to further protect the living room space from the sun's rays. In this case, well-suited bright colors of loose material. If the balcony is not glazed, there is a risk of passing cold air, and the windows are excessively large - choose a thick fabric that does not allow you to miss the views of others.
  • Freedom of movement near the window. The balcony is considered to be a kind of place to store a large number of items in the host part of the apartment, so access to it should be free. If people constantly go out to smoke on the balcony, and the husband has organized his workshop there - think in advance about the type of curtains that will not impede movement.

Art Nouveau

In addition, you must take into account the shape of the balcony door: if it is a round door, you will have to tinker with your choice. It is appropriate to arrange such openings with a curtain of light fabric to the floor, and to decorate the side space on both sides with additional decorations. Some owners of such original openings leave them without a curtain, increasing the light permeability in the room.

In a small-sized living room you should not buy curtains of black, brown, marsh and burgundy color - such palette will visually make the room even smaller.

Bedroom in pale pink tone

Choose colors that will look appropriate and fill the room with warmth:

  • olive in combination with light beige;
  • sand-colored curtains framed with brown stripes on the long sides;
  • Contrast option: beige main curtain of tulle, brown thick curtain fabric;
  • gray shades in combination with universal white color;
  • light prints on a white background: geometric shapes, uncomplicated ornaments;
  • stylish strip - it is better to choose vertical stripes, because the horizontal will increase the width of the opening;
  • light lilac shade curtain of light fabric in combination with silver color curtains;
  • terracotta curtain with a smooth transition to a light pink color.

A good choice for a living room is to make a curtain with your own hands from a light translucent fabric. When sewing it is necessary to take into account all the objects around the door. Designers recommend making the curtain part of the window unit shortened if there is a drawer or table, and the door curtain is full-length. Return to the menu

What to choose: blinds, roman blinds, curtains?

After determining the colors and sizes of the future curtains, you need to think: what type of curtains is most suitable for the design of the hall. There is no need to hang a curtain of thick, amenable to cleaning material, as it was in the kitchen. Practically all types of existing fabrics are suitable for the hall: they will decorate the balcony door in an original and practical way.

Hi-tech style

Blinds or RolledLight curtainsStraight curtainsJapaneseKiseyAsymmetrical options
MaterialThick PVC fabricOrganza or veilAny fabric for curtains - cotton, linen, silk or viscoseNatural fabrics - cotton, linenWoven fibers, tapesCurtain fabrics: flax, cotton, gabardine, viscose
Interior styleMinimalism, techno, hi-techClassic directionsClassic interior, luxury stylesMinimalism, Oriental or Asian styleClassic style, countryAny classic interiors
BenefitsDo not interfere with the passage near the door, no need to move the curtain when leaving the balcony, good protection from sunlight, ease of use and careSuitable for decoration of the hall with a balcony door, if the balcony itself is glazed and hung with thick curtainsThey let sunlight in well, are universal, help to hide the imbalance between the size of windows and the balcony door.Curtains attached to the slats will not get dirty on the floor surface and are easy to manipulate.No need to constantly move the curtain to the balconyAllow to mask the discrepancy between the size of the window and the door, as well as add a touch of mystery and elegance to the interior
disadvantagesFor a comfortable look, you will need to add decorative elements to the blinds and Roman blinds.Have to choose solid tulle, which is not always convenient to use dailyThe option is not considered practical: curtains require frequent washing, and may also get dirty from contact with the floor and other surfaces.Not suitable for every interiorDoes not help protect the room from bright sunlightDifficult tailoring, rather labor-intensive care for lambrequins, impossibility of application in strict style

Which curtains on the balcony door in the hall to choose - the owners themselves decide: based on this information, it is better to choose direct curtains and blinds, as well as roll types.

Interesting, bright, sliding option

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Curtain in the bedroom: the rules of registration

The legacy of previous years of development of architecture and construction is a balcony door in a residential area. If its location in the kitchen and living room is considered acceptable, then the exit to the balcony from the bedroom area gives a lot of inconvenience. To brighten up a little interior dissonance, it is recommended to pick up a curtain.

The situation is complicated by the presence of heating radiators under the window unit. The use of a long curtain is inappropriate; a roller blind is appropriate here. However, it does not differ comfort and requires a certain style in the interior. Consider several criteria and rules for the selection of curtains in the bedroom:

Cozy, bright bedroom

  • Avoid pomp and high volume. If you create airiness in the window zone, this will not only visually reduce the size of the bedroom, but also significantly impede movement. Exit to the balcony will be difficult, which is not recommended. It is better to choose light and thin materials, without the additional use of asymmetric compositions.
  • Add practicality. Curtains in the bedroom play not only a decorative role, but are used from a practical point of view. In order for the fabric to not transmit light, it must be dense and dark. In order that the product is not subjected to frequent pollution, its material must be universal.
  • Quick release. Curtains, located on the balcony door in the bedroom, come into contact with the inhabitants of the house much more often than other textiles in the house. Take care that the material is easy to clean and quickly removed from the eaves for washing.
  • Material. Raw materials for the manufacture of curtains on the balcony door should not be exposed to moisture. The specified place in the apartment is considered vulnerable to penetration of moisture and air, especially if the balcony is not glazed from the inside.

BoardBright colors for the bedroom should be avoided, because this is a place for solitude, rest and tranquility. Choose blue, light green, sand, olive, beige colors. It is appropriate to combine several shades that will be present in the bedroom interior palette. From the materials it is better to choose the options: blinds, thick linen curtains or organza tulle. The combination of several types will also be appropriate - on the balcony door you can hang blinds, over which to place light tulle. A comfortable lambrequin of a not too voluminous type also fits well into the classic decor of the bedroom.

For ease of use, long curtains can be fastened with hooks: from wide tapes, strips of cloth, and also magnetic tapes.

Japanese curtains fit well into the bedroom with a large width of the opening.

Bright colors for the bedroom should be avoided

If the balcony door has no additional windows, this greatly simplifies the situation. In this case, you can use a cotton curtain - gauze. It will not help to hide the room from the sunlight, but it will look great in the bedroom, creating coziness and romance.

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Curtain in a classic style with your own hands

If the finished options are not liked, you can always sew the curtain yourself. Beginners will not be difficult to make a stylish straight curtain on the balcony door in the classic version. A straight curtain will seem boring and ugly to many people, but this is not so: a universal model can always be diversified with decor and diluted with contrasting additions.

Stylish room in beige and brown

Fabric will be required for work - it is advisable to take organza or other loose matter. The calculation of the fabric depends on the presence of folds, the length of the product and its width.

BoardAlong the perimeter, it is better to additionally add 20 cm on each side.Version of the classic curtains
  • Hemming fabric. From the side parts, the material is folded 2 times inwards. First, make a bend at 1 cm, then another 2 cm, strapping on a sewing machine. Set the average indicators of the device: the line should not be large, in addition, do not forget to tack.
  • The bottom of the door curtain should also be folded. First, make a hem 3 cm, then another 5 cm. Try to observe the flatness of the stitch, because the seam will be visible.
  • Ironing. All finished edges are ironed. If the curtain is made of thin materials, be sure to change the temperature mode of the device to a delicate one. This will help prevent tissue damage.
  • The top edge bends 2 cm, processed with tape. Instead, you can use a thick strip of fabric, as well as additional decor. Depending on the method of fastening the curtains, it is necessary to purchase rings, hooks or loops in advance, which are then sewn to the product.

For large rooms it is better to take light colors.

It is better to take a band for processing the upper edge 6 cm longer than the width of the curtain - this will provide an opportunity to make seam allowances.

If you have experience in tailoring, the finished curtain can be supplemented with a lambrequin: it adds comfort to the bedroom, but it creates a little discomfort when opening the balcony door. In this case, it is important to foresee the width of the lambrequin. It is better to fix the product on a wooden or metal cornice in the appropriate style.

BoardFor the manufacture of lambrequin it is necessary to make a pattern: a strip of dense, solid fabric. The length of the strip should be equal to the width of the opening with the door, do not forget to add seam allowances. The width of the pelmets is chosen according to the size of the wall from the ceiling to the beginning of the window.

For the kitchen is better to choose practical washable materials

A hard tape or ribbon is sewn on top of the strip, which will serve as a place for rings and eyelets. The folds are made evenly, for this you can use the available materials, for example, a fork. The finished curtain will take its place on the window - it must be hung on the cornice near the ceiling.

For sewing a hard lambrequin, use a thick cloth and self-adhesive material - thermoband. They make a pattern on the fabric, transfer it to a thermal band, cut it out. The two materials are folded face to face and ironed with an otparivatel.

To fix the pelmet on the eaves, sticky tape is attached to the material. The lambrequin itself is fixed on the eaves after the main curtain or tulle has been placed. The curtain decoration element can be made in various forms: diagonal, triangle, semicircle, rectangle.

Lambrequin is suitable when the bedroom requires additional decorative elements. If there are a lot of textile things in the room, the use of the part should be discarded.. On the balcony door the lambrequin will look cumbersome and ridiculous.